The Best FNAF Fan Games Ever Made - Part 2 (Top 10 Five Nights at Freddy's) -

The Best FNAF Fan Games Ever Made – Part 2 (Top 10 Five Nights at Freddy’s)

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These are some of the best FNAF Fan games ever made and heres why… Previously we looked at some of the greatest Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games of all time and in this follow up video we look at another 10 essential unofficial FNAF games from a range of talented creators. From Christmas themed Five Nights games all the way over to freeroam horror experiences, these are 10 of the best FNAF fan games ever made. So sit back, relax and let’s see why these games are worth checking out.

The FNAF games in this video: Circus Babys Diner, The Web of Cogs and Oil, Afton’s Revenge, Jollibee’s Phase 2, Christmas with Freddy, FNAF The Freddy Files, Sinister Turmoil Sewers, Tyke and Son Lumber Co, FNAF Animators Hell, Eddie and the Misfits.

Links to all these games can be found here:

You’ve been watching SuperHorrorBro Mike and this was a look at the best Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan Games part 2. If you enjoyed this video remember to like, comment and subscribe for more horror related content.

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  1. Hold up… that Eddie bear person looks identical to a real animatronic named billy bob
    (From showbiz pizza back in the 90s

  2. 5 Nights at Wario's and 5 Nights At Treasure Island are good classics on their own. ^^

  3. 0:26 Circus Baby's Diner

    1:53 The web of Cogs and Oil

    3:09 Afton's revenge

    4:21 Jolibee's Phase 2

    6:07 Christmas with Freddy's

    7:08 The Freddy Files

    8:09 Sinister Turmoil: Sewers

    9:27 Tyke & sons Lumber Co.

    10:36 Animators hell

    11:48 Eddie and the Misfits

  4. Off topic but I’m about to pop a blood vessel pushing out this gigantic dump

  5. If SHB makes a part 3, Tellerland must be on the list

  6. “Hey guys superhorror bro here” never gets old

  7. I lived in the philiphins and loved jollibee when i was a kid but cause of covid it closed down and i cant go there anymore and the fangame jollibee and makes me not wanna go back to jollibee

  8. in christmas with freddy's you face the rockstar animatronic's

  9. My favorite fnaf fan game is one night at pretzels

  10. DUDE you forgot baldis basic in nightmare!!! It’s really well done’

  11. Excuse me, where the heck is "The Joy of Creation"????
    This is one of the best fangame in a really long time, c'mon and put it somewhere

  12. hmm yes the sweet sweet spaghetti in jollybee

  13. Lol I imagined if a child from the Philippines finding Jollibee's game but not what their expecting

  14. We all love jollybee, their spaghetti is the best. (in my opinion)

  15. My favorite fnaf fan-game is tjoc (the joy of creation)

  16. For some reason i cant see the jolibees pages..? anyone can help?

  17. Freddy in Christmas version look like a grandpa

  18. Bruh ;-; I hope this COVID-19 is over bc I want to go to jolibee ;-; ( I'm in phili )

  19. What is the best fan game to you Eddie's and the misfits or the wip of cogs and oil

  20. Ngl tho, Jollibee's chicken be bussin

    Irrelavent ik

  21. Oh,I guess Jollibee doesn't exist in other countries…I thought it still existed there…..

  22. me seeing springtrap dancing
    my head
    oh my god i think im gonna have nightmares tonight TnT

  23. Aftons revenge is just hilarious while others make me piss my pants

  24. i really want to make my own fnaf game, i already have the animatronuc design in my book, but i don't understand how to make a game, and if i understand maybe the game is not as good Another fanmade game, and also making games is against my dreams, I'm also only 11 years old

  25. Afton revenge looks like meme mobile game, but cant deny its harmless.

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