The DISTURBING Fnaf Fan Game Made For MATURE Audiences... -

The DISTURBING Fnaf Fan Game Made For MATURE Audiences…

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The DISTURBING Fnaf Fan Game Made For MATURE Audiences…

Leon Riskin – Where Dreams Die
Leon Riskin – Venta Black
Leon Riskin – Turtle Crusher

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  1. i'm kinda embarrased about asking this, but what is your gender?

  2. The fact that you're in a tent and your only defence really adds to the SPOOK

  3. When I hear my own name in anything horror I get instant chills but this was unlike anything else (my names David btw)

  4. I love the mature rating and then the "Comical Shenanigans" tag

  5. i found the comical shenanigans so funny for no reason

  6. "may not want to view", i wouldnt be playing it if i wanted to view it.

  7. smol theory: bear hug might be a reference to some pizzarea huluween short where an animatronic bear hugged a child to death

  8. We need more mature fnaf fan games for a mature audience

  9. The maturity ratings can’t really be adjusted except for a few buttons so that’s why it says it

  10. you sound so happy talking about this game! i’m so glad there will be a full release

  11. Ppl who didnt read the warning:WHAT COULD POSSIBALY GO WRONG
    Ppl after the game:waaaaaa😭😭😭

  12. everytime i see your video i get so excited because i like listening to criticism

  13. The game doesn't look especially "gore-y" so I don't understand why it's tagged for mature audiences… I haven't seen blood, so it's confusing why it is in that category of games. You could argue that it has violence, but I don't think that's enough to make it 18+ only. Besides, I haven't seen violence at all yet, but maybe that is because PlainTrace didn't die in this video.

  14. Boy, this is not compared to dormitabis am I right?

  15. "For those who aren't aware, the game isn't cancelled-" ALRIGHT I GET IT

  16. breathing a sigh of relief that this video isn't about dormitabis (BTW, DO NOT LOOK UP DORMITABIS IT'S ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!)

  17. I noticed the masks have a say no evil hear no evil and see no evil theme to them

  18. Nowadays fnaf fan games can rival the actual games

  19. FNAF is still scary… I think the Ruin DLC will absolutely make it more scary.

  20. Ayo who let Godred into the pizzaria again? God damn it

  21. You’ll basically find millions of fan games that are mature, some are and some aren’t.

  22. 0:15 “This game is tagged for mature audiences. It could contain content you may not want to view”
    comical shenanigans

  23. God this game feels like it just chugged over 10 gallons of Lemonade

  24. Honestly when I saw the title and entered the video I just kept saying "is it dormitabus" on repeat

  25. I don't think you noticed, but the masks look like they are based off the 3 evils; see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.

  26. Definitely one of the creepiest animatronic designs, just the faces in general creep me out with their weirdly leathery looking texture

  27. Bro is spreading misinformation this shit is NOT cancelled 😭😭

  28. The "Little Woodens" masks are see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil

  29. Alternative title: How to get nightmares for sleep tonight speedrun. New world record: 3 seconds

  30. Yes,the only game i might not play due to me feeling scared or disturbed

  31. Yo guys quick update, apparently the game is still being worked on by 2 of the devs. From what I heard the original dev left but the game will eventually be finished.

    Also new videos are gonna come more frequently now so expect a video in the next few days

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