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Here is my definitive ranking of all of the FNaF games!!! I hope you enjoy!






  1. my favorite is sister location.
    i was scared of fnaf for YEARS. but, not too long ago, i was looking around the internet for stuff on antisepticeye. i found a play list of every video he was in. of corse, it started with fnaf sister location. after that, i watched markipliers lets play of it. now im watching all of marks fnaf vids. its now my 3rd favorite video game of all time. tho, springtrap and glitchtrap are still really scary :I

  2. My favs are first, third and pizzeria simulator parts.

  3. My ranking the terrifying to worst:
    1. Fnaf 2
    2. Fnaf 3
    3. Fnaf sl
    4. Fnaf world
    5. Fnaf pizzeria simulator
    6. Fnaf 4
    7. Ucn

    I haven't played help wanted so no ranking

    I do disagree with the excuse why fnaf 1 is the best that "this is where it all started" so what It doesn't mean it was the first its the scariest.

  4. fnaf 1 isnt the scariest imo for me its help wanted and fnaf 4 and sister location

  5. my list: 8.fnaf 3. 7.fnaf 4. 6. fnaf 6. 5. fnaf 5. 4.fnaf 2. 3. fnaf 1. 2. fnaf ucn. 1. fnaf vr. (I didn't include fnaf world because I never played it before)

  6. Best games: 1,2,SL,UCN,WORLD
    Worst games: 3,4,6,AR,

  7. 1. Fnaf 3, Help Wanted and Security Breach
    2. Fnaf 1, 2
    3. Sister Location
    4. Fnaf 4
    5. Fnaf World
    6. Pizzeria Simulator
    7. Special Delivery

  8. 6 – fnaf 6
    5 – fnaf 4
    4 – fnaf 2
    3 – fnaf 3
    2 – fnaf sl
    1 – fnaf 1

  9. fun fact: the creator of fnaf actually was scared of bonnie and had nightmares of him

  10. I just realized that i am suscribed to you for over a year, but i think it kinda makes sense because i was around since 10k, and its just crazy how time flies and how fast and big you have grown

  11. The Fnaf 3 Jumpscares were so bad I watched lets plays and didnt buy it.

  12. fnaf 3 jumpscares are like "got any games on your phone?"

  13. don't worry about buying a vr headseat to play fnaf vr! it's also for controller for playstation and switch.

  14. i feel like fnaf 3 gets a lot of slack its like my third favorite in the series

  15. fnaf 3 was hands down one of my favorites yea the jumpscare was bad but i absolutely loved the gameplay.


    9. FNAF 3
    7. FNAF 4
    2. FNAF 2
    1. FNAF 1

  18. My fnaf rankings
    10. Fnaf world. Never played it
    9. Fnaf Vr HW. Never played it
    8. Security breach. Never played it.
    7. Ucn. I like it but I wish they had nightmare foxy and withered foxy and withered freddy.
    6 Fnaf 3. I liked it except for the jumpscares.
    5. Pizzeria sim. Not a bad game just not as good as the others.
    4.fnaf sl. I loved this fnaf but I was terrible at it so it's number 5.
    3.fnaf 4. I loved it but in my opinion it's the scariest this game is terrifying.
    2.fnaf 1. I loved this fnaf it was always my favorite until I played fnaf 2.
    1. Fnaf 2. The best fnaf ever and there probably won't be one as good as it was.

  19. People talk about how scary the game is, but it’s really not. I played the first one at 7 yr old

  20. My top 5

    5. Sister location
    4. Fnaf 3
    3. Custom night
    2. Fnaf 1
    1. Fnaf 2

  21. Mine is.
    Disohnerable mention: FANF Vr flat mode

    8:Sister location
    7:fnaf 1
    6:fnaf 4
    5:fnaf 2
    4:fnaf world
    TOP 3
    3: Fnaf 6 Pizzaria simulator


    Ive never played SB

  22. fnaf three is my favorite😐 everyone hates it😐

  23. When I hear FNaF 2 ambience, I feel nostalgic and I'm just vibing

  24. Personally my list is
    1: Help wanted
    2:Fnaf 1
    3: fnaf 2
    4: Fnaf 4
    5: Pizza sim
    6: sister location
    7: fnaf world
    8: fnaf 3

  25. it's good he made this video before security breach because we know what place that would get

  26. My favorite part of watching people play sister location is when I watch markwpleir constantly flipping off animatronics

  27. Before everyone goes "WHERE FNAF SB" I'd like to point out that this was in 2020

  28. Finally someone agrees that fnaf 3 is bad

  29. My Ranking

    1. UCN
    2. Fnaf 2
    3. Fnaf 4
    4. Fnaf pizzeria simulator
    5. Fnaf 3
    6. Fnaf
    7. Fnaf sl
    8. Fnaf world
    9. Fnaf ar

    Not ranking help wanted i still havent tried dont have a vr headset

  30. Sister location
    Night 1 ☺️
    Night 2 ☺️
    Night 3 ☺️
    Night 4 😡
    Night 5 ☺️

  31. Dis you really think that not liking fnaf 3 would give you dislikes? I think loving the game is the unpopular opinion, most people hate it

  32. 9 fnaf world as it is a pretty rough game
    8 fnaf 3 as it is ok but very RNG based especially things like aggressive nightmare
    7 Fnaf 4 as it is good, but the gameplay never really changes ever except for Fredbear and nightmare
    6 Fnaf UCN as it is good, but sometimes frustrating
    5 fnaf vr as it is cool but way too easy
    4 Pizzaria simulator as it has pretty good mechanics with a decent office phase
    3 fnaf sl as it probably has the best custom night, although nights 1-3 are boring and the ennard fight is great
    2 fnaf 1 everything about the game is great
    1 fnaf 2 best mechanics, one of the best custom nights, overall most fun

  33. fnaf 3
    pizza sim
    fnaf ucn
    fnaf 5
    fnaf 4
    fnaf world
    fnaf vr
    fnaf 2
    these are my ratings (top is worst bottom is best)

  34. My favorite:

    1st: fnaf 2
    2nd:fnaf 1
    3rd:fnaf 3
    4th:fnaf 4.

  35. i only like fnaf 3 bc its so weird that there is a human body in springtrap

  36. My ranking:
    1. Fnaf 6
    2. fnaf 2
    3. fnaf 1
    4. fnaf sb
    5 fnaf sl
    6. fnaf vr
    7. fnaf 4
    8. fnaf ar
    9. fnaf world
    10. fnaf 3

  37. 10. fnaf 3 its not that scary of jumpscare except phantom 9. Fnaf sl i just hate 8.fnaf 6 i don't know how to play original game 7. fnaf 2 the toy one is not scary 6. fnaf wanted help i don't have vr but i think its fun 5. 1st fnaf first foxy is fast and freddy always got me 4.fnaf 4 its terrifying and instead nightmare goldden freddy is fredbear 3.fnaf rip-off games 2. fnaf security breach 1.fnaf ultamate custom night

  38. Steel wool did fnaf 3 good in hw vr. I'm not saying that because it's in vr. I'm saying that because…well partly because it's in vr but, I've always liked the phantom jumpscares tbh. In hw all the fnaf 3 jumpscares are good, the game is atomipheric and the concept of distractions (phantoms) is creative. I don't think fnaf 3 is bad but it did get better in hw (especially vr)

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