SMASH or PASS Every FNAF Animatronic -

SMASH or PASS Every FNAF Animatronic

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Smash or Pass every FNAF animatronic.
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  1. It's either smash dead children or a serial killer, Jack was doomed from the start

  2. William smashed the animatronics. With his bare hand too. That's what you meant by smash…. Right?

  3. There are children’s souls in every animatronic

  4. Glamrock Chica: Smash, well have smashed 🤣

  5. This just made me realize that he had never played fnaf ar! 😂

  6. I'm just glad there are more people incredibly attracted to Map Bot

  7. Sean: Passes on Monty
    Half the Internet: We agree completely and understand 👍 👏

  8. The thought that he says that ballon boy would be a crime is kinda ironic, because there just dead kids bodies in most of these animatronic suit lol….

  9. Little did he know literally half of these are souls of children

  10. Idk how he can pass Springtrap or springbonnie but smash Glitchy boi 💀💀💀

  11. Its a fun concept untill you remeber those are technically children…


  13. when you remember that every smash is a crime because of the lore

  14. All of these animatronics are possesed by little children you know……. 📸🤨

  15. Jack with Mr hippo. "So " ugh" I was "Uhn" with my good "Ahh" friend or"Egh" vile and we "Any"

  16. now imagine your locked in a small room with all those animatronics you said you smash is in there with you

  17. Great!
    My view on Jacksepticeye has changed.

  18. Toby fox should have made the anamatronics more smashable

  19. Lemonade clown, smash
    Fruit Punch clown, smash
    DJ music man? SMASH

  20. i'd only smash the Chicas and the Balloras (plus Roxy) (exept Nightmare Chica and Jack-o-Chica)

  21. I say pass to all the animatronics who have dead children inside of them. But if it’s a dead old British man? SSSSSSMAAAASHHH

