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Ranking All FNAF Games From WORST To BEST (Top 8 Mainline Five Nights At Freddys Games)

Totally Tubular Jonathan
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Ranking all the mainline FNAF games worst to best! It is the month of spooky and that means spooky games! No FNAF world or other weird spinoffs and no jump scares or face cam I promise.

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  1. fnaf 1 then fnaf 3 then fnaf 2 then fnaf 4

  2. 'I don't like this scary game because it is scary'

    Fuck you bro

  3. My list:
    9: FNaF 4
    8: Security Breach
    7: Sister Location
    6: Ultimate Custom Night
    5: FNaF 3
    4: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator
    3: FNaF 2
    2: FNaF 1
    1: Help Wanted

  4. I have only played these

    1. Fnaf 2
    2. Fnaf
    3. Fnaf 4
    4. Fnaf 5
    5. Fnaf 3

  5. Fnaf 2 is my favorite because my favorite animatronic is toy bonnie

  6. I disagree with sister location but everything is pretty good i love fnaf sl my fav

  7. 8 Security breach
    Tbh this game isn't very interesting like at all I hate how they got rid of most of the original fnaf characters except freddy chica and music man and I don't like the gameplay security breach is not interesting and can be quite easy to the boss fights are too long as well and some of the characters have barely any screentime

    7 Ultimate Custom Night
    The gameplay is good but it would be better if it was an ultra custom night the choosing who u wanna add and the challenges are fun but it would be better if there was all of them this game is decent

    6 Fnaf Sister Location
    The Gameplay is bad and I like the custom night I don't like how all the tasks have to be separate apart tho… it contains some of the scariest jumpscares over than fnaf 4

    5 Fnaf 3 Cmon not that bad and you see then move to unlike others and the images are real cool

    4 Fnaf 6
    It's just really funny and contains really good characters

    3 Fnaf
    The og is amaizing

    2 Fnaf 2 Even better than the original with the best images out of every fnaf game

    1 Fnaf 4 MY new favourite game bc it used to be 2 but 4 is epic the best designs and best jumpscares

  8. Personally fnaf help wanted is best but I think you have to be in vr to get the full experience because it doesn’t look very good if your not in vr

  9. help wanted is the best in vr hands down. I completely understand it being 5 without one though.

  10. I think fnaf 3 is my favourite fnaf game because it has a cool green atmosphere also the game has a cool main character springtrap Aka William afton it’s has a cool story and it’s fun idk why it’s underrated it deserves more love 💚

  11. it's funny because none of the games are actually scary lol

  12. My Ranking
    9th FNAF 3
    8th Sister Location
    7th Ultimate Custom Night
    6th FNAF 4
    5th Security Breach
    4th Five Night’s At Freddy’s
    3rd FNAF 2
    2nd Pizzeria Simulator
    1st Help Wanted

  13. i think ucn is a decent game as long as your good and dont just play and rage quite

  14. I would rank the games like this (1,2,3,4,5,6; VR)
    7. FNAF 3
    6. FNAF 6
    5. Sister location
    4. FNAF 4
    3. FNAF 2
    2. FNAF
    1. FNAF VR

  15. My top 3 are:

    1. FNAF 2
    2. FNAF 5: Sister Location
    3. FNAF 4

  16. 1. Pizzeria simulator
    2. fnaf 4
    3. sister location
    4. fnaf 3
    5. HW
    6. fnaf 2
    7. fnaf 1
    8. UCN
    9. Security breach

  17. FNAF6 in my opinion has potential. I loved the salvage parts and the building the pizzarea but I didn’t like the vent gameplay. I would have liked it better with doors as I feel like the game is very much RNG

  18. FNAF 3 is my personal favourite, it's the one that scared me the most!

  19. Five nights at Freddy's 2 and pizzeria simulator are my favorites of the series and 1 and help wanted are almost there

  20. To this day, FNAF 4 really stands out to me as one of the scariest horror games ever made. I agree that FNAF 1 is probably the best FNAF game ever, however, FNAF 4 might even deserve its own category. I was really surprised at how well the developer was able to capture that classic childhood feeling of monsters under the bed and in the closet. It's hard to put into words what playing through FNAF 4 is like. You really get sucked into it like a bad dream.

