The End of FNAF...For Now! Ft. Dawko, SuperHorrorBro, FuhNaff and MORE! -

The End of FNAF…For Now! Ft. Dawko, SuperHorrorBro, FuhNaff and MORE!

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Theorists, we have talked and talked about all the things hidden in Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach on this channel. Today, I want to talk with a few special guests to hear their theories, thoughts on our episodes, and more! So enjoy this reupload of our LIVE FNAF Security Breach theory talkback!

Special Guests:
@That Cybert Channel
@Dapper Mr Tom

Special thanks to @Dufixklusiv for the Music Man Remix!

Glamrock Freddy Port by Dr.PickleCheese
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0:00 – Meet the Guests!
20:07 – Let’s Talk FNAF!
2:15:36 – Goodbye FNAF… For Now

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  1. Hey!!! Poppy playtime chapter 2 trailer
    OUT NOW!!!!

  2. Could the disk with patient 46 and the bunny ears be Gregory talking to Bonny before he left the pizza plex

  3. if this was streamed on the main channel why is it here?

  4. This video makes me wonder what Raz, Smike, and those other two guys are up too.

  5. So what if there is a Vanessa and a robot Vanessa and the one looking down Vanny is the real Vanessa

  6. What if Fazbear entertainment started injecting the animatronics with Fazgoo in order to create truly living animatronics.

  7. So glad I was able to catch this live! I literally cleared out my schedule and it was insanely worth it. I commented to add John so I’m happy for him as well and I know he’s fanboying over MatPat and Dawko and I hope they keep in contact:)

  8. Here’s my cent and a half about the lore of Security Breach: Glitchtrap Afton has embedded his conscious into an AI and managed to make himself the CEO of Fazbear Entertainment. With this power, he creates several soul and AI experiments first combining Michael Afton’s soul to GlamRock Freddy then later trying to forcibly reincarnate the crying child into a robot named Gregory. He also uses Gregory to do some of his dirty work by creating destructive codes and hacking into their own company’s systems. When Venessa stumbles too deep in Fazbear’s secrets she starts to awaken Gregory’s consciousness as he is reminded of his supposed sister and together Afton and Gregory bring her to the company and Afton uses Gregory to use Venessa as his latest experiment by turning her into Vanny. With Gregory slowly gaining awareness Afton sends him to therapy to see if his experiment can pass for a human while also using Gregory to “take care of” any therapists that might help Venessa escape her possession. This whole time, Afton uses both Vanny and Gregory to continue his experiments using the usual child murder but also to give Afton a body via the bunny suit we fight at the end of the game. Gregory gains full sentience but doesn’t fully remember all the things he was commanded to do and is very confused, though he is vaguely aware of the horrors going on and decides to stop it. Once Gregory escapes Afton gets Vanny to activate the code to turn the animatronics into weapons of destruction but it doesn’t activate in Freddy (either because Gregory had already escaped into him or because Michael’s consciousness keeps Freddy from accepting the dangerous code) In the fire ending we see Vanessa’s consciousness being trapped in the Fazbear company causing the cycle to start anew, in the Princess ending we see Golden Freddy destroying the possessive capabilities of Glitchtrap, and in the animated ending we see Gregory and Freddy destroying Afton’s attempt at getting a physical form again.
    It’s not perfect and I doubt anyone else will subscribe to this theory, but it at least gives me closure for this game.

  9. Freddy was not saying he found himself in that area, he was saying that in that area for the first time he found that he could not control his own actions.
    Here is what he said during that scene word for word, "I know what this is, I have been here before. She brought me here. I found myself for the first time, when I cleared the path, I did not want to but I had no choice. Now I have a choice, I have changed. My friends are here …"
    To me anyway, it sounds less like he literally or symbolically found himself, but that he found himself for the first time, being unable to control his actions.
    It annoys me so much when people cut off the sentence and are like "Oh he found himself down there" and forget the second part which when combined with the first part state "He found himself clearing the path when he did not want to because he had no choice but to do it (most likely because he could not control his actions)".

  10. I know, kinda a hot take, but, at this point, I kinda just want Steel Wool or Scott to confirm or deny some things. Especially since Fnaf seems to be going in a new direction lore-wise, so like a confirmation of a denial of some the theories regarding the old fnaf lore would be great.

