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The Complete Five Night at Freddy’s Timeline! | The Leaderboard

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Five Nights at Freddy’s has deep lore and both a complicated and creepy story behind it, including animatronics being possessed by children… how fun. Don’t worry The Leaderboard is here to break it down and give you the complete FNAF timeline.

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FNAF was an indie and pop-cultural phenomenon when FNAF 1 released it exploded. Since then it has released many sequels FNAF 2, FNAF 3, FNAF 4, FNAF Sister Locations, FNAF Custom NIght, and so much more. It is also a perfect game to play during Halloween. So with the release of FNAF Help Wanted VR, we are gonna take a look back at the Five Nights at Freddy’s Timeline to tell you everything you need to know.

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  1. William Has Three Children
    Michael Afton (Eldest Son)
    Elizabeth Afton
    Crying Child AKA CC

  2. It makes no sense it’s William Afton in custom night because he strong enough to destroy robots he could just do it all of them

  3. To animatronics are not posssessed, those murders happened right before bite of 87

  4. There are a lot of things that arent mentioned here. Like when Charlie dies, the puppet is locked inside a box and cant save her.

  5. Hodl on a minet tge toy animatronic are not hosted I heard Romers thay are not stuffed whit dead kids I think the puppet waked them out or did something to them I really don't know there is no way thay are honted

  6. I am trying to make fnaf gacha but i don't get the concept do i am researching

  7. Anybody still thinking Purple Guy is dead? Like he is literally proven alive in Fazbear Frights "The Man in Room 1280".

  8. I hate that nobody ever talks about the playable character that much

  9. The entire FNaF franchise in a nutshell: Children are murdered, that’s it.

  10. remember when 2017 was the future back in 2015, According to FNaF 3? Now, 2017 is just a distant memory.

  11. Weird, I have the Book "Five Nights at Freddy's The Silver Eyes" and Charlie is alive unless I'm thinking of another Charlie xD

  12. The crying child’s name isn’t Michael he’s name is unknown for now (in survival logbook the name is Evan but it’s still a theory) so Michael is the boy with foxy mask who scares the crying child

  13. Tha bite of 83 victim its chris afton and micheal made chris die by pulling a prank on him

  14. Micheal is Glitchtrap and it will come back in Fnaf SB

  15. Elizabeth's death can't happen at that time since the funtimes are made of remnant

  16. Five nights of Freddy s was my child hood, I played it when it first came out and I was really young and I remember being scared but now I love it, it was a big part of my child hood

  17. Is anyone excited for FNAF security breach?!?!!.

  18. Am I the only confused one here?

  19. wait mike was the bite of 83

    then who's the one who saved Elizabeth from her

  20. I'll never look at pizza the same way again…

  21. The lore of FNAF is so complicated but fun to learn about. Yet, the only thing I can remember is that the robots are evil and you need to survive till 6 am.

  22. what i think if this timeline in 2021

    Fredbears—Sister Location—FNAF 4 (the withered ones and nightmares but they are just ghost)—FNAF 2–FNAF 1–FNAF 3–FNAF SIM—FNAF SB—???

  23. Who would have thought a game about Knock off Chuck E Cheese could be very complicated?

  24. Phone guy and phone dude is kinda like guy from free guy and dude lol tthe movie was made 2 years later

  25. "You'll probably be back in a year when the next 6 sequels have come out"

    …that hits hard now.

  26. What If: the 6 eye balls in the sewers when Michael spits up ennard, the sewers are connected to the security breach building?

  27. Bro, your theory is better than matpat’s in Every way.

  28. Watching this because my bf loves fnaf, so I'd love to be able to engage in what he likes! I use to like the game but only knew the basic lore like the bite, ghost children, all the games gameplays etc. So I'm currently searching for everything I need to know.

  29. needed backstory. vide not acesible to new peple

  30. Beside the killing that William does, he must be really good at tech stuff. i mean creating a robot with AI based on your own child in the 80's not to mention all of his animatronic creation. Man William could be iron man if he wanted to

  31. In the books, Henry basically makes Charlie alive again

  32. I thought Chris Aston was the bite and Michel was scooped

  33. It was not Michael. It was the crying child.

  34. my name is literally cassidy juts spelled differently

  35. Besides this video, I had to piece on more video information altogether to get the full picture. It took me about 2 hours to do it.

  36. This is bonker… what the hell is scott smoking?

  37. Brylle The bacon Sandwich commenter😑 says:

    matpat has his sanity broken hearing a lot of wrong things here

  38. Hope you enjoy the video! Let us know what you would like to see as a timeline next. Also yes, we did not include Help wanted due to the time we started making this video it was not out yet. Maybe we can do an update vid if you want to see it?

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