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Ranking every FNAF character based on how scary they are

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Hey guys here are the fnaf character ranked based on how scary (or un-scary) they are! It’s all just a joke though don’t take my videos too seriously

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  1. Freddy frostbear is the best when he jump scares it's like funny

  2. Elizabeth abigail afton be like: daddy daddy daddy daddy
    Wiliam vinecent afton:not again
    Elizabeth died bc circus baby kill him!amd she the doughter of wiliam afton

  3. Hendrix NDL the hyper speed of sound says:

    Your frind is aftin?

  4. When he said rockstar Chica at 4:32
    Me: Haahahahaahaa LOOK AT THE TOP OF HER HEAD HAHAHAHahahaahahahahaa

  5. MVPerry At 5:24: It’s the toys, Toy time!
    Me: Whyndid say toy time so funny and bruh mangle is barely looking innocent

  6. Kids when they come see toy Chica : You are so innocent and amazing!
    Real toy Chica : I m scary MUAHAHAHAH
    Me: why are you like that u dumb toy chica
    My second comment:
    When he says Rockstar Chica : 4:32
    What the..
    Last comment
    MVPerry At 5:23 :
    It’s the toys! , Toy time!
    Me: why did u say it so childish lol

  7. This is so funny when b.b was saying hello? (Laughs hard!)

  8. It is glitch trap not Afton the one that has chopped half ear

  9. Is anyone else ONLY absolutely terrified of Glitchtrap?

  10. I like to think that Springtrap comes in to get his inhaler that he intrusted to me

  11. MVPerry : Circus Baby is not that Scary
    Scrap Baby : Intentional Screeching.

  12. Hello, you are cool, but what is the name of the game, application or site

  13. Dee Dee is my fear of life because she brings in another anamatronic and it makes your night 2x harder than normal. What is the name of this app by the way? I am curious to play:)

  14. They are all bruh THEY AINT SPOOKY OR SCARY EVEN THE JUMPSCARES only nightmare is nightmare feul

  15. The characters from Sister location open their faceplates every time they jumpscare you

  16. Springtrap's jumpscares not scary in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 because he gives you the look ultimate custom night it's an actual jumpscare

  17. I hate Bonnie in the game but I like his design so I was him for Halloween 🎃

  18. freddy is not creepy cuz he’s the rock

  19. If you imagine those characters irl in a pitch black room with their eyes glowing and stareing at you, even bb would be scary

  20. Me when he put enard in the funny section: BRUH

  21. I think the NIGHTMARE FREDDY animatronic is the scariest

  22. Which Is Not A Real Five Nights At Freddy's Animatronic

    A. Freddy Fazbear
    B. Bonnie The Bunny
    C. Chica The Chicken
    D. Foxy The Pirate Fox
    E. Golden Freddy
    F. Henry The Horse

  23. I like the face you have (the ears look like a snail ear)

  24. Ballora is a nightmare. Her endoskeleton will assasinate your nuts while you sleep. That's how scary she is to me.

  25. All those characters you didn't know about they should be in the nightmare section

  26. MV perry: we'll put the Watermelon here
    Phantom Chica: I AM NOT A WATERMELON!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me: Yes you are

  27. Withered chica scares me, the fact that there's a dead child that's suffered for 30 years in a suit and got her arms cut off just doesn't set something right with me…

  28. The first time I played five nights at Freddy's 4 I got jump scared and nightmare Bonnie

  29. A dude cosplaying as a anime

  30. I have a fear when i will sleep, the fear is glitched Chica. Glitched Chica is a Chica with four eyes. I always look at the side of the bed to see is Chica is there.

  31. What app is that pls tell me im sub

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