Playing the SCARIEST Game ever made… -

Playing the SCARIEST Game ever made…

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Playing the SCARIEST Game ever made…with PrestonPlayz 👊

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  1. I'm a kid and I'm Ariana and I love Preston's videos and Brianna

  2. It's so funny like when Freddy and them pops up and it just jumpscares Preston

  3. Preston can we do a FNaF 3 Race to Aggressive nightmare?

  4. Hi Preston, have you played custom night? You definitely won’t be scared 🙃🙃🙃

  5. He means Micheal Afton,the little boy your playing as is Chris Aftob


  7. The boy with the Foxy mask is his older brother Mike and the one you play as C.C

  8. Let me put you back together then take you apart all over again

  9. In the Nightmare animatronics, there is a new one named Nightmare. The big bear in the last night that you did was Nightmare Fredbear, so not necessarily Freddy. It would be interesting to see you complete the last nights. It would be harder since you only dealt with 5, but there are many more Nightmare animatronics that you dont see yet. I’ve enjoyed this, hope you had fun Preston!



  12. I love that at minute 3,50 he got scared so he was like hulululululululullælælælælælælælæl

  13. Bruh I play freddy 4 to but I don't scream but a lose a lot of time by chica and bonnie

  14. I think it would be funny to do one in VR maybe sister location?

  15. lets try and guve him his 100k likes here cause I wanna see the 6th 7th and 8th night does anyone else do to?

  16. The little Freddy’s are called freddles

  17. The guy with the gray shirt is Chris Afton

  18. It’s a bear and you really didn’t miss that one for nights at Freddy’s series Also those are in Emma Tronics there’s five nights at Freddy’s one friend nights at Freddy‘s 2nights at And five nights at Freddy’s 4 and sister location and a multiplayer game of five nights at Freddy’s and finally help wanted five nights at Freddy’s VR And mcu five nights at Freddy’s which is also part of the series and finally security breach

  19. I like how the shirt name was 20 million subs when he has 13.3M subs

  20. 1:22 No that isn't Saintan, that is the Cry Childs older brother, also Foxy is a boy. There's Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Chica, Nightmare Foxy, Nightmare Fredbear, and Nightmare
    And also Markiplier died 3 times on Night 1, so you're not that bad
    And also, I play FNaF a lot, I'm a FNaF person, so I know this stuff
    Also, not trying to be rude and all, but Markiplier is the King of Fove Nights at Freddy's, He always says that lol

  21. Subscribe to Preston cause he made pet simulator X. on roblox

  22. Dude I’m littler than you and I’m not scared of fnaf all time though

  23. Is it actually the scariest every made or cap?

  24. Literally Preston calling teenage Michael as "Satan"💀💀

  25. The person that you said "is it Satan!?" No it is not Satan his name is Michael

  26. I love the “Obi Wan’s two fav words” edit

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