Playing the CANCELLED FNAF Fan Game.. -

Playing the CANCELLED FNAF Fan Game..

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Chompers A FNAF pitch demo of the game which is now canceled. This demo would have been sent over to Scott.

Chomper’s Cancelled Fanverse Pitch Demo:

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fnaf chompers gameplay & fnaf chompers demo


  1. I was so excited for chompers and JRS, and now I feel like I can just not.. support JRs its a great game, but cmon man really?


  3. Apparently the team made all their files and assets to the game public, so anybody could make a fan made finished version of Chomper’s.

  4. k but how is leaking even bad, like I'm legit confused.

  5. I hope Scot buys this demo out and re-opens it to the public as a new fnaf game not just a fangame.IDK if he would, just my hopes.Maby he could redesign it,adding more areas with the same grahpics as the oridganal to add perspective.Maby add more animotronics and or better character designs,maby add more ligting.Just my opinon comment after this post if you agree or even red this far.

  6. Why would they not support this masterpiece 😤 😨😭💔 I'm very upset. I gotta know why thos was canceled 😞

  7. Man Scott Cawthon's fnaf games are fun and the best game
    R.I.P Scott Cawthon

  8. Bro this game had POTENTIAL why did they steal CRAP and children's names bro

  9. I couldn't find much on the pear thing can someone explain it to me?

  10. Aww… I really like free roam fnaf fan game😢

  11. I'm so so sad about this. I was extremely excited. 🙁


  13. YES!!! This was so much better looking than Security Breach. I enjoyed SB, but the "missions" were just like crossing off chores on a list. HORROR! Have fun, Fuzion!

  14. Nooo NOT CHOMPERS 🙁

  15. What is the fnaf pair situation? I look it up and it's a bunch of like ships on wattpad with Frozen Characters tbh

  16. You make me happy this is what I was like before😶 this is what I like now😊

  17. still funny how the fan base makes scaryer games than the actual games scott made himself (no offence to scott)

  18. Fusion… He's singing Old Mc Donald Had A Farm just saying…

  19. And this is why I'm starting to see the entire fandom as children instead of actual adults, a game with actual potential and uniqueness all gone.

  20. I wonder why they canceled it ? It looks really good I just don't understand

  21. ultranite should have allowed the team to release their work instead of having it go to waste even if it was only for the fanverse this fangame had potential and it really shows

  22. Imagine working on something that could've been a masterpiece, and being so excited about it being released to the public, and then all of a sudden, because of the immature actions of your head developer, it's cancelled. Ultranite has proven that he is and will forever be an immature and manipulative person, who tries to hurt people who think are his friends all for their own benefit, I hope this impacts them heavily both online and in real life.

  23. Bruh the alligator that sings is literally monty + rockstar chica

  24. The title makes me love William afton’s rage even more

  25. I remember when chompers was teased I was so excited and hyped but now hearing that it's canceled really is a bummer makes me sad this game had lots of potential I hope they will change there mind and keep working on it and release it

  26. ‘Id recognise those feet anywhere’ 😟🤨🤨

  27. Why does this
    Game has fnaf security breach music

  28. How to get a fnaf game cannon. Ask scott and if he says yes then it cannon to the universe of fnaf cannon lore.

  29. this is what the article said about FNAF pear Regarding Chomper's – Chomper's Cancelled Fanverse Pitch Demo by Ken 🐦 So as many of you know, the director of Chomper's, was caught doing some nasty stuff behind the scenes, which is what eventually lead to the game's cancellation.

  30. I wish one day chomper’s will be uncancelled so I can see gameplay

  31. man, this game looks SO cool. i hope the rest of the team that's not part of the PEAR, or maybe even another group of devs altogether, finishes this, because this looked SO SO cool and promising, i hate for it all to go to waste. . .

  32. I was looking forward to chompers.
    Now it canceled I feel sad now.

  33. The fact that angers me the most is that solely because of The Pear drama, we'll never have Chomper's nor JR's in the Fazbear Fanverse.

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