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In this video, I talk about my FAVORITE FNAF remake project: Five Nights at Freddy’s 6: FREAKSHOW! This is a fan remake of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator that aims to rebuild the entire game from the ground up to make it more in line with the other games in the core FNAF series. However, this awesome project was sadly CANCELLED! Learn all about it in this epic video!

You can download FREAKSHOW here:


Outro Music: Title Theme – Obliteracers

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0:00 – Intro
3:57 – Main Video


  1. I actually more like this molten freddy voice than the official

  2. I played the demo After this video and really hoped that wasn't cancelled

  3. I honestly think that not being able to see the animatronics in pizza simulator and can only hear them makes it more terrifying to me

  4. That just add more to my theory that every concept that looks too promising that stills in progress, have an 50% chance to end being cancelled

  5. No one:

  6. Did you use music from one of PewDiePie's games in this video?

  7. uhyeah: But first…this video is sponsored by–
    Me: [spams skip button aggressively]

  8. Okay, I always thought Lefty was a meh design. They had a good color pallette, but the model just felt… bland.
    The new one makes me happy. It looks cute.

  9. bruh every single sponser is WAID SHADOW WEGEANDS

  10. I agree that the voice acting But they likely did their own voice acting as the ones in pizza sim are likely copyrighted material of sorts, they probably didn't want to risk it which is ok!
    11:01 I do not like this task. It's just a little too difficult is all, it can force you to be stuck there for several minutes with it as the last task all because your reflexes aren't the best or for some may be downright impossible (I don't think I'd ever get good at that, my reflexes are not great which makes me fail at most games).

  11. This is some bad news to me, I remember seeing this a long time ago, and it looked really good! Now I'm just sad

  12. I'm hopping someone else picks this fangame up

  13. i can’t help but feel like maybe this game would’ve worked a bit better as a mod instead? like, that way, the only thing they’d have to rebuild completely is the fnaf-like gameplay and the chica minigame, and since the tycoon part of the game would still be there, they wouldn’t have to implement or develop so many new things to cover for its absence? since it would require the player to already own pizzeria sim to play, there’s a chance they wouldn’t have to redo the voice acting too I think. I dunno much about modding to be honest, and there’s probably a technical reason behind why we don’t really see that many fnaf mods compared to fan games, but i still think it would’ve been neat

  14. From how you've described it, Freakshow sounds 90% worse with about 10% improvement on fnaf 6.

  15. I was so sad that the salvage chica stage was "scrapped" from the original pizza sim. and now this whole game was cut lmao!

  16. I bet some fangame creator will bring freakshow back

  17. Really sad to see this game got canned, this game clearly had so much potential to surpass Pizzeria Simulator.

  18. I don't like any of the redesigns except Spingtrap. The only reason I like him more in this version is because his head shape looks human, unlike what FnaF 6 has, but like… Molten Freddy looks a lot cooler to me in the original.

    I much prefer the look of this office to the old office, as this one reminds me of Fnaf 1,l which honestly is the only one I really like at this point.

    The loss of the tycoon aspect is a very very sad thing imo.

    Fun fact: Back when was in 6th grade and Fnaf 1 dropped, I was super into it. After the third one, my friends and I had assumed it was the last one. I made a paper and pencil FnaF tycoon game, where you could do pretty much everything that was in Fnaf 6. Even had the lawsuit parts! I remember this one time, my one friend was playing, well, a dice roll screwed him over, and his knock off cheap Foxy c lone fell on a customer and the hook went straight through that person's arm. His restaurant got shut down immeiately and he started over. I had so many features in that. You had to have a certain number of vents attaching rooms to distribute fresh air, which lead to paths the animatronics could take in the night. Though I did allow skipping of the night if the player wanted it. I miss my group from school ngl.

  19. They should just release the source code to allow anyone else to finish it.

  20. Can you get rid of the raid shadow legends sponsor please?

  21. i don't rlly enjoy the femmine design of lefty, ofc femmine men are cool but i don't think they was going for a "femmine man" design more just making him straight up a girl

  22. "que no se note que me estoy copiando de maniac mania" AKDNALMDKQMD

  23. I dont know why but I absolutely love the voice of the tape in this game, it’s ominous

  24. The text in the thumbnails is getting progressively more and more of a stretch

  25. 13:30 God bless, but ofcourse, it wasnt meant to be
    For real thou, i appreatiate designs that nail the feminine charm, while not looking like strippers.

  26. alright guys. who reading this has played shadow legends, not spent ANY money on shadow legends, and ENJOYED shadow legends? im geuinely curious.

  27. Why did he give up?! It looked and was so good!!!

  28. This game was heavily inspired by teaser in fnaf guide book that was implemented in the last page.

  29. if i click this and he mentions that one video about making that underrated fan game popular i might lose it

  30. They probably re-recorded the audio because likely using the original audio would’ve gotten them bad attention. Using audio that doesn’t belong to you, someone else’s voice. At least I think you need permission to use it

  31. I would like to play this game… But now I can't 🙁

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    What's your favorite animatronic redesign from this game?

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