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Rating FNAF Games Tier List!

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  1. I made a fnaf game tier list too. Pls check that out.

  2. Bro Rated Fnaf World Higher Than SL and Fnaf 2💀

  3. For me :Fnaf: AFnaf 2: AFnaf 3: BFnaf 4: SFnaf SL: SFnaf 6 (pizzeria simulator) : AFnaf UCN: SFnaf security breach: D


  5. I hate fnaf 2 because of that stupid music box and withered foxy and the mangle..

  6. My list:
    Fnaf 1: S tier
    Fnaf 2: S tier
    Fnaf 3: A tier
    Fnaf 4: S tier
    Fnaf sister location: A tier
    Fnaf world: S tier
    Fnaf ucn: S tier
    Fnaf pizzeria simulator: S tier
    Fnaf help wanted: S tier
    Fnaf AR: D tier
    Fnaf sb: B tier
    Fnaf sb ruin: A tier

  7. My ranking:Fnaf 1: B tier (I'm impatient ok)Fnaf 2: S tier (Now THAT'S heart pounding.)Fnaf 3: C tier (Mainly because the design of the game consists of the same color)Fnaf 4: B tier (Good but not a favorite)SL: A tier (Not quite peak but very close)FFPS: S tier (I LIKE MY TYCOOOONS)UCN: S tier (Got me into the series, still holds a special place in my heart)HW: A tier (Really depends on what you play it on. I don't have a VR and I'm terrified of any form of VR game, so I play it on switch and the controls are bad)Curse of Dreadbear (didn't want to say COD): S tier (I LIKE HALLOWEEN.)AR: A tier (Don't boo me. I love the game.)SB: S tier (It's too perfect to see them sentient)World: ??? tier (I know almost nothing about fnaf world specifically because I don't consider it important to lore. Also over-stimulation.)That's my list 😀

  8. Most of them are troll games by Scott 😂

  9. fnaf 2 and 4 and 5,security breach is S tier

  10. You have to really hate fnaf 2 to put it in “a” tier but put fnaf 3 in “s” tier 💀

  11. I think five nights At freddy's 4 is way to scary

  12. I agree Fnaf world is underrated i enjoyed it and brings memories

  13. Nah he did not just put fnaf 4 in B tier you just broke my heart😢😢

  14. Finally someone who agrees that fnaf world is underrated

  15. I never met a person who didn't like fnaf 2 that much…

  16. Man sb deserves an a atleast and fnaf3 is so overrated

  17. I finally found a person who is actually bieng honest and putting the overated stuff in their place finally someone who agrees it's been so long great video I will sub

  18. Aw he forgot the troll games :(And Halloween editionAnd Freddy in space 2 and furry rage

  19. Help wanted us as fun as fnaf gets in my opinion, it’s the best game

  20. Why is this vid 100 likes💀it’s deserved better

  21. Sister location in my opinion clear absolutely clear and btw u put fnaf 3 above fnaf 2?!?!??!????


  23. I agree with all of them but cmon, ucn deserves atleast an a

  24. Finally, a person who does not hate on fnaf 3

  25. I feel like sb was pretty good at launch exluding the bugs it was great but now 33 dollars doesnt justify what it brings to the table i believe if it was free it would be way higher, also i love fnaf world too also respect for putting fnaf 3 into S tier.

  26. fnaf hw deserves to be s cuz u can see from graphic horror fun u get

  27. Ultimate custom night being on the same tier as security breach hurt me a little, but the rest of the list is a W

  28. My opinion: (mobile games)Fnaf 1 = BFnaf 2 = AFnaf 3 = AFnaf 4 = CFnaf SL = SFnaf 6 = SUCN = AFnaf AR = D

  29. UCN is the greatest FNAF game since it includes every single FNAF character, even the secrets. And UCN has lore, because William afton killed Cassidy, and she wanted revenge, and that's why you sometimes see her face in the top vent or when you die in the game.

  30. I agree with all except security breach cause that game was good I would put it in A at least or B but good video 👍👍👍

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