Roblox FNAF Games You Should Play Part 3 -

Roblox FNAF Games You Should Play Part 3

Salman Wais
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  1. Forgotten Memories has left the chat

    (EDIT) I didn’t copy, I had no idea somebody already commented this

  2. I like archived nights😊

  3. I recommend not playing data breach because the creator of it got caught doing some bad stuff such as striking others just for making fnaf games, and cussing out his fans with the f word.

  4. Archived nights is kind of bad.

    1. The doors sometimes aren’t there and you cant close them

    2. No Music Box for Freddy

    3. Golden Freddy jumpscare is bad as well

    4. These flaws will be fixed by 1/10/24

    5. Or else


  5. The security breach one doesn’t look that good yk

  6. I played security breach it was so fun!!

  7. I play archived night before it’s great 10/10

  8. Umm the last one isn’t a Roblox game…💀

  9. anyone remember the pizzeria before it got turned into animatronics awakened

  10. Nah you play Fnaf 1 remake there’s even a fnaf2 remake

  11. Forgotten memories has left the chat

  12. Bro got the 2019 avatar KEEP IT ITS GOOD PLEASE KEEP IT

  13. Anyone who remembers the beginning of fazbear ent deserves a veteran’s discount

  14. Bro I ain't ever playing archived nights cause bro that game full of online daters and odders

  15. I think if you stop begging you may get subs and likes

  16. honestly help wanted is super good if ur a fnaf 1 lover

  17. ima do one to play befor i see the vid fnaf coop

  18. ive played all of these but not the help whated one but ive played real fnaf healpwhatd

  19. I play animitronix help wanted it's bery fun

  20. Play FNAF pizza party it’s a fun story game


  22. The help wanted it kinda funny, When you first get in the office place and answer the phone. Phone guy talks about the place and other things and I remember him saying “the animatronics get quirky at night.” 😂 and the game makes it feel like ur in vr

  23. I went on Roblox not yt I saw the game and I played it and I got jump scared my foxy I almost was at 6 am

  24. Animatronixs has left the chat…

  25. All of them are true except
    The night's Spring trap thing.

  26. All of them are definitely true. Accept the night's Spring trap thing and fnaf one but security breach.

  27. Oh and also FNAF coop or maybe you said it and I didn’t see

  28. You should add five nights at freddy's remake

  29. FNAF 1 but security breach is really good you should definitely try it if you have not. You can even use skins from different games, but I do recommend high graphics quality for guaranteed good gameplay.

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