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  1. Hopefully the new SB RP remake will make it higher up the list. We can’t wait for you to try it when it’s ready!

  2. Hey gallant can you play animatronic world there's a new update, can ya check it out

  3. by the way guys this is his opinion so don’t hate on him he likes different things! is you like one of these it’s your opinion! don’t hate….

  4. Do you have a new badge in for naff the beginning of Freddys there is a new bag there’s a new Easter bunny badge you go to the lab for that and there is a new healthy bad but I don’t know how to get you can find out for yourself because I don’t know

  5. I Havent Seen Your Vids In Almost A Whole Year 😞😞

  6. AW didnt deserve that blocky can be realistic

  7. gallnt i subed and im in your roblox gourp

  8. So fnaf ultimate RP I have a few problems the game needs to be updated more and some characters are game passes and shouldn’t be and you can’t be any character in different maps because you need a game pass at least they didn’t have spring trap as game pass and yes I am looking at you TBOFE and AFD AND FMR here’s a tip for anyone who is making a fnaf Roblox RP game do not ever have spring trap as game pass idc if he is a badge don’t make him a game pass he is the most popular fnaf character ever

  9. I think Animatronic World sud b hier I
    played Animatronic World I like the Game

  10. *when the worst one in his opinion is the most popular one so far*

  11. Tprr ,tbofe,fredds ultimate rp and fnaf 1 and 2 sucks only fmr afd baf and archived nights are the best

  12. “I need a security breach roleplay” the actual game hasn’t come out yet although I imagine there will be a bunch of security breach games on roblox

  13. if you guys cant find any of the games he listed go to his account (in desc of the video) and go to his favorites page

  14. I’m sad my 2nd favourite is animatronic world

  15. remember when pizzeria roleplay remastered only had fnaf 1 and 2 maps? remember those classic models?

  16. Am I the only one that notice he said pretty good when he wrote down pertty good?

  17. actually im so excited for the bunny call update and also im excited on all the deadly animatronics but the first one is gluttony

  18. And i think new and improved is the best for me but you choose the choice😁😁😁😁😁

  19. TPRR is not just the best fnaf Roblox game, but one the longest and extensive Roblox games ever, it's full of cool stuff that you can do, badges, build maps, redesigns here and there, a lot of characters that are hard to find somewhere else, and a huge amount of public and roleplayers that you can spend a time with.

  20. Burger and fries don’t need more it’s fine

  21. I’m waiting for security breach to come out on animatronic world

  22. fnaf sr had so much potential but they just stopped

  23. More like fnaf games lag tier list.
    The ones on the top are the most laggy games ever, and animatronic world is lag-free but sometimes even it lags hardly and freezes for 20 seconds, and then i get 144p graphics and i rejoin.
    So Gallant was rating games by their fps, not quality or anything other.
    Quantity over Quality.

  24. Ey animatronic world is not bad,the bad is YOU

  25. This you tuber told me to leave this server he said I only want to play with my friends you bacon I hate him

  26. wht animatronic world in not the best it should be in the best

  27. Seeing the picture of the video:
    Animatronic world: bad
    Me: excuse me sir? You sure it is a bad game?

  28. a good old one was animitronics awakened kinda broken rn but still very good

  29. archived nights is my favorite rp fnaf game !

  30. bruh animatronic world is good. its my first fnaf rp game that i played

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