The Fan Game That Fixed My Least Favorite FNAF Game -

The Fan Game That Fixed My Least Favorite FNAF Game

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Fazbear Entertainment: Storage is a new FNAF Fan Game that fixes a lot of problems from FNAF 2. FNAF 2 is oddly regarded as one of the best five nights games in the entire series and I really don’t see why, considering that a fan game did it’s style way better. So I guess this is the fan game that fixed FNAF’s worst game.

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📖 Chapters
00:00 – Introduction
02:20 – Context
04:29 – Main Game
09:54 – Night 6
11:37 – Final Thoughts

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  1. When I first learned about the mask I thought it was that the new animatrionics would kill you if you had the mask on because they were supposed to deconstruct them and if you had it off the old ones wouldn't kill you. I think that would've been much better

  2. As someone who has played this game, it’s honestly one of my favorite fan games. The designs of the building and the characters are immaculate. The mechanics and gameplay are refreshing enough while still being FNaF familiar. I also enjoy how he changed up what characters did what in this game as well. And also while most of the nights were easy, 8/20 (I think it’s 8/20) was actually a very nice challenge. It wasn’t unbalanced like FNaF 2 where while skill was involved, there was a lot of luck involved too, especially with toy Bonnie. This game fixes that and it’s max difficulty challenge becomes one that takes a lot of skill and concentration (oh and it won’t take you like 9 hours to beat either)

  3. 4:29 that caught me so off guard i laughed way too hard dude can you send me an mp4 of it PLEASE

  4. My favorite part of this game is the 8/20 mode. The song that kicks in halfway through is so good and i wish more fangames did something similar

  5. this whole video is him just straight up hating on FNAF 2 with a few of the worst most retarded ass takes and complaints I've ever heard and glazing tf out of Storage 💀💀

  6. im glad someone agrees with me abt fnaf 2, its gameplay is cool but its not scary in the slightest

  7. I don't like FNAF 2 either, it looks more childish compared to fnaf 1 and fnaf 3, legit fnaf 3 was the scarriest or you could say fnaf 4 when it released, but something about scripted events in fnaf 3 suck on the phone, the nights are seeded and I deleted the game on night 3 as I would always spawn with withered chica jumpscaring me 10 seconds in and sprintrap taking a similar/same path I analyzed it everytime I died, it would only change if I started a new game

  8. My ranking of the main fnaf games:

    1. Fnaf 2
    2. Fnaf Pizzeria Simulator
    3. Fnaf SL
    4. Fnaf 1
    5. Fnaf 4
    6. Fnaf UCN
    7. Fnaf 3

  9. didn't really need to be so condescending there.

  10. Music is from inscryption if you want to know 🙂

  11. FNAF 2 is my fav fnaf game but not because I think its good. It's because I was the one I found the scariest and had the most fun playing, I don't know how to explain it really.

  12. Fnaf 2 was the one that scared me the most when fnaf was a new lil boy, though now I kind of just see it as a difficult grindathon, plagued by luck

  13. i had to skip half the video for you to get to the point, dont waste peoples time like this

  14. You're damn right. Fnaf 2 is good for a casual playthrough, but is simply unfair and extremely rng-dependant if you go for anything beyond night 5. It wears off extremely fast.

  15. during night 5 on my playthrough, i checked cam1 and shadow freddy was there and crashed my game

  16. I have played and finish this game and to say the least that it is one of the best fnaf fan games i have played

  17. I love fnaf 2 even with the flaws and that shit. But it doesn't matter.

  18. Same. FNAF 2 is my least favorite game in series. Way to hard to enjoy and relies waaaaaaaay to much on chance and timing.

  19. Something I adore about fan games, besides the immense love, passion and care that goes into them, is that they innovate on old designs and show us how else the game could've gone. In another scenario, modders like Black Reliquary for Darkest Dungeon got added to the team, iirc. Modders for FNF have been offered jobs for how creative they were and I i love that.

