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Ranking All of the FNAF Games (According to the Fans!!!)

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Eth asks the FNAF community what their favourite FNAF game is in a poll and after enough results are gathered, he looks at them to see what are the most and least popular FNAF games!!!

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  1. FNAF 6 is my favorite because of lore reasons mostly the ending which is by far the best ending in the franchise

  2. Fnaf sister location night 4 is to hard let’s fix that with a controlled shock

  3. Do you mean Funtime Freddy when you say Funtime foxy section?

  4. I was completely expecting fnaf 4 to be last place.

  5. Fnaf 4 is my favorite because it's the most scary. And some people don't like it because it's… scary? Y'know, that's kinda the point of horror games. I love Fnaf 4 and the nightmare animatronics. Also I agree that Fnaf World is underrated, I really enjoy it. Especially since it gives us a kind of canon design to one of my favorite characters, Springbonnie.

  6. *Complains game is too scary*
    *Complains game is not that scary*
    Good job dude , good job

  7. No one –
    Foxy running to your door – HERE I COME I AM FOXY

  8. My favorite fnaf game: fnaf vr
    My 2nd favorite fnaf game: fnaf 3

    My favorite character: springbonnie

  9. My Rankings of all the games we have so far:
    10. Fnaf 4
    9. Fnaf 6
    8. Fnaf 3
    7. Fnaf AR
    6. Fnaf World
    5. UCN
    4. Fnaf 1
    3. Fnaf SL
    2. Fnaf 2
    1. Fnaf VR

  10. I can't beat fnaf world. I had to stop after the rainbow.

  11. i like fnaf 4 how the mechanics work and how the characters are so cool even the dlc one and its so scary thats ehy i think its good

  12. I have FNaF 1 installed on my 3DS via homebrew (it's a recreation but whatever). I also own the Google Play and Xbox version so legally, its ok.

  13. 10 Fnaf Special Delivery ( 4/10 )
    09 Fnaf UCN ( 5/10 )
    08 Fnaf FFPS ( 5.5/10 )
    07 Fnaf SL ( 6.5/10 )
    06 Fnaf World ( 7/10 )
    05 Fnaf VR ( 8/10 )
    04 Fnaf 3 ( 9/10 )
    03 Fnaf 4 ( 9/10 )
    02 Fnaf 1 ( 9.5/10 )
    01 Fnaf 2 ( 9.8/10 )

  14. My favorite games (fnaf 3 and fnaf 4) are in the 2 last places lol

  15. To be honest fnaf 4 was the least scary to me, I honestly never understood why people thought it was the scary, I think maybe because the scream was deeper and it's the shrill shrieks of the others that freaked me out more, and the ambience of the others I think is much better for the spook factor

  16. Bru I thought FNaF 1 would get top 3

  17. "I'm too scared to play FNaF 4."

    What if I told you that's the point of a horror game?

  18. VR is overrated.
    FNAF 3 is underrated, and better.

  19. I think SL and fnaf 4 is the best!

  20. Imagine if the list went in order XD

  21. The top five most crazy for Knouff jump scares

  22. I love FNAF World just as much as you do Eth, we should get a FNAF World 2. Make it happen Scott! ÒwÓ

  23. fnaf 1 and 4 r my faviorates but all the games are cool! exept fnaf 2 i dont like that game

  24. My Ranking:
    1. Fnaf VR
    2. Fnaf UCN
    3. Fnaf 2
    4. Fnaf
    5. Fnaf SL
    6. Fnaf 4
    7. Fnaf 6
    8. Fnaf 3
    9. Fnaf World

  25. I loved fnaf 6 its pretty scary difficult

  26. Honestly I understand why fnaf 4 was the least popular. Because there are people who do think that fnaf 4 is the weakest of the original 4 games. Plus I personally find that the main gameplay area got a bit too big there.

  27. NOTE this poll only includes a couple fan votes and might not be fully accurate

  28. The problem with FNaF 4 isn’t that it’s the scariest game. Imo it just how the fear factor goes from 0-100 in this game. You dont get a chance to get acquainted with things until “HOLY SHEESH THERES A NIGHTMARE BUNNY IN YOUR FACE”

  29. The first time my brother played fnaf 1, he saw one of the hallucinations on night 1. Which confused me because I didn’t know that they could appear on night 1

  30. My fav game is fnaf 2 but I don’t really like 3 it’s not scary

  31. Fnaf 4 is not the least popular i bet people say that because its there favorite and they don't wanna be basic…off topic i haven't met a person who said they like fnaf 4 and didn't harass me for liking fnaf 5 they say it makes ruins the lore but ..how? I love fnaf 4 to death but still

  32. Fnaf 5 sl is honestly my favorite game humor mixed with the second scariest jump scares besides fnaf 4 the faceplates moving made me jump our my chair.

  33. "i think fnaf 3 and pizzeria simulator will be at the bottom of the list"

    Me: B-b-b-b-b-b-b-ut, thos are my favorites 🙁

  34. not to be a jerk but what about special delivery?

  35. How is FNaF world above the original game…

  36. I thought FNAF 4 would have been like 3rd

  37. It’s honestly sad fnaf 4 is actually scary and a great game

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