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Ranking Every FNAF Game from Worst to Best (Five Nights at Freddy’s)

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I’ve been a FNAF fan since the very beginning so today I decided to rank the Five Nights at Freddy’s games from worst to best, based entirely on my personal opinion.


  1. My top list:
    1. Fnaf 4
    2. Fnaf 2
    3. Fnaf 1
    4. UCN
    5. Sister location
    6. Fnaf 6
    7. Fnaf 3

  2. Fnaf sister location is my personal fav but looks like I'm the only one

  3. 4:Fnaf 4
    3:Fnaf 3
    2:Fnaf 1
    1:Fnaf 2
    This is my opinion
    (It was difficult for me to put fnaf 3 on third place and not first place)

  4. This is the first place I’ve ever seen a lot of people have FNaF 6 last, in the video and all over the comments. I get why people think that, but in my opinion it’s actually tied with FNaF 2 and FNaF VR for best in the series, there’s something about the game that I love

  5. All Nine FNAF Ranked (in my opinion)

    9. FNAF World: I haven't played and don't intend to. I don't necessarily like this type of genre and FNAF has much better to offer.

    8. FNAF Ultimate Custom Night: I love the customization of this game and it's really fun but I don't often come back to it because I don't exactly like that it's a choice on how difficult you make the game and it doesn't feel like a main line FNAF game, which it isn't exactly.

    7. FNAF VR: Probably the most scary FNAF game since it puts you in perspective of what it would really be like. Amazing game and really like playing it with friends.

    6. FNAF 2: Probably a hot take, but I hardly ever come back to this one but decided to put it up higher than I would have because I can't deny it is an excellently crafted game. I don't exactly know why I hardly come back to FNAF 2, but I just don't for some reason.

    5. FNAF Pizzeria Simulator: Collides the customization from UCN and the main gameplay from original FNAF Games together and even spreads some of the most important lore throughout. I would have this game much lower if the scares and storytelling weren't as awesome as they are.

    4. FNAF 4: Aside from FNAF VR, this has got to be the most horrifying game to play. You have to listen to next to no sound to try to hear if there is someone breathing and if you guess wrong you get an abrupt loud jumpscare. Not to mention the story really picks up from the past titles.

    3. FNAF 3: I know a lot of people dislike this one but I absolutely love it. I actually think Springtrap and the Phantoms have some of the best jumpscares and I love the setting of this game. I think this is one of the best gameplay wise and a real challenging experience.

    2. FNAF Sister Location: Definitely the best the atmosphere has ever been in a FNAF game. Walking down the hall in pitch black silence and hearing Ballora is one of the most amazing parts of this game and truly terrifying. I love the storytelling of this game and it is extremely well paced. It even has a custom night feature at the end which is awesome.

    1. FNAF: The original game is definitely my favorite. I used to be so scared of this game when it came out and now it's one of my favorite horror series' of all time. This first game also has one of the best atmospheres and a simple yet extraordinarily effective gameplay mechanic.

  6. fnaf 2 is really good because it's so hard and there are so many robots I finished the first game I finished in 3, sister location is over, but 2 is still not over, and on the 10/20 this is proof that it is good.

  7. i despise fnaf 2, not because of the lore, but because its so ridiculously difficult and aesthetically horrible.
    my list would be this:
    7 Fnaf 6 (obviously)
    6 Fnaf 3
    5 Fnaf 2
    4 UCN
    3 Fnaf 5
    2 Fnaf 4
    1 Fnaf 1

  8. I’ve been playing fnaf and I wanted to know which is better to get, the 1st fnaf or the 4th? I don’t know which because I feel like 4th is hard and 3rd would be plain

