Ranking EVERY Fnaf game based on how scary they are... - jetgame.pl

Ranking EVERY Fnaf game based on how scary they are…

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Here I rank the main fnaf games (besides security breach lol) based on how scary they are! Let me know what you want me to rank next

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  1. Five nights at Freddy's is funny

  2. When I played FNAF 4 for the first time recently (I know it came out 2015 and I am 14) I was so scared of a potential Jusmpscare that 8 had to quit. And I didn't even get jumpscred unless it was on purpose.

  3. I love how he puts fnaf 4 in the nightmarish section, and the animatronics are nightmare animatronics.

  4. That is not every fnaf game there is fnaf 6

  5. Nightmare Fuel : Fnaf Help Wanted , Fnaf 4 , Fnaf 1
    Pretty Scary : , Fnaf 2 , Pizza Sim
    Scary : Fnaf 3 , Sister Location
    Creepy : AR
    Not Scary : Fnaf World
    Funny : Ultimate Custom Night

  6. Everyone knows spring trap is horrifying so are the nightmares

  7. Omg how you say is ther foxy in the closet and it jumps scare me

  8. Where is pizzarea simulator it's still a cannon game without it the story would be different

  9. MVPerry: There's nothing more funny than a security guard dying by 50 animatronics.
    I thought that that was the purple guy-

  10. i agree but i would put fnaf 3 in nightmare fuel because when you see springtrap go across your screen when your like fixing the audio or something you see him pop up

  11. Puppet was always jump scaring me every time in fifteen 2

  12. Other FNAF Games on night 6: Spooky stuff happening, animatronics moving pretty fast
    FNAF 2 on Night 6:

  13. Totally of fnaf 1 of Freddy the eyes out because the og Freddy puts his body on the nightguard

  14. Everyone thinks phantom chica is a watermelon

  15. Nightmare Fuel : Fnaf Plus , Fnaf 1
    Pretty Scary : Fnaf Pizza Sim , Fnaf 2
    Scary : Sister Location , Help Wanted
    Creepy : Fnaf 3
    Not Scary : Fnaf 4 , Special Delivery
    Funny : Fnaf World , UCN , Freddy In Space 2 , Fury's Rage

  16. I’d probably crap my self if I played help wanted

  17. “Why are they called jumpscares? They should be called funnies” – Altrive

  18. Guys when I see I fnaf jump scary I scream of lufter

  19. No the scary thing about fnaf 2 is about the task

  20. Fnaf 3 its anoynig because you can't protect yourself from springtrap

  21. The jumpscare of foxy in mvperrys closet actually scared me 😂

  22. It’s weird how nightmare foxy and mangle watches u in a closet

  23. My ten-year-old brother got scared of spring-trap on fnaf 3 it's scary very so you should have put that on there

  24. And no they are not watermelons and zucchini s

  25. to be honest the nightmare one is just sister location and AR

  26. There's actually more than 100 animatronics, so ultimate custom night is actually wrong

  27. Help Wanted on Non-VR is not scary but I can’t imagine being on the Mangle level being on VR, even on Non-VR is pretty creepy, on VR must be a nightmare

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