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The Best FNAF Game EVER | JR’s Explained

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JR’s is NOT the best FNAF fangame I’ve played. It’s the best FNAF GAME I’ve ever played, exceeding even the original series. I had actually set out to do a JR’s Story Explained video, but I found I couldn’t help myself from talking about how awesome the gameplay is! FNAF lore is obviously really deep, and JR’s lore connects to FNAF in some interesting ways. I cover it near the end of the video!

Ignoring any controversy and evaluating the game based on its merits as a game alone, I can confidently say that JR’s is my favorite FNAF-style game ever. Nothing else even comes close.

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To the JR’s team: The game is fantastic, and it deserves the insanely positive reception that it has received. Congratulations; you should all be crazy proud of what you have achieved here. Your team of dedicated volunteers ended up creating something that I truly believe pushes FNAF’s gameplay to previously-unseen levels. That’s what indie development is all about, and I’m positive that JR’s will inspire a ton of young FNAF fans to give game development a shot.

Thank you so much for making this game and sharing it with the community.


To Give a Marionette Life Lofi – @Rifti Beats:
JR’s Ending Theme – 3FS

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  1. it might be because I'm a musician, but you did not mention that the music in the "bossfight" of JRs works together with the cutscene, and also references the FNAF 2 trailer musically 😉 EDIT: which makes it even better, since JRs is said to take place before FNAF 2 opens

  2. Honestly what i love the most of this game is definetly Mangle, she has the potential to be the most horrific creature in fnaf, glad they did her justice in Jr's!

  3. 13:09 you redo the whole night? I'm guessing they patched that cause now if you die against the mangle you start back at the monitor pulled up showing the animatronics going to the mangle so I guess they have been forgiving.

  4. Nah, this game is mid, nothing actually changes between night 1 and 4

  5. There's been an update to JR's a bit of a while ago: if you die to Mangle, The night will have a checkpoint to Mangle's phase. Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Balloon Baby, and The Marionette will be gone, and will be replaced with Mangle, her Owl Tail, and The Ghost.

  6. There's always some stupid drama attached to these fan games, who gives a crap

  7. Honestly, from what you've said about the story this may be FNaF 0: before the incident

  8. I like how it isn’t just “mangle” it’s “The mangle” it makes it seem much more horrifying and realistic

  9. I like how you used ''he'', ''she'' and ''it'' pronouns for Mangle

  10. okay i genuinely got angry when u put in the jump scares where they were unwarranted 10:54

  11. Haha saw what you did there with mangles gender. Touché

  12. i like how when hes talking about mangle theft calls mangle he and later her

  13. I feel like this is one of the few fnaf games that could be speedruned, because there's no natural time to a night, is more the accuracy and how fast the player locates the haunted animatronic.
    I don't know if there's already a speedrun page for jr's but if there is, i'll eventually find out or you could just tell me idk.

  14. Now there is a checkpoint in the last night

  15. I mean I guess it's good but I wouldn't say it's better then like, the core four.

  16. I finally get to try JRs today. I couldn't download it before cause I didn't have a PC, just a phone and an xbox.

  17. I would say the series is narratively atmospheric scary and creepy not the gotcha moments that are scary the series as a whole has always annoyed me with the startle type jumpscares is I always react to startles really badly it's not that I'm scared just reactive and and have to stop myself from doing something dangerous or destructive what's scary and will ruin your senses and stress levels is hearing a doorbell and knocks at your work on the night shift at random times after 2 in the morning when you didn't know the place had a doorbell that situation had my hand on my gun hidden in my bag the half the night stiff and alert.

  18. Jrs is best fnaf fan game it is even better then some of the fnaf games

  19. i zoned out, i heard among us and i understood the premise of the game

  20. It's free???
    It's good
    It's amazing
    Great video theft king

  21. The idea of Mangle being the final boss is really interesting, we've never really seen it before. That said, it does cause a bit of confusion in terms of its relation to FNaF 2 Mangle. is it meant to be the same animatronic? Because its toy appearance and the stories from Phone Dude suggest otherwise but it would be really cool if that was the origin. Maybe the Ghost found a way out of its prison, possessed Toy Foxy and f*cked it up to make it look like her Mangle?

  22. I love how much personality the characters in this game has, especially the mangle. The sheer rage it gives off when it screams at you just sends a chill down your spine. The design is so unsettling as well, completely reinventing the general idea of the mangle character. Now instead of just another threat to the pile, it's the main threat, and by far the scariest.
    Though, the fnaf 2 gameplay itself could be improved on, I wish they didn't bind the flashlight to the keys, making adjusting the camera useless. It would also add more personality to Bonnie (who is lacking a lot if you ask me) if he could see his face being used as a mask, and kill you then. The withered designs are bone chilling as well, to see the marionettes mask, cracked and nearly destroyed is a nice touch.
    My least favorite of the entire game however, is how most animatronics act the same, with the exception of bb and puppet of course. Other than that, they all do the same thing, which bothers me a lot. Perhaps if they acted in different ways once haunted, or just did literally anything differently that would give them more personality.

  23. I mean everybody's got their own opinion there's not the best fan game in my opinion it's a good one so damn amazing one which is not the best some people still prefer creepy night's for one night I want to

  24. while I was watching the mangle segment my dad's tv started playing the fucking siren noises that play to test the emergency natural disaster or war warning, tldr I pissed my pants

  25. Uhm….as good as this all may sound i still think One Night at Flumpty's is the best fnaf fan game👀

  26. well at least Ramenov wasn't a Pedophile (I think) still. A shame that he went and did that.

  27. bro fnaf is an og game you can't just say a fan game is better than that

  28. Since when has become a trend to suck the dick of this indie developers? It's SO ON YOUR FACE that hurts…

  29. ngl i like what they did with the lore, no afton/springtrap but they replaced it with the most under-utilized characters in the series as a whole

  30. Y'all don't listen to this hypocrite. Theft King is the king of fnaf drama and he likes to instigate fights for clout.

  31. The tv screens at the end, remind me of omega flowey from Undertale

  32. Definitely a cool game but just wasn’t interesting to me and the game play was boring to watch personally but I loved the art style so much the character designs are so cool. But im glad other ppl are liking it😊

  33. EDIT: 1.1.1 removes the audio button, presumably because there was no consequence to leaving it on all the time. Now, the Marionette's song will always play when viewing the room they're in on the camera.

    It's nice to be motivated and excited to make a video on a topic that I'm able to speak so positively about! I no longer need to hesitate when people ask what my favorite fangame is. I'm so stoked that JR's ended up being SO GOOD! It's weird because it's not even like there's a single mechanic or design or moment that makes it so excellent. It's the whole package; the game's elements come together in the most cohesive way. I absolutely adore JR's, and I can't wait to play it some more! Go download it now and check it out (also follow the game and Darroc while you're at it!):

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