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SQUID GAME vs. Friday Night Funkin’, Among Us, FNAF, Baldi, and Bendy!

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Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Baldi, Bendy, Foxy, Among Us, Alex, and Steve are forced to play in Squid Game 오징어 게임 달고나 red light green light. Who will come out victorious and win the money prize?


Rendered with Fox Renderfarm:

Fazbear and Friends is an animated series based on the main cast of “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. The show follows the wacky misadventures of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and their many friends as they get themselves into trouble while trying to manage their pizzeria.

Friday Night Funkin Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Baldi’s Basics, Bendy and the Ink Machine, FNAF Foxy, Among Us, Alex and Steve, are forced to play in a deadly game of red light green light in Squid Game. Who will win the money prize? Or will the Squid Game doll kill them all? If you don’t know what Squid Game is you need a Squid Game 3 minutes summary. More fun animations like Friday Night Funkin Boyfriend vs. FNAF, FNAF vs Bendy, and Circus Baby’s Twin Sister are coming soon!

A new music video like Don’t Come Crying is on it’s way! GET EXCITED! The FNAF Song may be about Purple Girl who knows.

More songs like Build Our Machine Bendy and the Ink Machine Music Video and Among Us Lyin’ To Me are coming your way! Aphmau fans might enjoy this video! zamination and EnchantedMob will make funny videos like always. Friday Night Funkin Logic is so weird, that’s why Foxy won! Maybe next time they can sing Animal But every turn a new character sings it. Making animations causes STRESS so I’m going to bed now.

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Funtime Freddy/Bon Bon/Boyfriend/Bendy:

Produced at EnchantedMob Studios in St. Louis, MO.


  1. "Who in Parappa name is that?!"

  2. I love how bendy sounds like Mickey

  3. I’m not sure if this is cringe or 21st century humor

  4. I'm sorry but based off these comments, is this channel actually competent?

  5. ok i was expecting worse but for animation meant for kids its not that bad really and its high effort. 8/10

  6. Did he really just say “what in parrapas name is that thing?”

  7. Baldi: come on little girl it looks like you could use some extra credit right?
    that was baldis last words

  8. This is the funniest animation i have ever seen abd I've seen a lot😲🤣😂😄☺

  9. Ola gostei muito😇😇😇😇😇😇🥰🥰🥰

  10. Bendy voice like mickey….mickey secret love child 🤔

  11. Well finally found the video and gotta say.

    This is Hilarious.

  12. Bendy: evryone run away
    Evryone: AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

  13. Why does anyone hate this? This is actually funni lmao.

  14. Okay, I thought this was gonna be one of those garbage kids things, I didn’t even expect voice acting. But actually, this could be a lot worse.

  15. whenever i watch this, i think about why im still on this earth. why does god still want me to live. there is no point in watching this video, unless you want years of trauma. im a survivor of watching videos like these and i say not to watch videos like this unless you want to live

  16. Ooo don’t want me too I don’t want to be in my life anymore

  17. Yo Somebody is stealing is stole this thumbnail to advertise their website

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