  11. No one mentioned that the tape girl voice is different from Vanessa.

  12. Just to point out at 1:18:07 he talks about Freddy finding himself down their but what if that’s how Michael possessed him in the first place. Aswell as golden Freddy’s presence be a link to c.c (crying child) sorry to make this comment long but Henry being part of the blob makes sense since the blob attacks burn trap in the ending perhaps revenge for killing his daughter.

  13. Did Bears go extinct…. or Pizza Delivery Trucks?!?!?!

  14. glitchtrap really be the fnaf ultron

  15. "So I guess thats a little point for the child robot theory"
    Theorist Matpat has approved this message

  16. say what you want about the goofy, trying-too-hard-to-be-relatable persona matpat puts out, but as an actually serious host, he performs incredibly well. He guides the conversation, asks questions that prompt proper and interesting responses, and knows when to sit back and let others chat.
    some of my friends think the fact that i genuinely enjoy his content is a little cringey, and maybe theyre right, but honestly, i love it. I love that matpat can make a living doing this stuff, I hope i can find a path like this for myself someday.

  17. Also if we are talking about afton being in seperate parts, this kinda seems like a harry potter book 7 p1 and p2 situation

  18. I feel like I can speak for the fandom as a collective here: “ we have a love hate relationship with this game franchise, but we wouldn’t want a world without it”

  19. mmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  20. the intro was the highlight of my week

  21. What if vannys just another robot which explains why William could take over Vanessa, also explaining why there’s 2 Vanessa’s, and the one in the costume could be William afton controlling one robot, and the one on the roof is the actual Vanessa

  22. Usually I never watch streams because they seem boring but this was entertaining every second

  23. If only Scott Cawthon would just give us one more hint…or card on/off the lore table. Splendid job everyone!!

  24. If you get the fnaf official coloring book go to happy frogs page and it makes me the happy frog soul is now months soul

  25. You know you have a lot of lore in your game when a bunch of you tubers are starting a meeting at the summit about the lore.

  26. I think my favorite part was "We can all agree Vanessa = Vanny?" "Yes" "Yep" 100%" "I'm not sure." "No way because" And then they actually managed to convince me with the two VR sisters lore drop.

  27. Glad to see Mat is finally getting therapy after all of the trauma fnaf has put him through, hope Tom can help him make a full recovery

  28. 1:27:36 "an old priest and a young priest"
    So um did anyone else take that as a goblin slayer referencem

  29. I don’t know if anyone else saw this but when I first saw the fire ending with the two Vanessa looking characters, I saw the one on the roof looking down as a ghost looking down at her dead body.

  30. I think gallant gaming got a bug when he went into the bathroom in bonnie bowl, a large group of endos attacked him.

  31. The most damning piece of evidence i think exists for vanny not being vanessa would be the fact that freddy basically tries to convict her instantly with that whole vanessa bunny line. It seems too… on the nose for the franchise.

    So if the franchise wants us to believe so badly or is basically telling us point blank that vanny is vanessa, then i think we shouldnt believe it. Something about that seems wrong for FNAF.

  32. Ima just say it now, NONE OF THE SISTER LOVATION ANIMATRONICS SUITS LEFT THE UNDERGROUND FACILITY, ONLY THE INDOSKELOTONS DID, so baby’s head, along with ft Freddy’s, ft foxys, and balloras Would all still be there, and they were then put in the museum in the pizzaplex, and the the blob took them sometime before freddy wakes up in the beginning.

  33. Wow! Never know that FuhNaff will involved this!!! Congrats!

  34. What if Vanny and Vanessa were the same people, and then faz goo duplicated her body in the Fire ending taking the Vanny version of her to be a separate being?

  35. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I hate when Freddy says “Vanny that sounds like Vanessa and Bunny”, it just makes me think they aren’t the same even though there is so much evidence to them being the same person.

  36. I think the Daycare Attendant was originally going to wear the Vanny costume sometimes when Vanessa was needed in uniform. Sun is the only other one that says "Are you having fun yet?" and the Vanny dance walk is reminiscent of the way Sun moves before you turn the Daycare lights out.

  37. Surprised you guys didn't talk about the upcoming movie. The only reason it hasn't come out yet is because they are trying their hardest to get the lore right with Scott, so fhis film will be super Important to the lore, since it will either prove some Theories right or set the series in a whole new direction. Either way, the movie will have something this series has never had: Facts about the story

  38. Who is the new owner of Fazbear Entertainment. Freddy? Vanessa? Gregory? Or who I think is behind all this. The commercial speaker. The announcer always has the same voice. So is the commercial announcer the owner?

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