  21. Idc about anyones opinion. Fnaf 2 is THE fnaf game. It has almost all main animatronics and the gameplay is perfected from the previous game.

  22. My favorite is fnaf 4 it is the scariest and the keeps you on your toe the most

  23. FNAF 1 is the easiest game out of all of these games. 4 / 20 took on 5 times, while I still can't beat Springtrap during 5th night.

  24. the latest version of security breach is not working for me

  25. on mobile the night 4 in fnaf sister location is too hard 🙁

  26. This video mostly is just you ranking it by nostalgia kinda outdated from the start :/

  27. Here’s how I rank them: (best to the left and worst to the right)

    Best: FNAF 4, FNAF 3, FNAF 2, FNAF 1
    Good: Sister Location, Ultimate Custom Night, FNAF World
    Okay: Pizza Sim, Help Wanted
    Bad: Security Breach

    If you want me to explain my reasoning, I can.

  28. I must say fnaf sister location was one of the best fnaf games every made, my personally favorite

  29. Aight, my list with explanations. (SB) it's ass. (SL) its just not AS good, everything else from here will have an actual explanation. (Vr) extremely versatile, that's about it. (Fnaf 6), it's well made, the office section is meh, the minigames feel like it makes it original. Although what takes it is the opening cutscene. (Fnaf 3) gameplay loop is a certain win, let Pfreddy jump you, let BB jump you, go to cam 2, lure him, repeat… Still a really good game. (Fnaf 2) decently hard, you only have 5 characters to deal with realistically, {vent, mask, puppet, toy Bonnie, and foxy}. So the loop is pretty simple. Besides that it's kinda average. (Fnaf 4) it's fnaf 1 but easier, and audio i guess. Just keep foxy out and you win. (Ucn) exactly the opposite of what he said. (Fnaf 1) well, ask me anything and I will answer.

  30. Out of all fnaf games I’ve only played UCN, fnaf 1, fnaf 2, fnaf 3 and sister location, I think fnaf 2, although it was ok, just wasn’t as good as the others and was quite a let down. All you hear is this constant bell in the background, this annoying vent that isn’t even scary, there’s not any creepy ambient music, that annoying music box you constantly have to wind, BB is an annoying brat and you don’t hear that sound effect you hear when someone’s at the door in fnaf 1, instead you have no creepy sound effect when you turn the light on and someone new is there. Your flashlight doesn’t work for about 5 seconds to look in the hallway, and when the robots are in the vents, they don’t look real, toy bonnie looks so fake in the vents, and because of these toy animatronics, they don’t even look scary, I just think nothing can beat chica giving you a horrifying stare through the window (which looked real) and foxy’s running animation, he doesn’t look fake and cartoony even after 8 years! It literally looks like a ravenous machine coming after you. The only thing that scared me in fnaf 2 was when withered Freddy entered my office. There is just to many bad guys and to many things to do and so, that took away the creepiness. However in fnaf 1, there is only four and not like a million, so it was more creepy. Same with fnaf 3, since there’s only one makes it creepy, I mean, the fact that you have nothing but an audio is just terrifying, and hearing springtrap in the vents, when he stares at you through the window and seeing him run down the corridor when you lift the monitor up is as creepy as hell, and because in fnaf 1 and 3 there isn’t absolutely loads of bad guys so they are way more creepy (this is my opinion)
    Edit: if you were able to read this comment well done :>

  31. My list:by my favourites

    9 ultimate custom night
    8 security breach
    7 pizzeria simulator
    6 sister location
    5 fnaf 3
    4 fnaf 1
    3 help wanted
    2 fnaf 4
    1 fnaf 2

  32. 8 – Help Wanted
    7 – Ultimate Custom Night
    6 – Fnaf 3
    5 – Sister Location
    4 – Fnaf 4
    3 – Pizzeria Simulator
    2 – Fnaf
    1 – Fnaf 2

  33. imo
    8. ultimate custom night
    7. help wanted
    6. sister location
    5. fnaf 4
    4. pizzeria simulator
    3. fnaf 3
    2. fnaf 1
    1. fnaf 2

  34. Help wanted took sister location gameplay and fixed it in some of its mini games

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