SCARIEST GAME EVER MADE | Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Part 1 -

SCARIEST GAME EVER MADE | Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 – Part 1

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is HERE and it’s SO MUCH SCARIER than before!
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You are not ready for Freddy…

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  1. Mark: calls bonnie bon bon scott: “WRITE THAT DOWN”

  2. Mark: “where’s chica? I still haven’t found her” chica: “oop it’s 5am i better annoy the fucking shit out of him”

  3. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎💩💩💩💩💩💩

  4. Mark: called Bonnie Bon Bon…
    Bon bon from sister location: now EXISTS

  5. Totally not watching through the entire playlist for like the 12th time.

  6. i was watching this for a sec through autoplay juse to see how it starts , i accidentally scrolled and the thumbnail reappeared and i got jumpscared for a sec

  7. Thank you youtube algorithm.

    Hello, chosen ones. It does seem we have reunited once more

  8. I thinks it is funny when he over reacts when toy chick is down the hall even when she can only kill you from the vent

  9. Markiplier's Five Nights At Freddy's 2 playthrough my beloved
    My object of comfort in these trying times

  10. Wow😂hace seis años de esto y ahora me lo recomienda youtube 😂me muero

  11. Fact: I beat five nights at freddys by winding the music box and not looking at any other cams

  12. i cant believe this is the guy who beat 10/20 mode

  13. Toy chica was my first jump scare for me in this games

  14. I love how the fan is smoother than the entire game itself

  15. The first jumpscare made me jump back as much as mark did lol. I still rewatch all of these after seven years

  16. Why is this just popping up in my recommended?

  17. Me just rewatching the FNaF series:
    The comments all taking about how Mark hasn't seen Chica yet: Buenos Dias

  18. Me when Mark has the mask on for a long time at night three: “THE MUSIC BOX! PUPPET GONNA GET YOU🤣🤣🤣”

    Also it’s my birthday 🥳🎂

    Also he asked who unwinds the music box but it unwinds itself lol

  19. watching this when markiplier says thats its a "living nightmare for eternity" makes me think about MatPat's first fnaf theory 😂

  20. You moral I did if the first time when my brother said to play the game 3 night

  21. Markiplier don’t you go in that vent Bonnie i bet I will

  22. Flash the light that’s what you do!🤣

  23. The first night was never usually that bad. Right Mark?

  24. i love watching his fnaf series of how became the legend

  25. This is the only fnaf game where i get scared by the jumpscares even if its a video in the fanf 1 videos the jumpscares didnt scare me much but these videos make me jump

  26. I hope u know that I enjoy ur suffering mark thank u

  27. Re watching the series i want him to redo the series

  28. Fnaf 1 a few rooms no vents
    Fnaf 2 two vents and more rooms and animatronics


  30. Its the puppet and she is a animatronic mark -_-

  31. Markiplier: calls the puppet the most horrible thing
    Charlie: sobs

  32. Next time they pay the night guard they will make him pay them lol

  33. Mark: How ya doin Bon Bon?
    Scott: Write that down, write that down!

  34. when i played the downloadable demo, there was only one night. probably because it was around the time scott made fnaf 6 when i played the demo because i was lazy and did not want to spend money.

  35. I might be deadass delusional but if you squint at Mark's face whenever he's freaking out, doesn't it remind you of Filthy Frank?

  36. I know many said that but how the hell is there still active commenters in this video (including me)

  37. German subtitles be like: hiophopjshopnhop
    markiplier be like: hiophopishopnhop

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