Playing The WORST FNAF Fan Games | May 26, 2023 -

Playing The WORST FNAF Fan Games | May 26, 2023

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  1. Five nights at chica’s was absolutely horrifc

  2. I’ve gotten copyrighted for the opening Security Breach music but luckily it didn’t do anything

  3. Five Nights At Chica’s is my new favorite FNAF fan game. Idc that it’s a broken mess, it’s too funny to not like 💀

  4. Has Spiff played Five Night's at the toilet? Pretty good

  5. Im watching this after I missed your latest stream T>T I love your vods and videos though!

  6. You can't blame those guys at the church for using among us. Believe it or not those used to be normal words before… you know.

  7. Something is off about that copy right “claim”

  8. 33.30 is that triple jumpscare intended lmao

  9. An L shaped desk isnt the best, a normal desk with a pull out section to make it into an L

  10. So was Chum bucket made by the same devs as flumpty? Or is the egg just a reference

  11. Why do streamers never listen to what the game says? The game describes in depth that someone will mess with the gen

  12. I love "straight" being used as an insult
    really love that humanity continuing is now a bad thing

  13. The chat going "HOW ITS MADE" made my day. Grew up obsessed with that show

  14. First time catching a stream and first time seeing myself in chat 😀

  15. In the original return to Freddy’s the animatronics weren’t random they would move at predetermined times of the night

  16. the va on chicas party world istg sounds like the "im going to break my moniter i sware"

  17. 🎵Dumb ways to get copyright strike…🎵
    🎵So many dumb ways to get copyright strike…🎵
    🎵Dumb ways to get a copyright strike!🎵
    🎵So many dumb ways to get copyright strike🎵


    YES ITS THE SL NIGHT 4 SUIT. OH MY GOD. Everyone continuously going "omg toy chica" NOOOO YOU FAIL ME.

  19. I knew the editing on the new video reminded me of Martincitopants, though it was just a coincidence lol

  20. the ending is unrealistic, the main character would have definitely been fired for putting themself at risk and potentially getting the company sued if they died.

  21. To anyone who wants to play the original The Return to Freddy's games: don't. David Baron downloaded them and he got a Trojan virus lmao

  22. God its so frustrating seeing spiff completely ignore instructions and people in chat giving him incorrect instructions during fnacb

  23. 33:31. It took a while, but the Jumpscare was peach, Luigi and Wario at the same time. 😭 why did it take me a whole 5 minutes to figure that out 😭😭😭

    Edit: just continued watching and found out spiff already knows- 😭

  24. i can’t believe you called five nights at warios bad

  25. It was so bizarre to hear the Fang the Sniper boss fight theme from Sonic (The Hedgehog) Robo Blast 2 during the beaver boss fight.

  26. Making the player not able to move at certain times is probably one of the easiest fucking things to do in code and they didn't even try

  27. seems like you didn't even include the character on your own thumbnail. Those Nights at Rachels. You should actually play it before putting it on a thumbnail of a video named "Playing The WORST FNAF Fan Games."

  28. Ok, so i realised the enemies in the "Shooutout" minigame were all Rouge the bat?
    And alot of the music is also Sonic.
    Which i find wild af.

  29. seeing spiff play a wwwario game is a fever dream

  30. I mean I know everyone already knows this but the return to Freddy’s was the first fan game made

  31. this is why I hate copy right laws, it restricts creativity and causes unnecessary hassle

  32. I want him the one that is recording the stream to tell me why fnatkk/five nights at krusty krab ch2 is bad? It’s SpongeBob in a FnaF style What is something bad?

  33. We are happily in the first 75k subs for spiff VODS

  34. The absolute zero reaction to squilliam afton took me out

  35. Copyrighted for ambience… might as well be copyrighted for breathing now Spiff, the first human claimed rights to that a long time ago.

  36. I hate how people shit on dormitabis for being edgy. It's graphics and mechanics may have been clunky, but so were most fan-games at the time. Honestly, the main-line games aren't edgy enough. Of course, I don't condone the creator's actions or tendencies, and I seriously can't condone his inclusion of r*pe, pedophilia, necrophilia, and grooming into the story of the game.

  37. You need to play the Fnaw seires its one of if not the best fnaf fangame series out their


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