The 5 most RIDICULOUS fnaf fangames I've encountered -

The 5 most RIDICULOUS fnaf fangames I’ve encountered

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Terrible isn’t necessarily unfun to play, at least for me. Enjoy this collection of awful experiences I’ve found.

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Links to games played:
Bubba’s Diner:
Five nights at the Chum Bucket:
Five Nights at Freddy’s 6: Freakshow
Five nights at Wario’s:
Jolly 3:

Music in this video:
Blitz – Ballpoint
Stay W__Me – Raccy
Charwee’s day out – Bugsnax
Distant – AGST
Game On – Tricycle Riot
Glitchting Through the Sky – William Benckert

0:00 Bubba’s Diner
14:37 Le Sponge
21:23 Busty Lefty
29:35 Wario’s
37:49 Vape Game

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  1. Five nights at the Chum Bucket is still bugged? I remember watching Riskrim play this back in the day, and it seems all the bugs are still the same. I thought the dev would’ve fixed these after a bit, but it’s been several years.

  2. Five Nights At Wario's actually lived on and got sequels and it's own fan-games as well as a Deluxe remake

  3. Bendy and the vape machine Literally the best thing ever I would love to get a hit from him😂

  4. Of course the busty lefty section is most replayed

  5. "have we ever seen a withered animatronic without eyes?"
    Golden Freddy: am I a joke to you?

  6. I'm mad you didn't say Spongebuff Swole Pants

  7. the horned up lefty is kinda sus when you take into account that it’s a disguise for the puppet, aka charlie… who died as a child…

  8. Tbh, I personally really like Nightstars (and I am sad it didn't get finished), I also enjoy the lefty redesign lol ^^

  9. 42:27
    Me working as a graveyard security guard while watching this.(these videos is what is keeping me up)

  10. Even bigger cringefest than Dayshift trilogy…

  11. i f a n y o n e t a l k s s h i t a b t w a r i o ' s i m n o t f o r g i v i n g

  12. Bu–

    . . .

    "Lady Lefty" is definitely one of the things I've ever seen. Especially that, uh… little animation…

  13. Holy crap, seeing five nights at the chum bucket makes me feel old as heck, I remember people like Markiplier playing that like 7 years or so ago, maybe even more than that 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. either im stupid or astral spiff ignored a 2500eu worth of bits 😭5:27

  15. Fnoof now stands for
    Five nights of overrated fangames

  16. 3:54 , that is a reddit story I read a while ago.

  17. 25:07 the developer's choice of design for this specific animatronic is… questionable

  18. The pizza Sim remaster is fire don't disrespect it, it's unfinished

  19. Once you've finished liking the video, don't forget to repair the vape machine 🙂

  20. If lefty had normal model unlike this, this would be pretty ok fnaf 6 remake. Idc about anything, they have normal springtrap not the willy scraptron. Thats enough already

  21. Spiff and his chat are just the horniest mother fuckers ever. The Lefty animation that’s apparently “busty” isn’t “busty” at all. It’s just using squash and stretch to make it look like she’s bouncing. If you look at it closely you’ll see that. And then the thing with the thighs is also bullshit. They are just fine and the correct size for that model of animatronic! If they were thinner they’d just look really awkward and would make the model look incorrect.

  22. an add stopped the springtrap jumpscare

  23. How is nobody talking about the fact that there was a loaded shotgun in the basement of Bubba's

  24. Hey Spiff if you're still wondering why places you clean alot got stick it's because you didn't use water to wash away the soap residue!

  25. The best part about Bubba's is the dramatic classical orchestral music when you're plunging the toilet or sweeping the party room

  26. I think the reason why you had so much fun with thee bad games is because of how absurd some of these games are, its easy to joke about them. I haven't laughed nearly as long in a FNAF video

  27. Bro every time he says vape machine I just lose my mind it's not vape it's electric smoke to make this clear you don't need to repair the electric smoke generator every time you feel like it god I can't keep letting him get away with this

  28. It's sad you only played Wario's 1, the other games get WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better, especially 5 shows at Wario's

  29. It’s a crime that DSaF isn’t here

  30. 9:59 He looks like he was about to say "come over here and kiss me on my hot mouth, I'm feeling romantical."

  31. I love games that suck but in like a fun way, they're not boring, just… Questionable

  32. So noones talking about expurgation just playin

  33. I cant believe 5 nights at peter’s (griffin) wasnt included 😔

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