  9. I have been apart of this series since the first game and is an OG fan but I really do think that a lot of OG fans hate on the newer games a lot even when they are more original and has time put into them then the first 4 games. Fnaf 4 I think is probably the worst game in the series it’s definitely the scariest but nothing else about it is really good besides the nightmares designs and the fun with plush trap, the story is convoluted to the point we’re Scott had to kinda reboot it which I think is were a lot of fans left at. I think Fnaf 3 gets a lot of unnecessary hate just because of the jumpscare other then that the atmosphere is amazing and gross and that’s the whole point of it it’s supposed to feel moldy along side with Fnaf 3 has the best lore in the series in my opinion. Fnaf 2 deserves to be in the top it’s one of the best but I would not say number one because I think the first game is the only game in the series I have replayed over and over again because of its simple gameplay and the atmosphere in the whole game is so creepy and prefect that it’s the only game in the series I find disturbing and scary besides Fnaf 4 but that’s just because the audio is so important which makes it scary. Every animatronic in the series is somewhat scary I guess but the first games is the only ones where I can believe that they exist they are not over the top and they are believable. Fnaf 2 I think a lot of people love it because it was the Peak of Fnaf you know before 3 and only with 3s hype around it. Don’t get me wrong it’s a wonderful game and I love it but it gets repetitive a lot of the time and I think Fnaf 1 is better in my opinion. With SL and PS and UCN I love them because I can see Scott put effort into them to make them it’s own thing I try to open my mind to new stuff a lot of the time like with Fnaf Vr and SB a lot of the fans that grew up with SL hate it because of its lore but that’s exactly what we OG fans went through with SL because it was such a big gap in what’s real and how far can we stretch stuff. Fnaf 1-3 will always be the originals to me and the perfect story, 4 is cool but not really good in my opinion SL-UCN gets a lot of hate from old fans so I think they should warm up a bit to them because they are not the same games like the first 4 were the same games and Vr and SB I think a lot of OG fans are excited for but new ones hate for the lore but trust me I think this new character will be amazing. Ps Fnaf SL night 4 is hard as shit

  10. You don’t need vr to play help wanted it’s just preferred for me

  11. the graphics after the first two just got horrible. unc looks like a fake app store game

  12. What 2 fnaf ganes should i get on mobile

  13. i respect that everyone has diffrent opinions but night 4 of SL is so hard

  14. My ranking:
    9. Five Nights at Freddy's: World
    8. Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights
    7. Five Nights at Freddy's: Ultimate Custom Night
    6. Five Nights at Freddy's: Pizzeria Simulator
    5. Five Nights At Freddy's: 1983
    4. Five Nights at Freddy's: The Grand Reopening
    3. Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted
    2. Five Nights at Freddy's
    1. Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

  15. I would agree with were you placed fnaf 5 bc most nights are the easiest thing ever other nights night 4 is impossible like I’ve been on the stupid thing for what 2 months now?

  16. What is the name of the creepy music 🎶👻

  17. Ranking everything that has to do with FNaF

    Unranked: the demos
    Just free versions of some of the games

    Worst/23rd: Sister location
    overall boring but then decides to raise the difficulty to high on night 4, oh and the fandom tore this entry apart

    22nd: Pizzeria Simulator
    the points stated in the video explain this

    21st: FNaF AR
    listen, i like this one but this is killed by pay to win features and bugs

    20th: FNaF 3
    The phantoms had good jumpscares, getting the good ending was actually to hard though, and the fact Springtrap was the only person able to kill you was kinda bad ( plus his jumpscare was like fnaf 1 foxy's jumpscare)

    19th: survival log book
    Nightmare to theoriests like FNaF 4, and some of the lore hints are WAY to hidden to find out sometimes

    18th: April fools FNaF 3
    * I know this was a troll but DaYuM the Auto scroll mechanic was hell*

    17th: April fools UCN
    Just one of Scott's old games but reskinned

    16th: Freddy In Space 2
    I do personally love this one but the lolhackz final boss was extremely hard for me, so just out of rage this is put at this number

    15th: The Original book trilogy
    Was it Dave or William, anyways these do hold up to the lore a lot but at the same time it destroyed established points in the story, This was in the FNaF dark ages.

    14th: Fury's Rage
    It was an amazing attempt of pleasing the fandom but at the same time the fandom needs its Security Breach

    13th: Fazbear Frights
    It was nice at the start but the extension made these a bit uh. . . mainstream

    12th: April fools FNaF World
    Sad that this one was forgotten, It was a good prank that gave the community a laugh and something to play while they wait for the real deal

    11th: FNaF VR FLAT MODE
    Just doesn't give the full experience

    10th: FNaF VR
    Amazingly done, I just thing some of the minigames could've had more

    9th: FNaF VR Mobile
    the Princess quest addon was lovely

    8th: FNaF 1
    While it was a starting point for Scott, It got repetitive just closing the doors and checking on foxy, I think this was the reason Scott started moving away from the original AI doors

    7th: FNaF 4
    AMAZING EXECUTION, slight problem though. This summoned the demon we know as "Chris" in the fandom

    6th: FNaF 4 Halloween
    A nice reskin for FNaF 4 dispite not being canon!

