Playing YOUR Roblox FNAF Games! -

Playing YOUR Roblox FNAF Games!

Gallant Gaming
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Playing YOUR Roblox FNAF Games!

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  1. Thank you for streaming, it was awesome being a part of it!

  2. I couldn't watch it Iive because I live in England and it was midnight

  3. Why is his small emoji thing at the side where's his normal video marking setting

  4. gallant you now phantom foxy it not a player he is a npc phantom foxy will teleport different place and you need to touch phantom foxy fast before phantom foxy teleport to different place trust me

  5. Could you play return of animatronica again?

  6. Hey Gallant i wanted to ask if you could try my game Freddy's Old Times RP out. Unfortunately
    it is sort of the only way to advertise my games, because im a 4 year old on roblox (long story). I would be happy!

    Btw. the stream was really fun to watch, even if i missed it.
    You make me and many other people so happy with your content thx Gallant! 🙂

  7. Gallant gaming if you're reading this please be my friend meet me in Roblox fredbear's Mega roleplay

  8. I'll be in fredbear's mega roleplay I hope we'll see each other soon

  9. It was a pleasure to donate you a amount you wouldn't have expected. I enjoy every single moment you make a video

  10. Htf is a show called happy tree friends basically it starts good but then basically it goes wrong badly i love it

  11. Gallant Gallant!
    Freggy had a update there's event now
    Check it out because there is a brand new character too!
    the creator said that at the next monday it will be gone!

  12. i love it! the fnaf world remake

  13. U sound like Funtime Freddy from the oddities rp🤨👀🤨👀

  14. Yeah what do you mean I want to be your friend but there’s one reason I’m not a YouTuber😅😅

  15. Gallant please play the fnaf world game again because there is a new update and gallant you make me so happy when i'm sad 😀

  16. As a beginner I would choose bonnie

  17. gallant use my t-shirt called augh the fmr t-shirt

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