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Ranking All of the FNAF Games (According to the Fans!!!)

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Eth asks the FNAF community what their favourite FNAF game is in a poll and after enough results are gathered, he looks at them to see what are the most and least popular FNAF games!!!

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  1. Maybe the box in fnaf 4 is where the plushies go at the end

  2. How dare you not make Sister Location 1st Place :C

  3. Soooo you basically said that fans don't like a horror game cause it's scary……..


  4. Fnaf vr: I'm the best game
    Security breach: are you sure??

  5. I think nightmare golden Freddy’s head is in the box

  6. In the original fnaf foxy has a secret ability that nobody knew

  7. Sees sister location in this list
    Me : is happy

  8. Was i the only one who was annoyed when he took so long to restart in sl

  9. How could you go through all of fnaf 6 without mentioning what it did for the lore

  10. y’all wrong for putting fnaf 3 above fnaf 4

  11. In fnaf 3 the minigames are other locations wich arent in games

  12. who else is here before security breach. 🙋‍♂️

  13. Fnaf 1 is my favourite but fnaf 2 is the most nostalgic

  14. Eth says he doesn’t know what to say

    continues talking for five minutes

  15. another thing i think fnaf 6/freddy fazbears simulator does really well is the ending. i loved the fnaf 6 ending,it finished the game series so well and henrys speech was epic.

  16. who else was vibing to the fnaf world music when it came up?

  17. 11:50 I belive that not seeing the animatronics on the vents is the good part since the problem the other FNaF games have or at least the first trilogy is that you know when they are gonna attack and that they are attacking you have to remember fear is a reaction of knowing that you are in danger and that is in the first trilogy of FNaF because you know they are attacking but you don't know why, yet something scarier than that is the sensation of not knowing something, like where the animatronics are, that is why FNaF 4 is so scary is a combination of dangerous scary and intimidating enemies while not knowing where they are (FNaF 6 removes thescary desings aspects in order to foccus the not knoowing where they are)

  18. FNaF 1 : Gets 6th
    Me : This is… Dissatisfaction in its finest…

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