The AMAZING Fnaf Crossover Fan Game -

The AMAZING Fnaf Crossover Fan Game

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I too have gone through hell to entertain you lol.

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Special thanks to  @8-Bit Mark 101   for helping dump all the assets I used in this video!

Play the game!

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Apero Hour by Kevin MacLeod

Cherry Model edited from ToasterBathBomb’s HELP WANTED WITHERED RETEXTURES (BLENDER 2.8+)

Case Key: A_#AAAA#aAa


  1. 18:46 when you thought the small plushies couldn't kill you

  2. "He can also attack from both vents" when you said that i was like there are three vents

  3. How the heck does this channel only have 8K subs?

  4. Great video, the only reason I'm making this comment is that the epilepsy warning might've been too small, but I don't have epilepsy, and, I don't know how many people do, so it might not be a danger.

  5. Dasian looks like a monster version of kingpin

  6. I took heavy inspiration from this game in how it has unique features and functions.
    I’ll give a little more context:
    I’m a game developer (using Scratch, but I’m pretty used to it), and I am working on my own fan UCN. The game released about a week ago to very positive results (1.03k views in the first week). I’m so glad that this game (animator’s heck) exists because it really helped inspire a lot of the gameplay mechanics.

    I recently found your channel (through your old Scratch projects video) and I must say that I am very impressed with the content you make! Thank you for being such a great member of the FNAF community, official and fangames included. Keep up the amazing work!

  7. Hopefully cherry can make it in this fan game it would be 10 times better

  8. "we have never had a spider animatronic"
    Ballora: cri

  9. ha ha pacman go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  10. okay but where is the fnaf world representation????? smh my head why no adventure bready

  11. Fun fact most of these characters are Youtubers

  12. These animatronics are the YouTube avatars

  13. Mikeonut: we have never had a spider animatronic before. Music man: am I a joke to you

  14. For some reason I picture myself being in the office and replacing the glass with bullet proof glass to troll death horse

  15. 14:16 not gonna lie this is by far the best jumpscare i have ever seen in a fnaf fangame

  16. This game has changed a lot since I lasted played.

  17. Ooh, can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet! I’m one of the voice actors in this game. Super glad ya enjoyed it!

  18. "We never had a spider animatronic " *cough cough music man and maybe ballora in. A way

  19. Can someone remake his old fnaf fan games for him

  20. I’m guessing no one has noticed that the characters are all the animators oc’s and uses the animators names for most of them

  21. isn't death horse from end of the memeverse as the villan

  22. I like this game but I like the chaos that is ultra custom night

  23. Mikeonut: we never had a spider animatronic before.
    Music Man: what about me?

  24. Um, the animatronic characters.. do tend to get a bit… quirky

  25. only thing that's odd to me about this is the animations of the animatronics, specifically the idle animations.. I understand that they gave them animations to make it seem cooler, more effort, or unique over the static animations of the official titles, but why breathing animations? they are animatronics, they don't need to breathe.

  26. “We have never gotten a spider animatronic before. ”

    Music Man: Am I a joke to you?

  27. I have noticed a pattern, if you give freaky things a normal human name it makes them more freaky by like 50 percent.

  28. 18:22 “I really encourage people to play with proportions” 🤨🗿

  29. do you know 1 night at flumpty's because there is a character that's kinda a spider his name is red man he drinks lava

  30. This is such a stupid but funny as shiat video

  31. That small clown whats his name its just ??? It should be Elfnold or elfnald or Clownald

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