Playing FNAF in Roblox was a mistake... w/Mully -

Playing FNAF in Roblox was a mistake… w/Mully

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FNAF forgotten memories is a new game on Roblox that is actually good!

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  1. When i saw u uploaded a video about this i became so fricking happy

  2. Holly god daim sweet peace of crap this… THIS GAME HAS SH*T GOOD GRAFICTS AND ANIMATION

  3. I stayed up intill 1 in the morning with my friends to complete night 1 through 6

  4. should TOTALLY play Toys R Us on Roblox… it's HARD but actually kinda scary but kinda not, so yeah

  5. Do Duolingo to learn Spanish: ❌

    Watch Eddie:✅

  6. Anyone know who fernanfloo is?

  7. Guess you could say that Freddy is unBEARable

  8. Sup eddie, i will be your phone guy for this comment section, so as yk in FNAF there is up to 6 nights, each night the crew gets bigger, from freddy in the first night, bonney comes in second, chika in third, and foxy in fourth, they start to get together in each night to try and kill you (as you know), but here is a warning keep checking the damn curtains, because puppet is a little heat seeking missle mf where if you hide anywhere in vents or closets he will still get you, and also there is golden freddy where he will kill you instanly if you stay idel for too long or if you dont trun the power back on as fast as you could, now enough with the animatronics, now what you need to do, number1: check the cams if you want to see where are the animatronics are, number 2: in the first night there will be arrows to guide you to either the generators or the vent system. However in the other nights there is no arrows to guide you so memorize the way to them, number 3: speaking of the generators and vent system there is a screen that tells you their conditions and if the power is off the time will be frozen until you turn it back on its also guarded by bonney in the second night, number 4: the oxygen is needed too as you know but its protected by fredy so you either need a diversion or out run him and hide somewhere with out seeing you, number 5: there is hiding places vents and closets you can hide in the vent only if there is oxygen if there is no oxygen then you only have the closets where its a pain in the bottox to find because there are small numbers of them, so yeah, congrats having the job in tony's tacos and goodluck my friend.

  9. ay eddie u should probably play i heard it too in rec room

  10. Damn I didn’t know Eddie could sing that well WHEEENNNNN the moon hits the sky like a big piece of pie

  11. What’s the name of the name? I want to give it a try

  12. I found a game on Roblox which was this game, Forgotten Memories and I told my friend Jay about it. We completed 4 nights of this game already but we never finished so when I saw this video, I already knew how to beat 4 nights of this game and here’s what we did:

    She did the oxygen and I did the generators for every single night that we played and from her experience from the oxygen in the arcade, Freddy camps that spot but from my experience, Bonnie can camp loading dock so I avoid where Bonnie is and I go the other way

    In the stage room across from the Arcade there is another way to get to parts and service but it’s behind a door in the main stage room so you go behind the door and walk forward past the desk that has a battery on it and you go down a few hallways to get to it. I only had to use that way a few times and those few times were when the power was off and I didn’t have batteries for my light so it’s very hard navigating through those tables in the dark which I wouldn’t recommend so stay near the generators at all times and if smoke comes out a generator in the parts and service area then it’s malfunctioning and that means that if the other one has smoke coming out of it, they will both turn off so it’s best to fix the generator when the smoke comes out but I usually fix them both even as there isn’t any smoke coming out of it

    Golden Freddy: will attack if lights are out or if you’re standing still for too long

    Freddy: roams around stage area, near the bathrooms and arcade

    Chica: will attack you in power room but if you look at her directly in the eyes and back away as she’s slowly rebooting you can survive her

    Foxy: look at the cameras and shine your light at him often or he will rush to your office and kill you
    Bonnie: he will attack you if your near him at the loading dock

    Night one: Signs will appear on night one saying where things are and only Freddy will be roaming around and puppet will be getting out slowly. Everything is slow so nothing will be fast right away and no stress will be added

    Night 2: First go to the generators, don’t go through the loading dock but go the other way and find the generators in parts and service room and find both then go from the first one to the other. They’ll both be around the corner from one another so it’d be quicker to find them that way and also no animatronics don’t roam around the generators until night 3

    One of u go to oxygen at 2am and Freddy camps in that area so when he pases go behind the arcades nearby the prize counter so he won’t be seen by Freddy and he needs to go back and forth from the oxygen to behind the arcades the ones in the middle of the room nearby the prize counter cause that is what works when I tried it

    Also the person that goes to the oxygen has to return after they fixed the oxygen so while they do the oxygen they go back to the camera room and close the curtains so the puppet won’t leave easily

    Night 3: Chica will be roaming around generators so be careful with that. The power and oxygen will deplete faster, and puppet will try to come out more so y’all gotta be quick when doing your things and the animatronics speed up more and more

    Also at the end of this night you will get a waver saying if you accept or reject the terms on the paper or not when the phone guy describes to you what to do over the phone

    Night 4: Foxy comes out and the person doing the ventilation needs to be careful because if Foxy doesn’t have light shinned on him, he will automatically kill the person he’s near right away and the power and oxygen will deplete even faster. If I recall correctly, Foxy comes near the oxygen room Aka the arcade and he mostly comes through the right door in the security room rather than the door straight ahead.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  13. If anyone wants to play this game and doesn't know the name it is called "Forgotten Memories"

  14. Omg please finish the game lol I love these videos with Mully!!

  15. Messi or Ronaldo or ishowspeer SUWIIIIII

  16. bro that game gets harder as you keep playing so good luck and have fun. Better to play with 4 people so like, you mully ,josh and juicy

  17. Pls do part 2

    Coment if u agre👇

  18. Does anyone Have a link or the name of this Game? I tried looking it up but can't find it to play it.

  19. Can we appreciate how Eddie kept looking at the vent and never hid in it😊

  20. my cousin came over just to ask about eddie "why is his nose so big ?"

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