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The BEST Roblox FNaF Game?

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We’ve become accustomed to Roblox horror games by now, but one avenue of this type of game I ever so foolishly left out was the prospect of a FNaF themed roblox horror game. After some digging, I found this game titled “Forgotten Memories”. So, I gathered some buddies with me to check it out!

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  1. Roblox is no longer a kids game. Most of its players are now in their teens and adult hood. I cant wait for more evolution

  2. Me who lags, probably having 3x of stamina now: B)

  3. What if u kidnapped someone that was playing roblox when it looked like a Lego ripoff and time travel the person that was playing roblox when it looked like a Lego ripoff and brought them to this game

  4. I think fnaf co-op is better tho cuz it has 1 more player and the max limit of it is 5 players on a server and the fnaf co-op game has perks roles and more fnafs

  5. one person sits in the office to get rid of puppet and keep track of the air while the other 3 go out and do stuff

  6. Dw they are still in early dev and are gonna actually add more mechanics and stuff

  7. Good game ok mechanics bad ending overall its a good fnaf fan game in my opinion if you don't play for the story its a really nice game but the part i really hate and ruins the game is Golden Freddy there is no way to avoid him.

  8. I'm sorry but this game does not beat doors in any way doors is the best comment if you think this as well

  9. This game is absolutely amazing, the graphics, the cutscenes, and all the other details look stunning. You can hardly tell that this game was made in roblox. The only critique that I have with this game is how challenging it can be with 1-2 players. It can be frustrating with the flashlight battery dying quickly and the ventilation and power going out quickly as well. Once you get the mechanics down, it can be a little easier, but when playing with only one other person or by yourself it becomes very hard to complete. Sometimes it feels like the hints aren’t helpful either. Overall, it’s a really fun game and provides a great example for other roblox developers. The future of roblox fnaf games is wide open now!

  10. this is probably my favorite horror game on roblox

  11. 2:48 You can't actually buy upgrades that I know of in the gas station the gas station stuff should mostly just be customization stuff like skins for the characters and accesories for the players

  12. meh the game is good but too easy, if you are with 2 friends its easy, someone camps at the electrical, someone at the o2 and someone at the desk hiding behind the wall where there's the puppet so that he just spams E and he never gets seen by the animatronics

  13. yeah just completed 20/20 in this game shortly after watching using the same strat except someone camps power and someone camps the puppet corner where no one can even see you in the office which is an easy w and the 3 lives just allows you to cheese this

    but the worst thing is freddy and foxy because they can tend to camp a lot in the dining hall or in other places and them 2 later on in nights can make it fully impossible to navigate as they'll see you anywhere you go

    people who make roblox fnaf fan games or fnaf fan games in general need to think about this stuff more :s

  14. Incredible genre, on and off Roblox. Some great ones on here, opportunity too

  15. Theres a much better one that works really well called FNAF: Coop

  16. The FNAF locations must have been below auction prices for a Mexican restaurant to look at the dried blood, pizza station, dilapidated arcade, and horrifying neglected animatronics heavy with the stench of decay and say “yeah, I could make tacos here”.

  17. Fredbears mega role play is best❤🎉😂😅

  18. your opinion is just wrong, it's not hard to maintain the objectives. If there were unlimited sprint it would be to easy to get away from animatronics. Just run into a locker whenever you're being chased. Also you don't have to close the curtains to avoid marionette you can just look at it with a sound notification and you avoid it.

    edit: I've done 4/20 mode so many times, It's it's so easy to avoid animatronics if you take the right route, get good.

  19. every single viewer when a ytber sponsors something : “DO I LOOK LIKE-“

  20. A really REALLY nice detail at the ending is that your first person perspective changes depending on which character you chose.

  21. Why does almost every fnaf game that uses the original animatronics make chica the least threatening enemy?🗿

  22. there are secrets. Check the game badges. You can obtain those

  23. that's not quake that's ultrakill idiot11!!1!1!1

  24. I wish the office was more important, you can beat the game without being in the office

  25. Fnaf coop is also very cool it’s a multiplayer remake of fnaf 1-5

  26. Disliked because you used the ugly new roblox logo

  27. If you wanna play a real fnaf fan game in roblox play submarine sim

  28. I played this game but there is lore, not canon to actual FNAF games but still fun to think about. On Night 4 like in every FNAF game Phone Guy dies, what’s different about it is that Phone Guy tells us the player what Tony is really planning and then he died to Golden Freddy, What Phone Guy said is that Tony controls the animatronics and is like another creep who wants to kill kids. Phone Guy also said (He said a lot of crap actually) was that he was working for another company to expose Tony and his new Tony’s Tacos. Unfortunately Tony’s secret is out and now he has to kill us too. I don’t think it was Golden Freddy in the end cutscene since he was standing so it was Tony in a old suit he found making sure his secret isn’t leaked (reminds you of someone)

  29. I feel like the reason you're not getting a lot out of the gameplay is how you approach it. If you spend a bunch of time in the office just waiting for something to go wrong, things will be very tedious. Instead, have your team go out as soon as the night begins. You only need one player in the office at any time, no questions asked. A single person is more than enough to handle the Puppet and let everyone else know what they need to take care of.
    Have one or two go to the main stage, which the animatronics cannot reach. And then one or two in the parts and service area. Having two people on Chica makes her laughable, but if you only have one guy there, she becomes a much more serious threat, especially considering she's the fastest in the game when not being looked at. This game is built on teamwork, and such it's pretty much impossible on your own.

  30. My opinion for these types of games are:

    For stuff that's like fnaf these are the best: Fnaf 1-4 multiplayer and the Mashup, Fnaf coop and Forgotten Memories

    For roleplaying these are the best: TPRR, Fredbear's mega roleplay, The Beginning Of Freddy's entertainment, Twisted Reality (probably), Fazbear's Revamp RP P1 and P2, Archived nights, Fnaf 1: 1992 Branch RP and Fnaf 2: the new arrivals.

    Also I think forgotten memories might've gotten a revamp, it wasn't like how you played it before I don't think, like how chica had a torso and arms.
    I don't think that easter egg telling you all about the stuff was there either.

  31. if only roblox devs would make decent player models, then you could have a pretty alright ps3ish era game

  32. It's a good game still and it's pretty doable (until you do nightmare mode)

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