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Speedrunning FNAF made me dumber

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I decided – I would not rest until I had become one of the top Five Nights at Freddy’s players IN THE WORLD.

I was foolish – I underestimated the trials that lied ahead. FNAF speedruns are no joke.

Thanks to @Throwaway Account for discovering Fade Skip, speaking with me regarding the history of the run, as well as providing the tools and resources for learning the run.

If you’re interested in speedrunning FNAF (try to beat my time!), check out this repo:

Special thanks to @AstralSpiff, @EazySpeezy, and @Summoning Salt for inspiring the video.


Devil-Scott Render – Boston (Youtube: Wass Up):


Speedrunning FNAF World almost destroyed my sanity – EazySpeezy: youtu.be/rw75YrsrGuY
Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 ALL MINIGAMES – IULITMx – youtu.be/0-QfwlJiXCQ
These Peoples Try to Fade Me – Coach Z – homestarrunner.com: youtu.be/mS3ixBHjT28
Kingdom Hearts Series Super Bosses Desperation Moves – KingdomHearts Master: youtu.be/ETX0_gGsDy8


The Spy Who Kicked Me – Rayman Legends
We’re Finally Landing – Home (the SummoningSalt song):

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  1. dingus, do you not know that in-game time stops briefly when opening/closing the cams? the screen which has snow on it actually stops time, unless you're switching cams instead. it only saves a couple of milliseconds, but it counts as time loss. just keep your cams down, you'll be alright

  2. Im surprised that you literally survived foxy running again and even chica+bonnie door sabotage

  3. Wanna know a trick if I see foxy not in the cove gone exit cameras close your door then look at the hall then he will go I think it’s useless but it’s cool edit also it will stall foxy says five seconds?

  4. What is the outro song? I really need to know 😭

  5. I had no idea Freddy could be cucked like that… I'll definitely be trying to use that tactic against him!

  6. You format your video to make it look like a how to beat a movie video lol

  7. OK. You've beaten Five Nights at Freddy's as fast as possible. Now I give you a real challenge. 100% Five Nights at Sonic's Maniac Mania. It's a Sonic and Mario Ultimate Custom Night fan game with a lot of achievements to collect.

  8. 3:48
    Can someone explain what's going on with the monitors next to Foxy? They went from black to pizzeria wall in an instant. I bet it was just some sort of error.

  9. same thing with the game with the same name without the "A"

  10. one time freddy was singing and i was dead but right before i died it was 6 am

  11. Imagine speedrunning a game that always lasts the exact same time by nature.

  12. Foxy sometimes comes to phase 2 after he just came

  13. Ok so…. Speedrun Pizzaria Simulator to get a free Pepperoni pizza. TOTALLY WORKS, NO 🧢.

  14. Not you using SummoningSalts calling card

  15. I don’t really like the Scott Cawthon joke because you’re making it sound like you genuinely blamed it onto him

  16. Just got an ad for "legal weed" wtf. And why this video

  17. How can you speedrun FNAF 1 people might ask. 2 things off the top of my head.

    1. Don’t die, which in harder nights includes making inputs as fast as possible while following the rhythm as fast as possible.

    2. If you choose to do the extra night 6 and 7, select those nights as fast as possible.

  18. Imagine having good luck in an rng based game, there are people whom grind weeks for these fnaf records

  19. It's not a 5% chance, the game grabs a number between 1 and 20 and if it's less than or equal to the level of the ai than it does the thing, also ai raises throughout the night, you can still check cams when an animatronic gets in by closing the door first, this is how you deal with freddy

  20. No animatronic can kill you when cams are down except foxy and fredbear, so you can just leave the doors open and close them to check foxy every few seconds

  21. 3:58 i have bad eyesight and i never quite understood what is Foxy doing on the third stage. Is he, like, bending right and his face is on the left or is he just out of the curtain completely and going left on his feet

  22. Gaming has been ruined for a lot of people because they can't get satisfaction without speedrunning

  23. Foxy can actually run in less than 15 seconds. Every 5 seconds he has a chance to move based on his ai. Also after foxy ran the first time. There is a chance that foxy starts on stage 2 of his movement. Therefore after 10 seconds it is possible that he has already left the show stage. Hopefully that helps!!!

  24. Can you beat FNAF with NO DOORS???youtu.be/rEqjkoT3G6s

    I hope you enjoyed this video – I've always wanted to make a video like this, but I'm not really a speedrunner and thus never really had an opportunity. Let me know if you'd like to see more content like this! Subtitles are processing and will be done ASAP!

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