The 2 Best New classic FNAF Fan Games -

The 2 Best New classic FNAF Fan Games

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Two great games, with some bad but mostly good. It only took me 4 months to make a video on them! Enjoy!


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Music in the video:
Tiger Tracks – Lexica
Razzmatazz – Jules Gaia
Thinking of You Again – BATDS OST

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  1. Idk if anyone cares but for every 2.5 games of x's and o's he won he lost one

  2. Honestly, whT piszed me off the most was there being a camera in 096s cell tbh

  3. I love how on the first real night he was gonna die to shy guy but old man got him first

  4. The kids saying stop swearing probably have to listen on the family tv😂

  5. @Eleven (scp endurance owner) is not gonna kill u like the res-

  6. My problem with night 5 on oblitus casa is that it was the actual knock then as I went up the stairs it would go up the stairs so I couldn't leave

  7. I got Oblitua Casa but I DONT KNOW HOW TO GET PAST TUNNEL #1

  8. omg chat is that the game that the cool super epic og fnaf polish juutuber eleven made/1/1?1

  9. It was a game so good he dropped it for 3 months

  10. The entire first night being an info dump which fails to inform us on like 3/4ths of the enemies…

  11. why would you need ventilation whren there'ds a literal open door with wintery weather right there?

  12. spiff I know this is a bit old but the reason you didn't really understand the lore of oblitus casa is because it's a sequel to the 2020 remake of five nights at treasure island, so go play that and you'll understand it a bit better

  13. i don't think you get to complain much by ignoring the tutorial even if its an info dump lol, but the video was fun anyways

  14. I love how mither sctyally says
    "Want to see my head come off?"
    Just like the og creepy pasta the game is based on


  16. Uh… 173, “The statue,” or as most would call him, peanut, is FAST.

  17. every time the micky jumpscare SFX plays I hear the giga chad music

  18. Omg as a fan(over 9 yrs I think?) of eleven ( ytber who made scp) in so happy it's recognised bc I've waited so long for this game

  19. I just realised that the cursor is in the thumbnail for the scp endurance thing

  20. thinking that scp fnaf fan game took something like 7 years to create

  21. 9:32
    Me when 049 shows – holy shit those are cool eyes(dont think of that in a weird way, i never seen those eyes on that model)
    Spiff – oh god hes hot(ik he doesnt mean that)
    Me – has a stroke

  22. Hey spiff if you ever wanna play another SCP Fnaf inspired game feel free to check out SCP observer.

  23. 14:52 might possibly be the best moment in any spiff video of 2023. I could rewatch this moment for so long

  24. I have such a nostalgia for one night at Flumpty's 2

  25. scp the endurance is made by: an poland youtuber and his name is Eleven

  26. 36:49 What’s the name of this song? It reminds me of “Teddy Bears Picnic”

  27. At 42:00 I was on insta and I looked at the pic in pic as cartmen was singing black hole sun and I just saw mickey

  28. You should definitely try the original FNATI (Five nights at treasure island) if you haven't

  29. >best speedrunner
    >doesn't prepare by even looking at the papers of SCPs

  30. i love how polish games go outside poland

  31. "I'd rather learn stuff by doing things"
    Me who came from the JRs/SRs video: Yeah, I see that XD

  32. SCP Containment Breach Speedrun @AstralSpiff ?

  33. I love how even Loaf wanted to give Oblitus Casa a shot by stealing your mouse!

  34. 42:05 This reaction of Seeing 3AM mother did not portray the pure panic spiff had when he first stumbled upon it lol, there should've been the buildup before seeing it.

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