Reviewing Every Jolly Game in the Series (FNAF Fan-Game) -

Reviewing Every Jolly Game in the Series (FNAF Fan-Game)

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Reviewing Every Jolly Game in the Series (FNAF Fan-Game)
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  1. jolly 1,2,3 are good fnaf fan games but the proplems withe them is that the gameplay are not tell you
    how to defeat yourself from the animatronics speachli jolly 2 but its still good fnaf fan games

  2. i hate the hacking minigames in bioshock 1 they are so annoying

  3. I’m hecking 13 and I still can’t make shit for a game, meanwhile this dev is making games with actually good graphics at 13, man I need to step up and start doing stuff. Im still struggling on how to make game transitions to other sequences 😭

  4. There is one little section of jolly 3 chapter one’s gameplay that you missed. i don’t know what the chance is, or what the circumstances are, but when you get jumpscared by the marionette type thing when walking through the door, there is a chance that the conveyor belt will activate, and you will have to wiggle off of it before you are killed by a giant crusher. this part has such an intense feeling of fear and desperation, i really wish you would’ve seen it.

  5. I think jolly’s 3 is so much better than th past games it feels a little overdone

  6. For some reason and jolly 2 Bonnie's head looks a bit weird

  7. Bro you should play a fan game called cluck yegger

  8. the animatronic you did not know what was looked like the puppet but severely damaged

  9. not sure if anyone commented on this but in the 27:00 minigame you are supposed to stop the phone, the flash light is only to see how close the animatronice was to you

  10. The gray puppet animatronic is actually Metalionette/Antonette

  11. Jollibee has been turned from a fast food restaurant into a horror game

  12. “The man in the blue shirt is acting aggressive” (Scumbag dad reference)

  13. 31:49 The animatronic that jumpscares you is named "Metalonette", and is a withered metal version of the marionette from fnaf 2. This animatronic is also the marionette animatronic you mentioned from jolly 1, where you repair the wires and keep the animatronic at bay.

  14. Besides the sponsor, this is Great! (not saying you did a bad job on the sponsor I just hate sponsors.)

  15. Your alarm gave me a heart attack lmao. But epic vid.

  16. actually jolly 1 came out in 2015 when sister location wasnt even suspected to come out like it was 3 years later. so ivan didnt knew he made sister location v0.1

  17. To explain the cutscene on the 3rd night, the conversation is between William, blue shirt guy, and all the kids who were killed in fnaf 1 I believe, in regards to Zoey and blue shirt guy, basically he knew his kid had possessed Jolly and as suh was pursuing the animatronics
    Thats my take on it anyway

  18. don't judge the animatronics in Jolly 1 maybe they were a littel tired :<

  19. The man in blue poisoned the food it is shown in Jollibee’s opening cutscene , it says a man in blue was seen putting chemicals in the food which was served to kids and the new paper clipping said food poisoning so that’s what the blue shirt part means

  20. Kevin Johnson is Cave Johnson’s cousin? game theory?

  21. Fun fact: there are some secret texts at the end of every minigame in JOLLY 1 that read
    Minigame 1: Lets
    Minigame 2: See
    Minigame 3: What
    Minigame 4: You're
    Minigame 5: Made of
    Minigame 6: HELP ME

  22. Jollibeenos likes what he sees…

  23. In jolly 2 i accidentaly shocked before the animatronic could reach the door but the clock hit 6 AM and hoooooly shit i was happy

  24. It’s weird watching this with jolly being my last name

  25. im guessing some random filipino made this beacuse he was hungry (the game i mean)

  26. i watched the entire thing, and you make amazing content. Instantly subbed

  27. 5:20 in an earlier phone call the phone guy tells you that you should not wear the jolly costume, you even pointed it out, so to see the effects of the jolly costume taken on a human is downright terrifying because that could have been you

  28. I feel like the story meant to be shown in Jolly 2’s minigames is that Blue Shirt’s daughter, most likely the pink shirt girl, was killed by Afton. However, due to her being killed on top of Jolly, her soul is transferred to him. Liam might even be Blue Shirt.

  29. Scott should give this kid a medal for the Joliee series

  30. I currently really want to Publish my own FNAF Fan-Game, however, I don't have buildings skills on blender, or scripting skills. I have the whole story and mechanics and camera systems etc, and what bugs me the most is I don't know how I'm gonna publish it, build it, or script it!

    If anyone can possibly help just reply to me with your discord user.

  31. i think ive binged every single one of ur videos pls make more rn this is a threat (jkjk dont stress urself youtube is hard)

  32. I love the original Pinoy Jollibee and the gang (Twirlie, Yum, Po, and Hetty) being mascots but its good to see someone make a fan-game making new characters for something based on a real restaurant and an existing FNaF game.

  33. Hey i can recommend you an fnaf fangame what had a realy big hype! It has impressive cut scenes and realy cool animatronic designs!!! Its called Tealerland! I would be very interested in your opinion!

  34. The first game of jolly reminds me of adopt me blue ladybug

  35. im not sure where the developer comes from but bring your daughter to work day was a thing here in germany before the goverment changed it to bring your kid to work day

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