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What’s up MA DUDES!!!! How is it going today? Today we are going to be playing FNAF Security Breach: Ruin DLC!!! Yup, its here and today we are playing the FULL GAME!!! We are going to see our buddy Sun and Moon, Chica, Montgomery Gator and even Roxy. We are going to solve all of the new puzzles and play as the new character named Cassie. As we play the game, we are going to be doing things as differently as we can and making our own funny moments along the way! But today we get the craziest ending, and maybe we can do a FNAF Security Breach: Ruin DLC all endings run where we find all of the secrets. But most importantly I am looking forward to mods! Join me on this amazing and exciting adventure as we discover what’s in the NEW FNAF RUIN DLC!!! Enjoy.
#dakblake #fnaf #fnafsecuritybreach

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Songs by Kevin Macleod

Ending: Back Again by LEMMiNO


  1. And I'll tell you about the passion Thomas should be play story than happy happy Mother's the best thing ever to Play Store

  2. hope the WALL-rus survived the earthquake that shaked the pizzaplex.

  3. Why didn't he add that roxy was Cassius friend

  4. I also confused that WHY MONTY JUST GLICTH TO FLORE me be like???????????

  5. 13 mins in on the cam he was reading and glitch trap walks by

  6. dakblake is my favorite youtuber

  7. Help i actually cried when he had to defuse roxy😥😥

  8. OCTOBER 27 is when fnaf movie. Comes out you watching it or nah.
    . 👇

  9. Gregory didn't break the elevator for you to die He actually was trying to say that They're he's gonna try to go down there and help you with 1 of his friends Ruined it and was saying that he was that it was going to do the thing with the elevator was actually the mimic that's the thing that Roxy was trying to fight off for you and Rip Roxy

  10. I love your content most banban and i love this video, dont stop what your doing ❤️

  11. How do you say in the video version? Oh wait, your teeth are yellow I’m OK with that is funny.

  12. I have loved your videos for almost a year now

  13. That the real plus security breach is rude that is that a glitch. I played this game before on my arm on my computer and it’s not a glitch. Just trust me and it’s not a glitch you actually use the walkie-talkie. What is your walkie-talkie? See how to plug-in you can usually charge to turn the thing on yeah

  14. Dakblake wanna record together LukeTube Gaming

  15. Ppl that felt emotional when cassie had to knock down roxy👇🥲

  16. When I Saw Monty I thought he fell into the floor Who else thought that👇🏿

  17. I also hate cockroaches because one time I saw a cockroach and I and I and then it scared me so badly that I tripped and and I hit my head on the hard floor

  18. You are so nice to all if us,thank you,ur one if my fav youtubers.

  19. By the way which one do you like more sun or moon anybody can reply to this I just want to know cuz my favorite Sun he's guess more hot😅

  20. By the way Garland of ban ban is coming out on August 11th just let you know so you can play it after one second of it being out😊

  21. The teeth are teeth are yellow got me😂

  22. I mint Garden everybody put 😡 if you hate autocorrect to

  23. 4 a.m. I'm playing horror game that at 5 a.m. I'm getting nightmares but that's the fun so then I can die after 6 a.m. then people make my grave at 7 a.m.😂

  24. If you deactivate them do decide on your ending

  25. Can you play Hello Neighbor again I love those videos

  26. i love the milkybanana jokes i have been watching for 7 years

  27. After the after title u get a voice line from roxy

  28. They made this game so much cooler with the V.A.N.N.I network mask thingy, and dakblake made it even better!

  29. Me calling gregory:gregory are ypu ok Gregory:were is the milky banana😂😂😂

  30. Dakblake:it's like the real five nights at Freddy's
    Me:but it is

  31. Remember that William Afton had a daughter.Cassie is his daughter.

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