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Ranking every FNAF game least to most scary

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  1. My ranking

    5. Fnaf 1 (foxy wasnt even scary)
    4. Fnaf 3 (springtrap looks like my mom checking if im okay)
    3.fnaf 4 (that was scary for me
    2. Fnaf sister location (fun fact: this fnaf games has the most knockoffs such as jollibees and trump location


  2. Idk but FNAF 4 caused me to have some nightmares…(so this is why i think it's scarier than VR)

  3. Hi guys!i need help.Wich game i should be starting with?

  4. Stop letting him cook he ain’t ratatouille 💀

  5. Security breach is like the worst fnaf game to get scared of but ultimate custom night shouldn't be the worst

  6. Bro sais security breach is scarier than ucn ( Ucn is litterally fnaf 1 fnaf 2 fnaf 3 but combined so impossible that fnaf 1 is scarier ) AND FNAF 5 NEED TOP 1

  7. Now I wanna play help-wanted, which I am gonna play now

    Edit: I don’t really get scared easily but help wanted scares me like a normal person would be playing scary flat screen game

  8. Nah security breach is the scariest (this is a joke)

  9. Tbh fnaf 4 is extremely scary but vr is 50x scarier cus u are basically experiencing it

  10. Bro ucn can be scary if you really try

  11. All of the games (except security breach) would be scary to me if I played them at night if I was alone Lol.

  12. Ain’t no way bro made security breach more scary than ucn💀💀💀💀💀

  13. Bro actually just said almost every fnaf game combined isn’t scary💀 get him boys ok 🐻🐰🐤🦊 RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  14. The most scariest part in FNAF VR is when you're looking outside the office (FNAF 1) then foxy runs

  15. Why yall even hatin bruh its a short chill💀

  16. We all know that fnaf world is The most Scariest Fnaf game
    Could even call it the scariest thing in the universe

  17. i respect security breach at #8 because it sucks

  18. I despise dee dee and balloon boy with all of my heart

  19. hol on he didnt cook with them ratings but the music remix is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. I was more scared in fnaf 6 because of the sound they make xd

  21. I agree with most of this list except fnaf 2 being under fnaf 1. The puppet gave me ptsd.

  22. Sister location has the most sinister and terrifying backstory. I truly think that is the worst one. Besides the twisted animatronics help-wanted is also up there too but I still think that the twisted or sister location is one of the worst and scariest animatronics.

  23. Ngl the olny fnaf game I actually got scared in is fnaf hw

  24. Bro really said sb is scarier than ucn💀☠️

  25. Guys maybe he made a few mistakes but for the most part, it is a good video. Stop hating over the ucn and sb.

  26. na na this a banger though
    also dont underestimate fnaf vr, i had nightmares for days.

    maybe cus im just a scardey cat-

  27. This man: SL isn’t that scary
    Ennard: k ima make some VHS tapes and you’re gonna tell me what you think of them.

    (I’m not trying to slander your opinion just making a joke)

  28. I played fnaf 6 and the office part and salvage part are scary af

  29. me personally:
    9:security breach
    8.fnaf 3
    7: ucn
    6. fnaf 1
    5. fnaf 6
    4: fnaf 5
    3: fnaf 2
    2: fnaf 4
    1: fnaf hw (obviously)

  30. Ppl when personal opinion 🤬😡💢🤬🤬😨😡😨💀😡💢🤬💢😡💢

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