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Quackity Plays The Scariest FNaF Game Ever

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Spooky rage.
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Streamed on: January 6, 2022
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  1. things i learnt:
    1- hes not bald
    2- i will simp for the hair
    3- he isnt dead
    4- weirdcore bg
    5- p i s s 1 0 1

  2. Me and the majority of the streamers when we first saw the Glamrocks: "Wow, they look so cool!"
    Quackity: "THEY'RE SEXY"

  3. OML! "I wanna be inside Freddy!" Quackity 2022.

  4. (The entire stream) random dude :” ok this is epic”

  5. The fact that Quackity confuses Chica with Freddy 💀

  6. Roxanne wolf is literally the most attractive animatronic I’ve ever seen in my 17 years alive

  7. Is no one talking about how Quackity was literally simping for Glamrock Freddy so much in the beginning XD

  8. The moment he puts the YMCA music on and goes "serious speedrunner mode" and dies almost instantly got me laughing for minutes straight

  9. The true drunk capricorn vibes 😀

  10. As a fnaf fan SB isnt scary at all
    Scariest FNAF gane were Fnaf 6 and Sister Location that my opinion

  11. Quackity is honestly one of the reasons I haven't given up.

  12. No lo pude ver en directo, lloro. /Quackity emo

  13. This stream is so fuckking hilarious 😂

  14. No one
    Quackity:did you make this game??

    Karl: (this is the moment he realized he fricked up)…EEerm no

  15. why the fuck this vod has an age restriction

  16. I love how he literally just turned serious 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. I showed my mom that I was watching this and didn't notice the words on the backround at the beginning til after😭

  18. 1:21:33 why is it so funny when people start to get scared to really happy music

  19. Why the hell does this have a warning? 😭

  20. It started getting emotionally personal at 14:00

  21. quackity: stalls for about 18 mins
    me: likes his little rants

  22. Glamrock Chica needs to be VAC Banned for streamsniping and cheating, obviously. -Retroity

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