Roblox FNAF COOP Got An UPDATE And It's INSANE... -


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FNAF COOP got updated. this a Roblox FNAF game that ZOKTAR made and its really cool, you guys should try it out if you have not. the game got updated after who knows how long, and it did NOT disappoint. hope you guys enjoy the video and like up for more!

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  1. is anyone else havin trouble doin the spring locks on night 4 thats on playstation

  2. It's fnaf co-op but the dev can't spell apparently

  3. Hey can I play with you in one of your Roblox videos please I would will love too if not okay

  4. Hey thoelian keep the content up it’s really good and I love it

  5. Yo Thoelian, play The Christmas Experience

  6. You hit 1 mill when I first watched you was like 400k

  7. Yo Thoelian absolutely love your videos man,they keep me cracking up for hours,seriously,you're a great youtuber and continue being great,enjoy your week and more!

  8. I was literally just playing this right now

  9. im a day late but i still love your videos and god bless you too🙏

  10. Thoelian never fails to make us edge.

  11. Yo Theolian I just started watching you and your already my main YouTuber

  12. Been waiting for this mah boi! keep up the good work.

  13. Hey thoelian can you play help wanted in Roblox

  14. Hello again. Remember when I wanted to play with you? 😀

  15. Man, you need an Afro and some doctor octopus glasses and my man
    You will get some ladies 😮‍💨

  16. Hey theolian can u watch the fnaf song "the hidden nightmares" please ppl says that it's the most disturbing version of fnaf to today

  17. Hi! Do u think u could make more half hour long videos they're so fun to watch throughout u r hilarious!

  18. I am not a bugger I may be digging for a bugger but I am not a bugger


  20. Really US BOYS BOOGERS nah bro ya know wut nvm bro called us boogers.

  21. "Ew!"
    "Your skin!"
    This sounds like it was said in the 50s

    ahhhhHHHH SHOOT pt 13

  23. Im not sure if you watch the nba, but you look EXACTLY like anthony edwards

  24. i was very dissatisfied with fnaf coop sister location when i was playing too many errors

  25. its Co-Op not coop <3 me and my son just found this game we almost made it thru the night, but the generator blew up & yk what happens from there!! lol

  26. Just discovered his channel just now. I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣💀🔫

  27. Theolian should do a non edited to see full reaction not part of it

  28. You should play the new update for fnaf called "fnaf forgotten memories" it is insane

  29. I like your videos and shorts there are so funny (new sub)

  30. Yo thoe can you plqy Fazbear Factory next vid pls

  31. I swear to god, you'd be so fun to play with. Pause, but nah seriously, it'd be a pleasure to play Forgotten Memories, I'll gladly help you get every badge if you don't already. Gotta love gmod too. Keep up the hilarious content man, you're funny asf. 😂

  32. You should play some Lethal Company! I think it would be a lot of fun to watch you play it!!

  33. you should play a multiplayer horror game called lethal company and keep up the great work!

  34. Yo it’s co op they put it together lol😂

  35. I love how thoelian fills us up with joy and cream 😊😊

  36. Hey. Happy Friday Everyone ❤️. (Word of the week) -> Enjoy your weekend, stay safe and blessed. If there’s ANYTHING you guys are going through I hope things get better. Hopefully under gods will, I’ll always be here to make videos to distract you guys from the hard times because that’s what I have fun doing. I want to let y’all know this was an amazing end of the year and I never saw this coming 😂. So I’m glad to be gifted such an amazing community man. I appreciate the support & you all have a special place in my heart 🙏❤️

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