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[]Sans Au reacts to FNAF Game Theory[]Part 1/?[]

Mightnight _Shadow
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  1. Sorry I came late to your vid BC I probably was sleep but one thing it's ok if you left because some YouTubers leave for a full on year and don't come back you came back and I haven't have up on you

  2. I understand, I had to restart on a video becase I had to restart or reboot my computer, but I understand… 🙂

  3. I don't hate you I love your videos🐲🐉🌀

  4. Awww we're not mad at chuuuu
    We all have the Same problem of kinemaster not exporting our vid correctly Ù^Ú
    What made me mad is that someone made you sad

  5. Why would I hate you ? It’s okay to take breaks ! I know how hard it is and how long it takes to make a Gacha video


  6. Hello it me the one you commet my video and i watch your video to and who someone hate you i will kick his but UvU 👌

  7. Do_I_Really_Exist_? / GalaxyzFlyingPotatoz says:

    This looks awesome! But I feel bad because MatPat (Game Theory) just made a new theory about one of the cult members and her backstory X,D
    Edit: Also, don't rush yourself on what your making ;w;

  8. It ends midway
    Me: well you got this far. It's good enough.
    Realizing the part one out of ???
    Me: yeahhh!!!!!

  9. Nooooooooooooooooooo please please please make part 2 and 3and 4oh and don't forget to make part 5

  10. Hello! First off how are you? And second how is the second part coming along! 😁


  12. Inhale

    wE nO hAte.
    don't push urself-
    (I'm trying to make my own glmm, and i could see how much time it takes xD)

  13. You should make them react to yandere chans child hood

  14. Hello, just checking up to see how it’s going!

  15. Perfection.
    Also can i get a shoutout? nwn

  16. Hello! I belive this is the first time I've seen your channel so I'm new! I just wanna say that you dont need to apologize or say that your viewers and subscribers have a right to hate you. Sure you were gone two months, but you probably had stuff going on, or maybe you weren't feeling the best. All in all, I just wanna say that your amazing no matter when you post or dont post or do anythin in general! 😌❤❤

  17. I hope you are mentally good and that you no longer hate yourself

  18. We all don't hate you can take all the time you need

  19. Heyyy! I just came to cheek up! And see how your doing!

  20. The fact this theory was still made in 2019

  21. Why dont u try thé app VLLO for mack vidéos if u whant

  22. Its ok coryxkenshin left for waaayyyy longer and he has more people breathing down his neck then you do so dont worry take your time

  23. I'm not upset with u it's ur choice to leave if u need a break.

  24. I don't hate you i love you video and i hate who hate you>:(

  25. Hate you?! Are you kidding? ❤
    Also, I just noticed you still don't have an Intro. Would you like me to try make you one? You can just tell me a song you like and I'll try my hardest ^^

  26. No one has the right to be mad at you. Only Kinemaster

  27. Hey it's been 3 months and you have an uploaded so I'm wondering if you're taking a break?

  28. I don't hate u! I'm new so I don't know what happened 🙁
    When I have seen your video, I scream:
    <THIS IS AMAZING> (In my mind ofc)
    New sub! Have a good day ^ ^

  29. C̷h̴o̷c̴o̷l̸a̵t̴e̷ ̷W̸o̵l̵f̶ says:

    Kinemater'ers will die
    Just like the rest of us

  30. “You have every right to hate me, I left for a whole month”

  31. self deprecation is my thing, my life is the worst bar none. So when I say that no one important hates you and everyone likes your vids you can believe it yea?

  32. I would never hate someone just for what they do I would hate them from their personality

  33. Why didnt i go up to your channel to see this video before? Because i forgot so TwT but now im gonna watch!
    also! Dont mind the people that hate you! They just dont understand and letting their misunderstandingness control them OwO

  34. Me wtf gacha haters leave her alone, if they (what pronoun do you go by?) Need a break let them have a break.

  35. oh no- it's okay I havent posted in 2 months either and probably dont plan on posting for while now- so much stuff is happening and I'm still currently doing my end of year school testing-

  36. Lmao people still care about when they leave just for months jesus can't they watch something else

  37. what did i miss i'm starting to think im a bad person for not knowing

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