Someone remade FNAF 1 into a FREE ROAM and it is SO MUCH SCARIER. -

Someone remade FNAF 1 into a FREE ROAM and it is SO MUCH SCARIER.

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Welcome to a Free-roam FNAF 1 inspired horror gane. We play the night guard and have to survive the night against these animatronics.

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  1. Someone: makes a free roam version of Fnaf
    Ryan: "Wow thats so cool" explores a little then spends the rest of the time in the office

  2. 21:40 listen to the footsteps, did freddy literally do the slowly walking in place softer trick to trick ryan? Cause it sounds like one of them walked away, and freddy is the only one there

  3. Hey bro sorry bout that sorry BRO IM DIEING 💀💀💀💀

  4. Bro just started the game and died in 20 seconds 🤦

  5. This is what security breach should have been. Small rooms, dark, with animatronics that will scare the living life out of you.

  6. The door button in the golden Freddy room is for the blast door I think

  7. You earn my respect as a streamer who does not swear, its such a breath of fresh air, i thank you.

  8. 13:56 heart.exe has stopped working.
    Reason: Heart attack after being chased by creepy ass animatronics.

  9. How do you even extract the files on it

  10. The carpet in this game is called joycarpet shapes.

  11. Being stood in that corner staring at Foxy literally holding my breath, that whole sequence wow😳 genuinely scary!

  12. bro punched the wall instead of the button lol love this one

  13. when i heard about 5 nights at freddys this is how i thought it was in the first place…like why wouldnt you make it like this duh its gonna be better.. the originals blow

  14. I love how 8bitryan did not react at all when freddy just casually came into the room

  15. 14:02
    “If I was a second later… I would be looking at a game over screen… but I’m not, cuz I wasn’t a second later”

    “I should be dead… but I’m not, I’m going to come find you…”

  16. Ryan I’ve been watching your content for about 4 years, and you’ve never seemed to disappoint, congrats on constant growth and good luck to you to your road to 10M 🙏🏽

  17. I was legitimately scared for you at 19:22 when those chimes rang out. I thought you would get found

  18. 24:30 you legit caught the BEST clips.of these animatronics stalking you man. Legit experience here, i love it

  19. Died in the first 2 minutes but it's a good game 😂😂😂

  20. My bo Ryan spitting bars what do I what do I do 😂sitting in my room

  21. 20:55
    Watchin' the cameras
    Watch 'em all night long
    Watchin' the cameras
    Whilst i sing this song

    Gonna survive five nights
    Gonna survive them good
    Gonna survive five nights
    Like a night guard should

  22. 21:43 Oh my god, I'm shocked that Freddy's head didn't get knocked off by the door considering how close he was to getting in lol 😂

  23. The fact that the animatronics literally chase you when they see you is seriously scary.

  24. idk if you gonna check this comment but your description says "gane"

  25. close the doors when u hear freddy laugh just a tip!

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