  20. I love fnaf 2 and im playing on my phone you just a hater of scott projects

  21. The puppet was literally the worst part of FNAF 2. It makes checking the cameras for anything other than the puppet useless, there goes the atmosphere FNAF 1 had

  22. FNAF 2 Is Also My Least Favourite Game off the Franchise and This Fan Game repair most of my problems.

  23. I think the main thing that made fnaf 2 slightly worse for me is that the harder the nights, the less you had to worry about. Yes, in all fnaf games there are strategies, but this was different. You would wind the music box, immediately drop cams and put on your mask, and then if/when animatronics went away, you would flash your flash light. Rinse, repeat for 6 minutes or so. It was less interesting than fnaf 1, and it was basically guaranteed to work unless you ran out of battery

  24. 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪






  25. I know this isn't the topic of the video , but the Celeste soundtrack Jumpscared me (I love Celeste)

  26. I have to say, I found myself agreeing with the criticisms you made but I truly don't believe it's the worst. I adored FNaF 2 because of the characters and the atmosphere. It wasn't too hard or too easy for me. If I had to pick my least favorite, it would have to be FNaF 3. I actually hesitated putting it as my least favorite. It's a great game but compared to everything else…I love Springtrap but the gameplay was a bit too challenging for a casual player like myself. I also see many people diss Security Breach and I have to say, while it was definitely a half-baked game. I loved it. The amazing cast of animatronics and the open world-ish gameplay made up for the bugs and plot holes I encountered. Or FNaF 6 which has to be my favorite in the series. With its amazing gameplay split into a cutesy tycoon and a creepy survival situation. In conclusion, it's peoples opinion. They can like what they like. And I even hesitate to say that any FNaF game is bad because I enjoyed every last one. Each one had their own charm to it. So I don't believe any FNaF game is inherently "bad".

  27. To be honest fnaf 2 kinda sucks(it's my own opinion and the game was rushed by scott)

  28. -3 subs, better then me

    I hate fnaf 2 as well

  29. Nice, but we're still gonna get you to -3 subs, have a nice day

  30. My main problem with Fnaf 2 is that it's just not as scary as the others. Sure the ambience is okay but its nowhere near as atmospheric and unnerving as the first or maybe the third and fourth game. The animatronics don't even look as scary, The Toys are too colourful and chibby and they don't look uncanny at all compared to the FNAF 1 characters. The older models in the backroom are way too demented and I feel like Scott tried too hard to make them look broken enough to be scary, and it think that just gets rid of the fear. The only characters that I found even remotely scary are the Marionette and Withered Chica, since if we're looking from the perspective of somebody who hasn't played the later games, the Marionette is a character we've never ever seen before, and it makes you more likely to ask "What the fuck was that??" when you die to them. And Withered Chica is just a creepy motherfucker, how its jaw just lifelessly hangs there…And that DAMN T-POSE.

  31. No way you said Fnaf 2 is worse than Fnaf 3 or security breach

    Not that I think those games are bad it’s just….wow

  32. I think it's crazy that foxy is the one that isn't effected by the mask. Freddy is fooled by freddy's head

  33. Honestly Fnaf 2 has the Arguably best Jumpscares in the series just because of how direct and "In your face" it was, The characters are out for a kill not just a scare

  34. My favorite of all time was FNAF 3. I think 3-4 were the last game in the series where I felt genuinely scared, not just jumpy everytime I got a jumpscare.
    Not having anything besides an audio lure, a camera and some vent locks to defend myself, plus them malfunctioning everytime, makes me feel hopeless playing that game.

  35. Hey man, thanks for the review!

    Loved that section at the start, it was a fun trip down memory lane! Really glad you enjoyed the game. Of course, in hindsight, I can see a lot I could've done better. That's not to say I'll be remaking the game again though, lmao.

    Thanks a bunch for the kind words! 🙂

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