    5th: FNaF VR DreadBear
    I love this extension so much, it was one of the most unique updates to be honest!

    4th: UCN
    While it was fun to beat a hard mode / night but the some jumpscares are still frames, the most anticipated voices weren't even voices, and the replay ability was not there. . .

    3rd: FNaF 2
    Either i enjoyed this one too much or this one had a almost perfect execution, only problem is the fact that you can be winding the box for a minute, and then the onslaught of animatronics come and you die to the puppet since you keep having to shine the light or putting on the mask

    2nd: FNaF world
    MY FAVORITE RPG THAT SCOTT MADE, sadly he discontinued because hate

    1st: FNaF world halloween

    This took to much time

  18. My top:

    6- 6
    5- 3
    4- 4
    3- 1
    2- 2
    1- Sister Location

  19. 10 Fnaf AR
    09 Fnaf FFPS
    08 Fnaf UCN
    07 Fnaf SL
    06 Fnaf World
    05 Fnaf VR
    04 Fnaf 3
    03 Fnaf 4
    02 Fnaf 1
    01 Fnaf 2

  20. Download five nights at Freddy’s 2 thinking to my self am I 100% sure its the best game in fnaf Watching the video oh my God great minds think a like

  21. You can play help wanted on a ps4 and switch without vr

  22. These are all the games I’ve played ranked
    1: FNAF 2
    2: FNAF 1
    3: FNAF 4
    4: UCN
    5:FNAF 3

  23. 1. Fnaf 2

    2. Fnaf 1

    3. Fnaf vr

    4. Fnaf 4

    5.Fnaf Sisters location

    6. Ultimate Custom Night

    7.Fnaf 6

    8. Fnaf World

    9.Fnaf 3

  24. Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is awesome my favorite

  25. My friend is the best fnaf1 player he beat night 5&6 with no sound

  26. My list is the following (top is worst, bottom is best):

    8. Fnaf 1 (plz no hate 🥺)
    7. Fnaf SL
    6. UTC
    5. Fnaf 6
    4. Fnaf 3
    3. Fnaf 2
    2. Fnaf HW
    1. Fnaf 4

  27. 1 Fnaf 2
    2 Fnaf
    3 Help Wanted
    4 UCN
    5 SL
    6 Fnaf World
    7 FFPS
    8 Fnaf 3
    9 Fnaf 4
    10 Fnaf AR

  28. Sister location is my favourite, but I REALLY agree with your point. It is not replayable enough. The environment is GREAT tho.

  29. I would say help wanted is one of the best….if you have a VR headset..if not the game feels empty and the only reason I play it without a headset is because of the minigames – from a person who has a VR headset
    Also great video!

  30. I would put fnaf 6 last then fnaf 3 then fnaf 1 then fnaf 2 then fnaf 4 then fnaf 5 then fnaf VR, thats my opinion

  31. fnaf 1: the nostalgic
    fnaf 2: the cutest
    fnaf 3: the scariest
    fnaf 4: The no sleep for tonight
    fnaf 5: the most dramatic
    fnaf 6: the tycoon
    fnaf 7: The crossover

  32. From a personal experience Fnaf help wanted is amazing and is so scary

  33. FNaF 6 #1 huge bruh
    FNaF 2 is too annoyingly hard to be scary

  34. For me best game pizzeria simulator i UCN and my forst fnaf games are Sister location and fnaf 4 and fnaf 2

  35. My ranking:
    1. Fnaf 2
    2. Fnaf Vr
    3. Fnaf
    4. Ultimate custom night
    5. Fnaf 4
    6. Sister location
    7. Fnaf 3
    8. Fnaf 6
    9. Fnaf world

    I don’t really like Fnaf 6 and Fnaf 3 and of course Fnaf world

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