So FNAF speedruns exist... -

So FNAF speedruns exist…

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Epilepsy warnings at 3:00 – 3:22, 4:15 – 4:32, 5:55 – 6:10, 6:43 – 6:52 when I put the cameras up and down really fast. Though other parts of the video may trigger a response as well so please be careful.

Today we’re speedrunning Five Nights At Freddy’s, which has a few more speedrun tricks than you might think

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Watch the world record speedrun here:
Shoutout to @throwawayaccount7141 for finding fade skip after watching my video of FNAF World. It’s a super cool discovery that made me want to speedrun this game.
Also shoutout to:
@TechRules who made a video explaining the dissecting the animatronics’ AI that I used to explain how they world
@AmbienceOfficial for the FNAF Academy series
And @theftking making a video that reinspired me to finally do this speedrun myself

My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!

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  1. İn first night chica moved first in my game I think Bonnie or Chica can be 1 but you can't know wich one will wake

  2. Look closely: As he opens the camera, the FAN stops moving.

  3. me using the "CD+" shortcut to skip every night🗿🗿

  4. If you dont open your cams freddy chica bonnie cant activate

  5. Thanks for the help with strats i used it on night 4 forgot to check cams and foxy almostgot mebut i closed door

  6. I was playing night 2 and i thaught that foxy comes on night 3 cus i opened the cams every few seconds

  7. “If we press alt f4”
    You’re pulling my leg here, right?

  8. me when i play fnaf: looks in cameras animatronics look at me i get scared asf and stay freezed i die and that happens everytime

  9. ik it took you at least 3 tries to say the pattern at 5:00 (not hating)

  10. you can ez speedrun with the keys c d + do that and you skip the night

  11. Bonnie on nihgt 1&2 haha most agrresion level
    Chica and foxxy on night 34&5 WOW UNDERESTIMATER

  12. I love you can see he got a little jumpscared by bonnie and his hand shaked in 3:45

  13. Thank you so much, these strats actually helped me beat the game first try (if you don’t count the time when I accidentally opened the door Bonnie was). I beat the game in 59 minutes.

  14. Fun fact: if you never open cams, Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie can never attack you

  15. Pov: You're know about the (C D +) shortcut: 👀

  16. İf we press alt f4

  17. Speedrun, jumpscare% Get every jumpscare and complete night 5, or include golden freddy and night 7

  18. Fun fact, Freddy cannot move if someone else is on the stage, so bonnie prevents him from moving until 2 AM, meaning he'll move earlier if it wasn't for bonnie

  19. When u check the right door and look at the camera what if there's Bonnie at the left door

    Hope that makes sense

  20. I didnt even think it would be possible to speedrun this game considering the fact that every night last the same amount of minutes for everyone and there's no real way to legitimately make the night go faster. Still confused on how you get a faster time then someone

  21. I didn't even know that strategy, ima try that!

  22. but ever night lasts the same amount of time! how can you speedrun the game if all the runs have the same length hmm? HMM?

  23. "if we press alt f4"

    yeah, not falling for that again

  24. For Freddy if you run out of power he jumpscares you at any night

  25. freddy mostly attacked me alot in night 2-5
    (he cant be seen on my screen and its not broken)

    help me fix it please

  26. In which FNaF games does fadeskipping work?

  27. why didnt you do the C, D, and + skip? maybe you never heard of it. basically if you press those buttons at once, you can skip the entire night pretty cool


  29. Epilepsy warnings at 3:003:22, 4:154:32, 5:556:10, 6:436:52 when I put the cameras up and down really fast. Though other parts of the video may trigger a response as well so please be careful.

    Sorry for not recognizing this sooner and I will make sure I pay more attention to these issues in the future. For this video I've added a card at 2:55 to start warning people as well and put this same message in the description.

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