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Removed Five Nights at Freddy’s Content

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Have you ever wondered what Five Nights at Freddy’s content didn’t make the cut? This video aims to compile every game’s unused content into one video ! If you enjoy, please consider subscribing and comment what your favorite part of the video is. 🙂

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All music is official FNaF OST.

00:00 Intro
01:01 1
03:46 2
06:36 3
07:46 4
09:51 World
13:34 Sister Location
15:29 Pizzeria Simulator/UCN
17:01 Help Wanted
21:04 Special Delivery
23:15 Freddy In Space 2/Fury’s Rage
25:12 Security Breach
32:29 Outro

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  1. 4:20 this close up is actually used in the game, although it is a very rare hallucination when you don't feed the puppet some off that ear delight.

  2. Thank you so much for reminding me about the unused ice cave ost.. I feel like you just unlocked the version of myself that had nothing else to worry about except for FNAF lore, Easter eggs and everything.. it's amazing

  3. Not sure if anyone has said this yet but, the scene where all three animatronics look at the camera is in the game trailer but not the full game.

  4. Everything about the games have never ceased to blow me away. The music, the atmosphere, the characters, the story, the symbolism, secrets, you name it, it has it. I love you, FnAF. ♥️

  5. 1:24 there is a version i genuinely came across in my years of playing fnaf on my tablet, where if freddy is alone on the stage he occasionally looks at you with black eyes & white pupils

  6. The demo texts were used in mobile port demos actually

  7. 5:34 I didn't thought that was a hook from Mangle, when I saw it I thought it was her ear I don't see that like a hook.
    If you see the image of Foxy, for them to look "parallel" Mangle must have her ear showing the same as Foxy's, and if it were a hook then where is Mangle's ear and why would it be the only one that can't be seen?

  8. Its so crazy how i got to play the og version of the first game and i never knew

  9. how is nooooobody talking about the file of the hal bot from a space oddysey and the implications that has

  10. Bro I saw all of them looking at the camera like a week ago I swear bro

  11. 20:36 was actually removed due to it being fan made artwork that one of the media team members at Steel Wool thought was official. so it was removed for legal purposes no other reason

  12. Wasn't it confirmed that the "you will do as a say!!" line was done by the VA as a joke when he was advertising the game and Steel Wool added it to the trailer implying it was part of it?

  13. Wasn't it confirmed that the "you will do as a say!!" line was done by the VA as a joke when he was advertising the game and Steel Wool added it to the trailer implying it was part of it?

  14. I think close up puppet is in the game in the second instalment. It's rare and appears only when the music box finished playing, meaning you're already dead. This makes it difficult to see and to encounter at all because most players stop looking at cameras or simply do not have the ability to do so when they are killed by the puppet.

    So yeah it's in the game, it's just that most people never saw it.

  15. 16:54 I think this might've been put in as an idea for a loading screen but was later scraped

  16. Bro, never thought medic would voice freddy in sl…..

  17. That is absolute cap the Fruit of the Looms logo does have / did have a capricornia

  18. Yes it is. Stop lying with your clickbait crap to get views. I'm tired of it happening from Youtube.

  19. My guess for the lives icon and beta this is that The game was made with the same "engine" or format as the others. In other words, they're the same game given a new paint of coat, if that makes sense.

  20. Huh. Well, that's one way to learn that the version of Fnaf 1 I played as a kid was an unofficial recreation. Because everyone looking at the camera from the stage LITERALLY was in the game for me, I vividly remember it happening and quite often too- almost every night I played this would happen, in fact. So I've never played the real Fnaf 1…interesting.

  21. Another thing to see that the animatronics staring at the cameria in fnaf 1 isnt true, is when you look at the normal cams, the animatronics are much bigger as if the camera is closer to them, their bigger to the point where barely any of bonnie's ears are shown and their faces appear longer, but when you look at them staring at you, their smaller and half of bonnie's ears are shown

  22. Funtime freddy being my favorite character, hearing his voice actor speak german is hilarious

  23. Fun fact: Scott’s actually my aunts friend. Like I loved fnaf my whole life and I just found this out not too long ago.

  24. Bro the animatronics do look at the camera I have a video of me playing the game somewhere on my computer

  25. What’s weird is the FNaF world trailer seems to use an entirely unique map, considering in the final game, all objects such as trees are laid out on a grid. It’s possible this was the intended look for the overworld before the switch to the 8-bit style from earlier versions and then back to 3D, but who knows

  26. I swear that in game i saw them staring at me

  27. I just realized something. Next year 5 nights at Freddy’s will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary

  28. funtime freddy sounds better with a german accet

  29. JJ and balloon boy being kids:

  30. 4:20 the weird puppet jumpscare image is still in the game. its just a rare hallucination when the puppet is coming to kill the player

  31. He forgot that the final boss of fnaf world was chnaged

  32. Wait for real that screen with all three looking at camera never existed I could have sworn I seen it quiet Farley during gameplay

  33. What if you put the games together and make a open world game

  34. The fact the we now got the springbonnie model is insane

  35. is it just me or funtime freddy sounds like sundrop?

  36. Here's the issue with the Mandela effect. We have clear evidence with some of them that the "Incorrect" information is either fully true but changed, or was partially true at least. Like George Lucas saying he wrote all the star wars movies at the same time when he was younger. Around 8 or 9 years ago there was a 4chan thread about it, and someone posted shots of the exact issue of the Star Wars Insider where he said it, and I took it out since I've been subscribed to it since I was 8. Sure enough, in an interview, as an answer, he said "Well, they were all written together, though they've changed a bit since then." Also, the whole reason I even KNOW what a cornucopia is is because I asked my grandfather why my underwear had a horn with fruit coming out of it, and he laughed at me for half a day with my uncles because of it.

  37. The green text for the second night in FNAF 3 could have been a feature that Scott scrapped to signify that Springtrap was active? Because he is present from the second night on and green is kind of his color.

  38. I coulda sworn I used to see them look at the Ames I’m not even joking I’m. Ring 600% srs

  39. Considering how Scott lightning round made the first 4 games I'm surprised there's not more cut content

  40. 7:00 Probably because ST only enters the building in the second night.

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