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Ranking every FNAF jumpscare

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today we reacted and ranked every FNAF jumpscare. we’re ranking every fnaf jumpscare. springtrap is f tier because omg he’s just too cute

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  1. To be fair to vanessa, white women are pretty scary

  2. I thought Withered Bonnie was scarier than the other Withered ones because of the missing face.

  3. Helpy is too adorable qto even jumpscare people 💀💀

  4. I'm so glad I burst into laughing right along side you at 9:03.

  5. Kwote ranks fredbear UCN at trash yet he hasn't heard the voicelines after the death

  6. imagine fnaf 1 golden freddy or fnaf 4 nightmare's jumpscares in help wanted

  7. The original Golden Freddy jumpscare not only broke the pattern of jumpscares for the game as you said, but the fact that it was a random low chance event that would absolutely confuse the life out of you if you'd never seen it before (when the game first came out). And then the fact it crashes your game is just the cherry on top that makes it feel more real. Original Golden Freddy deserves top tier.

  8. His the kid in the class that never studies but still pass😂😂

  9. spring trap or smt in fnaf 3 ligit just walked up to you and gave you the death stare, and then you ded I MEAN HOW THE HELL DID MARKIPLER GET SCARED BY THAT?!

  10. Nah, the best jumpscare is the computer from sister location

  11. When I get jumpscared by Springtrap, it’s not AHHHH it’s Oh dang it slaps knee it seems I lost

  12. Foxy jumpscare isn't scary before you see him chasing you

  13. Also forgot that after golden freddy jumpscare your game crashes in fnaf 1 and 2.

  14. springtrap is scary when he peeks at you from the doorway

  15. i think the springtrap one makes sense cuz like… it's basically a 50 year old man into a suit for 30 years with almost everything is his body dilacerated yk, i dont rlly think he could do anything else than just stare at u

  16. I’ve just learned how many meme sound effects come from FNAF

  17. springtrap(in fnaf 3) isn't scary he said social anxiety has entered the chat

  18. you get used to the vr jumpscares after a while :/

  19. The greatest jumpscare is easily Bonnie from the joy of creation. That punch is insane

  20. There should have been a jumping through the glass jump scare in fnaf 3 by springtrap

  21. Dude Springtrap scares me with the jumpscare ngl. He just menacingly stares at you

  22. You want to know why F3 Springtrap is my favorite? Every other animatronic has the soul of a dead child inside, they scream and jump at you kind of like playing peekaboo. Springtrap has the soul of a child murderer. He hides from your view in the cams, slowly comes close to your office, stares at you for a bit and just walks to you slowly and silently when you’re not looking, just like he’s getting close to a kid to slaughter them. It’s horrifying.

  23. "FNaF 3 springtrap jumpscare isn't scary" is a cold-ass take tbh

  24. william Doesnt Kill Miechel (That Name Isnt Easy To Write) He Just Wants To Talk With Him

  25. i wanna see the SB jumpscares revisited with ruin now cuz the animations are so much more violent

  26. My ass was so fucking scared of springtrap when i was a kid

  27. 3:40 let's be happy that jumpscare springtrap is bad from fnaf 3, because if it was good, no one would complain and Scott wouldn't have created all the other parts (4,sl,ps,hw,ucn,sb,movie,fan made games )

  28. springtrap looks happy because hes about to kill you and he likes murdering

  29. The springtrap jumpscare fnaf three is worse than fnaf 1 foxy

  30. Og foxy spoops me. Something about him just leaning in implying you're dead af gets me. Same with spring trap

  31. let's be honest the full mr hippo jumpscare is the best in the series

  32. Honestly, The Joy of Creation has my favorite jumpscares out of all of the series. They hold up really well to today, the scream is like fnaf 3’s and fnaf 4’s combined (perfection,) and the way instantly pop on screen. It’s not slow at all, it’s like 🫰. But yeah, tjoc solos

  33. bro its called jumpscare for a reason it's not scary when you know your're gonna get jumpscare if it's unexpected its scary this video is pointless

  34. Springtrap's jumpscare adds to the character and lore. While other animatronics launch themself at you like little kids trying to surprise you, Springtrap apoaches you until it's too late, like a child murderer.

  35. I can only beat the first game it's alright man

  36. Phantom foxy honestly scared the shit out of me when i played fnaf 3

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