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  1. Fnaf 3 is the hardest and scariest in the office you can get jumpscared by foxy so in a horror perspective its the scariest besides fnaf 4 and vr they are in the same ranking

  2. Fnaf 1 is the most basic fnaf 2 is the most unique fnaf 3 is the wackiest fnaf 4 was the game with the most lore fnaf 5 was the first game with free roam fnaf 6 was the best in my opinion ucn was the most hard and vr was the scariest and non scariest depending if you play it on vr or not so every game has something new fnaf world is the most “school friendly”

  3. i hate your video YOU LITTLE mrgud🤬

  4. atmosphere:
    Ffps (fnaf 6)
    Fnaf 3
    Fnaf 1
    Fnaf sl (5)
    Fnaf sb (7)
    Fnaf vr hw
    Fnaf 4
    Fnaf 2
    Fnaf ar sd
    Fnaf world

    Fnaf vr hw
    Fnaf 2
    Fnaf 3
    Fnaf sb (7)
    Fnaf sl (5)
    Fnaf 1
    Ffps (fnaf 6)
    Fnaf 4
    Fnaf world
    Fnaf ar sd

    Difficulty (completion):
    Ffps (fnaf 6)
    Fnaf 4
    Fnaf 3
    Fnaf sl (5)
    Fnaf 2
    Fnaf vr hw
    Fnaf world
    Fnaf 1
    Fnaf sb (7)
    Fnaf ar (don’t know how to rank this one)

  5. I love Fnaf 6. The animatronics look amazing, the mini games and lore were phenomenal, and it has the best ending out of the entire series to date. The limited mechanics in a claustrophobic vent with the atmosphere just add to what the game is. Oh yeah it’s also traumatized me same with Fnaf 4 but all in all I LOVE Fnaf 6

  6. And after 3 years… that stage performance has not been put in fnaf vr.

  7. 8:28 I think it's because you're not listening long enough, you have to wait at the door for up to a good 5 seconds before you should flash your light

  8. Pizzeria simulator as c is a major miss, it was like the second best in the series

  9. Putting FNAF 6 below fnaf 3 is cruel, even if you don’t like it putting it below something that awful is awful

  10. Dawko: puts fnaf 3 on hate

    springtrap: i always come back, even if you dont like me

  11. I agree with you. BUT…. I would move FNaF up to an “A” tier

  12. I wish Fredbear in UCN had more purpose than just a secret. But the engine probably couldn't handle it.

  13. I feel like he would rate Security Breach on A or C

  14. Who is going to tell him Scott isn’t canon but that was just a joke at the start

  15. So, I am one of those people who have played every game, note that I have only beat Fnaf 1 and Security Breach
    1. Sister Location
    2. Security Breach
    3. Help Wanted
    4. Fnaf 6
    5. Fnaf 1
    6. Fnaf 2
    7. Fnaf World
    8. UCN
    9. Fnaf 3
    10. Fnaf 4

  16. Dawko: FNaF SL is the first game with voice acting
    Phone guy: am I a joke to you?

  17. *my ears …, sorry but like good vid

  18. Dawko you do realize that FNAF 4 is meant to be the scariest entry in the series right

  19. Every game ranked(+spinoffs)
    FREDDY IN SPACE 2-FNAF AR-FURY'S RAGE(these all have lines cuz they're tied edit:these aren't tied cuz they're bad games it's just I'm not that interested in them)
    FNAF 3
    HELP WANTED(you are suprised)
    FNAF 4
    FNAF 6
    FNAF 1
    FNAF 2

  20. Fnaf 1 S
    Fnaf 2 S
    Fnaf 3 A for me it's not that bad
    Fnaf 4 S
    Fnaf sl A
    Fnaf 6 B
    Fnaf World B
    Fnaf Vr S
    Freddy in space C
    Fnaf Ar C
    Freddy in space 2 D
    Ultimate Custom Night C
    Fnaf Security Breach B

  21. It took me years to comment on this idk why but here is my ranking with the new games added:
    1. FNaF 4
    2. FNaF 2
    3. FNaF 1
    4. FNaF World
    5. FFPS
    6. UCN
    7. FNaF 3
    8 Help Wanted
    9. Curse of Dreadbear DLC
    10. Sister Location
    11. Security Breach
    12. Special Delivery

  22. I actually pretty much agree with the Tier list ngl

  23. FNaF 1- S
    FNaF 2- S
    FNaF 3- B
    FNaF 4- A
    FNaF SL- A
    FFPS- B
    FNaF VR- S
    FNaF world- A
    UCN- C

  24. I love fnaf 124 and pizzaria simulator and fnaf world

  25. S: Fnaf 2 – Help Wanted
    A: Fnaf 1 – Fnaf 6
    B: UcN – Fnaf 3 – Fnaf SL
    C: Fnaf World
    D: Fnaf 4 – Security Breach
    F: Special Delivery

  26. I won’t say I like sister location, but I do respect it

  27. Imagine hating a fnaf game becouse it is scary

  28. Dawko who is your favorite dragon type Pokemon besides Charizard.

  29. Fnaf 1: Simple and Scary
    Fnaf 2: Fun and Chaotic
    Fnaf 3: Sad Emotional and Stressful
    Fnaf 4: Garbage
    Fnaf World: Sweet
    Fnaf SL: Average Not Bad
    Fnaf PS: Nice
    UCN: It was Fun
    HW: Great but Not Great
    AR: NO
    SB: Horrible

  30. Here's my tier list for FNaF:
    FNaF 1: great game. I loved playing it.
    FNaF 2: never played it but it looks fun.
    FNaF 3: scary as heck. Never gonna play it.
    FNaF 4: worse than FNaF 3. But the animatronics are cool.
    FNaF 5 (sister location): great game. I loved playing it! It was kinda hard but I love it.
    FNaF pizza simulator and all the other games Dawko tiered that I have not mentioned, I never played

  31. Fnaf 6 is my favorite game though 🧍‍♀️

  32. personally I think fnaf 3 is my 2nd favorite fnaf game since my favorite is fnaf security breach

  33. FNAF 3 is hands down the best game in the series, gameplay and lore wise.

  34. Fnaf 5 deserves s tier, overall ur ranks were good

  35. in my opinion FNAF 2, FNAF 4, Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria simulator, FNAF Sister location, and Ultimate custom night are amazing.

  36. You hate a horror game because it’s scary

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