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  1. Fnaf 1, fnaf 2, sister location, and help wanted are for sure some of the best!

  2. My tier list:
    S: FNaF 1, FNaF 2, FNaF 3
    A: FNaF World, FNaF 4, FNaF VR
    B: FNaF UCN, FNaF 6
    C: FNaF AR
    D: FNaF SB

  3. As a new player Fnaf 3 has been the best (had to cheat my way through the second game on the last two nights to much randomness to the game and the jump scares never got me but the phantoms would jump scare me in 3 and spring trap really hasn't jump scared

  4. My fnaf ratings (based on how scary it is)
    Fnaf 4
    Fnaf 1
    Fnaf 2
    Fnaf VR
    Fnaf SL
    Fnaf 6
    Fnaf 3
    Fnaf SB
    Fnaf AR

  5. For some reason that secret room easter egg in sister location was the coolest thing ever to me.

  6. Fnaf-A Fnaf2-S Fnaf3-C Fnaf4-A FnafSL- S FNaf6-B Fnaf W-S FnafVR-S FnafSB-A

  7. S:fnaf 1,fnaf 2, help wanted
    A:fnaf sister location, ucn
    B:fnaf 4
    C:fnaf world, fnaf 6
    D:fnaf 3

  8. i really feel like you should redo fnaf 4

  9. I think we all hated fnaf 4 just because of how scary it was and hard it was not to get jumpscared lol

  10. Here's mine
    First place : sister location
    Second place : fnaf 2
    Third place : fnaf 6
    Fourth place : fnaf 4

  11. Fnaf 6 is my fav because :
    1 most replayable
    2 i love tycoons
    3 helpy isnt buff
    4 cool animatronics
    5 BEEP connection terminated
    6 the cool salvage thing
    7 trash n da gang
    8 4 diffrent things to choose on the monitor in the night shift
    9 a Ton of good minigames
    10 some Nice secrets

  12. Honestly sister location was great!

  13. i wanna get my first fnaf game im tryna decide fnaf 2 or fnaf sl

  14. fnaf 1 easily over all of them

  15. In my opinion fnaf 1 was perfect and it deserves S tier

  16. I got help wanted should I still got fnaf 1 2 and 3

  17. All 3 games we get something worse than all the others

  18. Fnaf vr is in lore. Lemme explain: fazbear entertainment didnt have money and they wanted to reprise their reputation after rumours of killer animatronics. So they launched a vr game .their was a glitch, which is glitchtrap, it corrupted vanessa, and lead us to security breach. They opened the pizza plex bcz of the money of vr

  19. i know this is an opinion based tier list but this is the worst tier list i have seen i would go in depth on why but i’m too lazy rn

  20. Finally, some person actually likes FNaF world. I really like it's battle system and It's depressing that Scott didn't like it because everyone just hated it

  21. 𝗔𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗴𝘂𝘀 𝗦𝘂𝘀 says:

    All Five nights at Freddy's are great and I Rank all of them are S why? Cuz the Freddy has an S in the end so means they all S Rank

  22. Fnaf 4 is one of my favorite fnaf games (my opinion)

  23. Dawko: i enjoyed the lore of all games.
    fnaf world: 😏

  24. I dont get why people like fnaf 2 it was always the worst of the first four fnaf Games for me. Always liked fnaf 3 as well.

  25. S Tier : Fnaf , Fnaf 2 , Help Wanted ( As a Non Canon game )
    A Tier : Fnaf 5 , UCN
    B Tier : Fnaf 3 , Fnaf 6
    C Tier : Fnaf 4 , World , Freddy In Space 2
    D Tier : Fury's Rage , Security Breach , Special Delivery

  26. peppapigshorificallysicktwinsisterfromadifuniverse says:

    The way you worded sister location you made it sounds like adult content

  27. Dude we all have ptsd with one game or another

  28. Mine tier list is:
    S: fnaf sl, fnaf ucn, ffps
    A: fnaf 3, fnaf 2
    B: fnaf 1, fnaf 4
    C: fnaf world, fnaf ar
    D: fnaf vr, fnaf sb

  29. S. Fnaf 1 fnaf 2 fnaf sl fnaf hw
    A ucn fnaf
    C fnaf world fnaf 6
    D fnaf 4 fnaf 3

  30. 1: fnaf2 2: HW. 3: SB. 4: PS. 5: fnaf1. 6: SL. 7: Fnaf4. 8: fnaf3. 9: UCN

  31. My opinion on FNaF 4

    i like it because its when the bite of 87 occurs and michael is my favourite character. and that is when he shows up

  32. for me it’s like (i know i’m including games that weren’t out when this video was uploaded). 1. FNAF 1, 2. FNAF 4, FNAF Pizzeria Sim, FNAF 2, Help Wanted, Sister Location, UCN, FNAF 3, FNAF World, Security Breach.

  33. Their is one mini game the old man consequences at 1

  34. Я мошенник не ведись says:

    9. FFPS
    8. UCN
    7. 3
    6. 4
    5. 1
    4. 2
    3. SL
    2. SB
    1. HW

  35. I’m revisiting this video and it really makes me happy. Bless you Dawko and keep up the great work! You are easily one of my favorite YouTubers of all time

  36. fnaf 2 its GOT to be at s rank. look im 8 and this game had so many lore and i know it all BTW im not a girl this used to be my sisters phone

  37. Every fnaf game should be on S.

  38. Fnaf 4 is my third favorite game in the series. I’m personally a fan of extremely scary games and actively seek out the scariest games. I love the atmosphere this game brings. You’re a child with an intense fear of the dark and the monsters in the hallway. This breaks fear down into it’s most basic form. The fear almost everyone has experience at some point into our early lives. I also love the absolute silence of the area and it adds to the dread factor when you movement and breathing. There is no noise besides footsteps, pot clanging, and the occasional dog barking. They make the horror of the game into the main mechanic. You constantly need to be listening to everything around you, which is the scariest part about it. The jumpscares are done really well and they are exceptionally loud. One would have to keep their volume up high to hear footsteps, which makes the jumpscares even louder. The horror in this game is geniously designed and I would easily put it in A tier. The only problem is that the game is pretty easy compared to the rest of the franchise and it can get repetitive, losing some of it’s replay value.

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