The Current State of FNAF Fan Games (Supercut) -

The Current State of FNAF Fan Games (Supercut)

Johnny the Night Guard
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I wanted to compile a few of my favorite videos on FNAF Fan Games from the past few months to showcase The Current state of FNAF Fan Games. Let me know what your favorite FNAF fan game is and which upcoming game you’re most excited for 🙂 My favorite is A Bite at Freddy’s and I’m most excited for Forgotten at Fredbear’s.

Forgotten At Fredbear’s
The Fazbear Facility:

Credit to AdamCrossing 2 for Athletic Ballin:

Credit to Church of Kondo for the BIS Remaster Song:

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0:00 Kandyland is Getting a Game
12:56 FNAF 3 Plus is… Interesting
22:21 Dormitabis Remastered
41:11 The Best FNAF Fan Game I’ve Ever Played (ABAF)

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  1. When i went to see the fnaf movie
    I asked the lady behind the counter for a ticket to the fnaf movie and she gave me a confused blank stare
    I realised that some people dont know fans call it fnaf, short for five nights at freddy's

    It was really awkward

  2. Out of everything in the video I love when you talked about NFTs and put Subway Surfers gameplay in the back!! You clearly know your audience and I applaud that!

  3. Somebody in 2026 tell me if California finally fell off the rest of the country


  5. rare footage of Roman Bellic doing something usefull

  6. foxy in A Bite at Freddy's just looks like Carl from Up and I adore it

  7. People realize CSGO Knife skins are NFTs right?

  8. Dormitabis OG better than Remastered

  9. Ya know, I keep hearing people say that Kandyland's character designs are really good, but they really aren't. They look like if Sister Location was a Marvel movie with how EXTREMELY over designed they are. Add the fact that it was funded by NFTs and you have what is easily just automatically the worst FNaF fan game ever, just for relying on something that is just extremely horrible for the environment to fund it. Doesn't matter if the NFTs aren't the project, they are objectively bad, and the creator never should've relied on them.

  10. Are we going to ignore how they pretty much predicted what 5 nights at Freddy's security breach would look like?

  11. i personally LOVE the dormitabus animatronic designs. they work in so much lore, unanswered questions, etc. the original plot? not a fan. but the remaster, is the best fan game i think ive seen

  12. Actually NFTs is more like owning the recpiet. To the item.
    Yeaaaa NFTs are useless

  13. Subway surfers gameplay feels offensive for some reason

  14. Besides from NFTs mainly being a scam, they're more like owning a digital receipt instead of actually owning the image. They also do MASSIVE harm to the environment through the minting process. I'd be a lot more excited for the project if they dropped the NFT schtick and just sold merch, like digital wallpapers, or physical posters, literally anything to support the project. Also, if I remember correctly, the narrator guy in the trailer was actually an AI voice, which is a big yikes imo.

  15. 40:37 Talk about an improvement over the original I nearly shat myself

  16. 7:13loaded you say?🤨 yea i know how loaded and filled she will be….

    With candy 😀

  17. Thanks for the subway surfers footage during the NFT explanation, I wouldn't of survived without it. 😔

  18. 11:39 I know this soundtrack is from Security Breach, but I need to know what track it is it’s too cool. Does anyone know?

  19. At 2:46 there is an ad for Škoda ( its an Czech automobile company)

  20. Bro I was like what music this was until I heard the rest 50:17

  21. Why is a remix of Ballin by Roddy Ricch playin during one of the fan games 😭

  22. Holy s**t, I don’t know what that flesh costume thing is, but she literally has weird f***ing wires and metal or some junk that look like they’re underneath her skin that is incredibly cool

  23. I already have a pretty deep understanding of NFTs, and somehow I only just now really got it

  24. Goldenlane studios is known exclusively for its animations. I don’t have high hopes for the game but I want it to be good.

  25. jesus i didnt know you we-oh sorry for using his name haha, i didnt know you were white is all😄

  26. The war crime Larry committed was breaking my heart

  27. I have seen larry in yugoslavia wars being a serbian

  28. that isnt nightmarrione, thats a squash my man

  29. It's just me or i hear animan studio music at ABAF section?

  30. Can’t believe Larry literally removed his legs to stab two tourists with them. That’s why Larry can’t help you, because his injuries relegate him to the kitchen.
    Still thinking about how well polished A Bite at Freddy’s is.

  31. A bite at Freddy's quickly became my absolute favorite Fan game so far
    Especially since it's my first game to finish it's the best "Beginner" Fnaf fan game Imo

    Obviously it's not easy holy damn it gets chaotic with challenges but I love everything about it

  32. Well for future me, how good was the Fnaf movie? Did you watch it in theaters? How old is Stella how many episode of held the boss have been released?

  33. How dare you mention Poppy Playtime before its inspiration, Bendy and the ink Machine.
    My disappointment is insurmountable and my day is ruined u.u

  34. did bro really put subway surfers on the screen XD

  35. anytime garrett mckay drops a game i cream my pants on the spot,
    he only drops bangers. especially this latest one
    the mechanics are SO refreshing to the usual plethora of "fnaf 2 but with more spice" types

  36. he did it. the bite!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  37. Interesting video but, having to read the script for each sentence really is a bad sign, perhaps you could read 1-3 sentences before the facecam sections to look less amateurish.

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