  22. “pass thats a crime” all the Animatronics being Children stuffed in suits

  23. Freddy: Smash
    Bonnie: Pass
    Chica: Smash
    Foxy: Pass
    Withered Freddy: Smash
    Withered Bonnie: Pass
    Withered Chica: Pass
    Withered Foxy: Pass
    Toy Freddy: Pass
    Toy Bonnie: Pass
    Toy Chica: Smash
    Mangle: Pass
    Balloon Boy: Pass
    JJ: Pass
    Puppet: Smash
    Shadow Freddy: Pass
    Shadow Bonnie: Pass
    Shadow Puppet: Pass
    Shadow Balloon Boy: Pass
    Shadow Dee Dee: Pass
    Phantom Freddy: Pass
    Phantom Chica: Pass
    Phantom Foxy: Pass
    Phantom Mangle: Pass
    Phantom Balloon Boy: Pass
    Phantom Puppet: Pass
    Nightmare Freddy: Pass
    Nightmare Bonnie: Pass
    Nightmare Chica: Pass(so many passes)
    Nightmare Foxy: Smash(finally)
    Nightmare Fredbear: Pass
    Nightmare: Pass
    Plushtrap: Pass
    Nightmare Balloon Boy: Pass
    Nightmare Mangle: Smash
    Nightmarionne: Pass
    Jack o' Bonnie: Pass
    Freddles: Pass
    Dreadbear: Smash
    Grim Foxy: Pass
    Circus Baby: Smash
    Ballora: Smash
    Funtime Freddy: Pass(why?)
    Funtime Foxy: Smash
    Bidybab: Pass
    Minireena: Pass
    Bon Bon: Pass(he's so cute*)
    Lolbit: Pass
    Electrobab: Pass
    Bonnet: Pass
    Funtime Chica: Pass(she isn't even in SL)
    Music Man: Pass(so many teefs)
    Rockstar Freddy: Pass(PLZ DEEPOZIT 5 COYNS)
    Rockstar Bonnie: Pass
    Rockstar Chica: Pass
    Rockstar Foxy: Pass
    Lefty: Pass
    Rockstar Foxy's Parrot: Pass(r u seereeus?)
    Happy Frog: Pass
    Mr. Hippo: Pass
    Pigpatch: Smash
    Neddbear: Pass
    Orville Elephant: Smash(WAT DID U THINK OF MY ACKT?)
    Dark Freddy: Pass
    Neon Bonnie: Pass
    Neon Chica: Pass
    Burnt Foxy: Pass
    Shadow Mangle: Pass
    Dark Foxy: Pass
    Party Freddy: Pass
    Glamrock Freddy: Smash(out with the old, in with THE HOT!!!)
    Glamrock Chica: Smash
    Montgomery Gator: Pass(rly?)
    Roxanne Wolf: Smash
    Bowling Bonnie: Pass
    Glamrock Mr.Hippo: Pass
    Moondrop: Smash
    Sundrop: Pass
    Cupcake: Pass(back to the beginning…)
    Toy Cupcake: Pass
    Nightmare Cupcake: Pass
    Funtime Cupcake: Pass(again, so many teefs)
    Golden Cupcake: Pass
    Shadow Cupcake: Pass
    Endo 01: Pass
    Endo 02: Smash(cuz of his dum face?)
    Nightmare Endo: Pass
    Yenndo: Pass
    Glamrock Endo: Pass
    Ennard: Smash
    Molten Freddy: Pass
    The Blob: Pass
    Springtrap: Pass
    Scraptrap: Pass
    Glitchtrap: Smash
    Burntrap: Pass
    Fredbear: Smash
    Spring Bonnie: Pass
    Springlock Suit: Pass
    Lemonade Clown: PASS
    Fruit Punch Clown: PAAAAAASSSSSSS
    Little Joe: Pass
    Magician: Pass
    Human Heads: PaAaAaAaAaAsSsSsSsSs
    Gypsy: Pass(how u pronowns dis?)
    Security Bot: Smash
    Map Bot: Smash
    Mop Bot: Pass
    Party Bot: Pass
    Alien Bot: Pass
    Nightmarionne Bot: Smash? Pa…S…… SMASH
    Candy Cadet: Pass
    Wet Floor Bot: Pass(its so cute tho, luk like panda)
    Trash and the Gang: Pass(i can c y.)
    Shamrock Freddy: Smash
    Easter Bonnie: Pass
    Catrina Toy Chica: Pass
    Firework Freddy: Pass(u like fireworks mania tho)
    Liberty Chica: Pass
    Heartsick Baby: Pass
    Black Heart Bonnie: Pass
    Chocolate Bonnie: Pass
    Melted Chocolate Bonnie: Pass
    8-Bit Baby: Pass
    VR Toy Freddy: Pass
    Highscore Toy Chica: Pass
    System Error Toy Bonnie: Pass
    Radioactive Foxy: Pass
    Toxic Springtrap: Pass(the pass-ocalypse returns)
    Flamethrower Endo: Pass
    Broiler Baby: Pass
    Scorching Chica: Pass
    Flaming Springtrap: Pass
    Ringmaster Foxy: Smash(FINALLY)
    Magician Mangle: Smash
    Clown Springtrap: Pass(clowns are funny, but creepy.)
    Great Escape Golden Freddy: Pass
    Woodland Toy Freddy: Pass
    Boulder Toy Bonnie: Pass
    Swamp Balloon Boy: Pass
    Freddy Frostbear: Pass
    Black Ice Frostbear: Pass
    Arctic Ballora: SMASH
    Frostbite Balloon Boy: Pass(looks like abominable snowman, but the height of a lion)
    Frost Plushtrap: Pass
    Serpent Mangle: Smash
    The Curse: Smash(wut)
    Little Red Chica: Smash
    Dark Water Endo: Pass
    Sunken Toy Bonnie: Pass
    Piranha Plushtrap: Pass
    Clockwork Ballora: Smash
    Clockwork Minireena: Pass(again?)
    Aeronaut Toy Freddy: Pass
    Jetpack Balloon Boy: Pass(bruh no jetpack)
    8-Bit Cupcake: Pass
    Torch Cupcake: Pass
    Scorching Cupcake: Pass
    Calavera Cupcake: Pass
    Moldy Cupcake: Pass
    Twisted Freddy: Pass
    Twisted Bonnie: Pass
    Twisted Chica: Pass
    Twisted Foxy: Smash
    Twisted Wolf: Smash
    Scott's email: Smash(-_-+wuuut)

    That was a lot of work.

  24. Arnt all the robots possessed by children 😐

  25. 1 reason why I smash spring trap is he got a 12 inch's if you know you know

  26. “shamrock freddy?…. smash, i’m patriotic”

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