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Reaction to FNAF Game Theory

Syrena Michele
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Reaction to FNAF Game Theory

Today we are continuing our FNAF Game Theory series and reacting to FNAF The Grave Robber! I had no idea this theory was about the FNAF books but found this one very interesting. Enjoy! Embark on a whimsical journey into the zany world of Skibidi Toilet. Uncover the origins of the viral meme, dive into the evolving series, and stay updated on the latest antics that have turned Skibidi Toilet into a digital sensation.

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Hi, I’m Syrena Michele. I’m a mental health counselor who decided to get on YouTube to connect with you. On this channel we get out of our comfort zones by watching videos we normally wouldn’t watch and meeting people we normally wouldn’t meet. Hello!


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  1. Got to say, I hate people in mascot suits, and have hated them since I was a literal baby. When I went to Chuckie Cheese for the various parties, I stayed FAAAARRRRR away from the stage. I am also not a fan.

  2. Did you watch the Final FNaF Security Breach Trailer/ Trailer 2? (Along with the 4eps of Freddy & Friends on tour?)

  3. Something unrelated:

    Ever heard of the Fan-made Five Nights at Freddy's Series "The Interviewed" ? It's an original series, about the FNAF characters and it is definitely worth checking out! Created by j-gems.

    High-quality animation, on-point voice-acting and an awesome original story; A Masterpiece.

    NOTE: It is recommended to watch the full series in order. There is a playlist, made by j-gems, with all the videos he/she has made so far, related to this series.

    Would like to see your reaction to this series!

  4. A lot of people in the fnaf Community aren't exactly the biggest fan of matpat. Primarily because his videos tend to focus on very out there theories, some end up being true, some partly true and others fully wrong.
    He has many times especially in early videos focus a lot of his theories on the games using the books. Which isn't necessarily bad and some make sense but sometimes it doesn't fit as well as he thinks.
    At the start he is right tho. The books do add to the Canon even if their not connected to the games.

    He (& the theorist team) does do a lot of research on the theories but sometimes they miss stuff or it's just horrible timing and they take too long to edit and it's realised after something gets disproven, which is generally unfortunate cause he does do a lot of research.

    The fazbear frights books are all great and some of the stories are generally heartbreaking. Most of the stories have clear connections to the games some don't.

    We don't get many clarifications in this series so the books are great for helping with the lore.

  5. This video was more so talking about the stories rather than theory crafting which I don’t mind, and there weren't as many mistakes since Mat didn’t really go into theories that much. I'll still correct Mat on some things.

    1:39 – Yes, some people do hate Matpat’s Fnaf theories, mainly because of how outlandish they are or the evidence used to support it which I can get sometimes. Most of these people respect Matpat as a creator and person though. Of course there's the people who just hate Matpat.

    18:14 – The “brain” inside Nightmare's head is simply an endoskeleton head. Matpat misunderstood it for a brain in this case.

    18:28, 18:41 – Nightmare isn't an experiment or the embodiment of death, he’s simply a nightmare.

    24:44 – “Psychic friend Fredbear” as Matpat calls him is a plushy of Fredbear that talks to the Fnaf 4 minigame protagonist the “Crying Child”, who is the Bite of ‘83 victim. I'll call him Bite victim since “Crying Child” feels a bit weird for me. Basically this Fredbear plush talks to the Bite victim throughout the Fnaf 4 minigames and guides him around.

    The identity of the Fredbear plush is still a mystery, I won't go too in depth but if you're curious.

    Some say that the Fredbear plush is William Afton using a walkie talkie to try and scare away his son from going to the restaurant. However the Plush is shown to be paranormal and still talks to the Bite victim despite not being near him.

    William most likely used the plush before the Fnaf 4 minigames, but not during the Fnaf 4 minigames.

    The most accepted idea is that the plush is possessed by a spirit. The most believed spirit (or I think so) is Charlotte, the first victim of William Afton, the one who possesses the puppet, and the one who gave life to the Missing Children’s incident victims.

    There are of course people who believe other things like the plush being the 5th Missing Children incident victim Cassidy, or Bite victim’s sister Elizabeth (which doesn’t have a lot of evidence to suggest it).

  6. A good Game Theory that you can watch is FNAF, Another Mystery SOLVED!

  7. A new security breach trailer just dropped btw. Also keep up the grind queen

  8. I still think the books are in the same universe as the games. Two characters from the books have actually appeared as easter eggs in the new Security Breach trailer.

  9. Yeah , about the hate Matpat often gets with FNAF …. it's a little complex

    Basically during the early days of FNAF (particularly from 2014-2015) Matpat was arguably one of the main leading voices of the FNAF Community. Because the lore was simpler back then, his early theories pretty much hit the mark and people saw him as the go-to guy for solving FNAF.

    But as the games story became more and more complex (especially with the original book trilogy), people began disputing how best to approach and solve the lore. These multiple/more nuanced interpretations often found it frustrating how people would take Matapts word as gospel on the series story. While things have improved, I'd say that the rift is still there.

    Tldr; as the lore became more complicated , people didn't want to look at theory solving solely through Game Theory's perspective, which had people looked up to due to it's past reputation in solving the simpler mysteries


  10. You should react to the Fazbear Frights Songs made by Dawko
    Maybe they'll help you understand the stories a bit more

  11. hi, i just found ur channel and it's very interesting. ive been fnaf fan since 2015 and i really love this. It's so cool that you watch all these theories without playing the games. I always liked the theories and lore more than the gameplay because i love the story (that doesn't mean i don't like the gameplay i do love it it's very


  12. although the idea of connecting the books to the games is a bit of a stretch and thus results incorrect to the lore, i dont mind because theyre all just theories lol, still it is interesting how Mat was able to connect them somehow and as someone who follows his theory videos video after video, i can understand that at first it may sound right and makes sense but then new info is being given which disproves the last theory tho some may still be applicable and correct, also i admire his hardwork for this franchise and making new ideas and theories just to solve this over complex lore, also glad youre enjoying this franchise!

  13. Yeah… MatPat gets harassed on this stuff a lot, both in FNAF and other games. I still remember the drama on his Kirby video. Yes… Kirby… the cute platforming game series that just so happens to have a lore similar to a cosmic horror story.

  14. Honestly, don't worry too much about the people telling you to only focus on the game's lore and ignore the books.
    As MatPat and Scott stated, the books are also a very important part of the series, and some of our understanding of the games have, in fact, come from the books.
    The Purple Guy's identity being William Afton? The books.
    Henry's role? The books. (And also FNaF World, but most people don't really acknowledge that game anymore lol)
    Henry's daughter Charlotte, who goes on to become the puppet? The books.
    The illusion disks that we see in Sister Location? Introduced and explained in the books.

    What I'm trying to say is that, like MatPat said, while the books do take place in a separate continuity from that of the games, they are still canon, and a lot of information from both do cross over at times, and while they shouldn't be forced together like puzzle pieces, the books' lore shouldn't be overlooked simply by that logic. They have been an integral part of the games' lore, and the books have done a lot in making sense of what we've seen in the games as well.
    I'm really happy to see you reacting to both and trying to make sense of this complicated mess of a franchise.

  15. If william afton wasnt a psychopath that worked on animatronics he could have been the new Einstein

  16. I just realized the funtime foxy endoskeleton looks like a chihuahua

  17. Its weird to see people calling matpats theories outlandish when this is a series that canonically has time traveling ballpita and giant trash bunnies. The whole series is outlandish my guys

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