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Rating FNAF Games Tier List!

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  1. Finally, a person who does not hate on fnaf 3

  2. My opinion: (mobile games)Fnaf 1 = BFnaf 2 = AFnaf 3 = AFnaf 4 = CFnaf SL = SFnaf 6 = SUCN = AFnaf AR = D

  3. UCN is the greatest FNAF game since it includes every single FNAF character, even the secrets. And UCN has lore, because William afton killed Cassidy, and she wanted revenge, and that's why you sometimes see her face in the top vent or when you die in the game.

  4. I agree with all except security breach cause that game was good I would put it in A at least or B but good video 👍👍👍

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