The Entire History Of FNAF -

The Entire History Of FNAF

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The Entire History Of FNAF (ft. @Dawko , @FusionZGamer , @Razzbowski , @8BitRyan , @djsterf )

I poured my heart into this video. FNAF has been a part of my life since I was 14 and the fact that it’s already been 8 years blows my mind. This video is a passion project, a look at the past 8 years through my lens. I want to thank everyone who has ever supported me and this channel. I hope you enjoy The Entire History Of FNAF 🙂

Disclaimer: This video is not perfect, it does not cover everything, I could’ve done that but the video would be 3x longer haha. If I accidentally got a date wrong or a piece of information wrong please remember that I am just human, I make goofs.

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  1. I still think what Scott meant for FNAF 4 was we play as both brothers. BV is Nights 1-6, BV dies and ends FNAF 1-4, and Michael has ‘nightmares’ in Night 7 and continues on into SL.

  2. the little intro made me emotional, it's crazy to see how far fnaf has reached and how many lives it has changed since it was released. can't wait to finish this vid but that intro 🥹

  3. I just got into the games a few months ago and thank you for this.

  4. 56:20 matts face as Steph reads this message you can literally see the cogs turning.

  5. i remember when i first heard about fnaf, i was like, 8 when i first heard about it, i was 4 years late, then i started watching youtubers who plays fnaf and/or youtubers who made minecraft fnaf Roleplays[like Thefamousfilms, TheInvisbleDavis, and JonJon] but also animators who make fnaf animations like Bendy The Bunny, and Kitty Channel Afnan[who i did watch until the roblox game known as Piggy came out] and yet… i stopped playing fnaf and making fnaf gacha videos for a while until like, 2022 and since the fnaf is coming in October, I have a lot of fnaf stuff to do!

  6. i really hope scott sees this so he can see the legacy he made<3

  7. Half the fan base nowadays is kids that don’t even know how to spell fnaf

  8. bro its carzy when we lokk back on where this game toke place and where its at now. im bamboozled to remember i forgot half of the games

  9. Who used to think the light button in sl was a freeze button

  10. It's kind of funny that I heard you said the minions that i couldn't stop laughing for the next 5 minutes

  11. 😂😂😂 hey hello can I get back to the video now? 😂😂😂😂😂. John, your like granted! 👍

  12. Scott released fnaf world on my birthday best birthday present

  13. I think i know what is in the box. I say it is nothing because the story is not fully sloved

  14. I remember playing FNAF 2 and got jump scared pretty hard at a target on one of the iphones there. Luckily no one noticed me😂

  15. The mark jokes in the beginning were so funny 😂😂😂

  16. I think this is my 6th time watching this video 🙂

  17. I told my dad about fnaf and now we jokingly make new lore together. For Freddy he's name is Freddy Five Nights. Chica is Bac Bac. Bobbie is Bule Ribbon Bunny. A joke from Sophia the Frist. My dad's lore is so good.

  18. Some players: wow this sucks
    Scott: This is only a fraction of my power

  19. Conclusion of all of this?
    Scott was and still is one madman with a twisted sense of humor, a genius, and a man with a big heart for his creation and all his fans.

  20. This was probably the best 90 minute video I've ever watched in my life because not one point was I bored, paused it or distracted to do something else I was fully enthralled from start to finish. Amazing work holy shit.

  21. Honestly, Five Nights at Freddy's just makes people's life… It's truly beauty and horrific art.

  22. This started as an indie horror game and NOW A MOVIE!!!

  23. I watched the whole thing. You are my favorite fnaf youtuber

    I honestly cried while watching this, it was so emotional going through the years of the FNAF Community. I'm very happy that Scott Cawfon made this game and the franchise, I'm sure people are grateful of the games and the hard work that Scott and his team has made.

    As I'm saying this in 3 days is the 9th Anniversary of the first Five Nights At Freddy's game, hope you guys are as happy as I am for the FNAF Community.

    -The FNAF Fan (Me)

  25. Yes, I'm watching this today, which is FNAF's NINTH BIRTHDAY!!

  26. I'm rewatching this on FNAF's 9th anniversary lol.

  27. love how this got recommended to me in the 9th anniversary

  28. What a wonderful video! Thank you for all the research you put into this!

  29. Lmao well goodbye FNAF+. Fanverse was a good concept, but the people accepted just happened to be awful.

  30. FNAF and Markiplier literally saved my family. 2014 and early 2015 were hell for us. My dad had stage 4 cancer and was rapidly declining and passed in January of 2015. My family basically crumbled after that. My mom, sister, and I barely spoke to each other despite living in the same house. We just sort of existed in a fog of depression.

    My mom basically just worked and slept. I was in college and worked part time and threw myself completely into those without really doing anything else.

    Well, my sister happened to come across Mark's FNAF videos not long before the 3rd game came out and made me watch them with her. It was just enough to pull me out of my funk and start actually interacting with my family again. My sister and I got closer than we had literally ever been before and gradually we were able to start pulling my mom out of her haze as well.


  32. Bro that skit at 1:07:51 genuinely gave me so much secondhand embarrassment 😭😭😭 2017 was truly a year

  33. There was a snail who experienced a terrible death says:

    Best FNAF video

  34. I love how this franchise is just full of love. The community to an indy horror game about dead kids and made this fandom out of it. I love this community.

  35. I remmember yelling "I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING" after seeing mangle hanging 😢😢😢

  36. Thanks for this amazing video, John! An hour and a half of pure nostalgia and a lot of emotions! Hope to see more in the future with more lore and trolls from Scott 😂!

  37. “nothing big at all” despite the game having one of the best endings in horror game history

  38. They were right after all. Animatronics ARE creepy. Like the ones at Disneyland and Disney World, both human and animal animatronics are CREEPY. Robots like the Gundam are WAAAY COOLER!

  39. I’m a little late for this video I think…

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