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Welcome to FNAF Simulator, one of the most creative Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-games that’s been around for a while. We’re used to taking the rolw of the night guard in FNAF games, but what if instead we were the animatronic seeking him down..?

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  1. At the start I heard tomadachi life musuc

  2. how did you download it its in a rar file please help i cant download it if it's in a rar file

  3. Bro my lights flickered when he turned into spring trap scared tf out of me XD

  4. baby's inside the room
    nightgaurd:close the door
    youe were caught bruh?????

  5. 9632 is the code for the basement in the joy of creation story mode how did people figure that out

  6. Anyone know where I can find the game though

  7. Siren head sans Trevor Henderson vlogs AND GAMING says:

    Me is night guard
    Ryan:Freddy sneaking behind me
    Me: turns around to snap neck

  8. Bro this game looks so good, but for some reason i cant play it, when i install it it wont let me open it or somthing

  9. ryan: this sucks
    a few minutes later
    ryan: this has to be the coolest one so far

  10. Pretend for eneard btw he gats in the animatronic bc when he did pretend eneard wasn’t there

  11. So you killed me in fnaf 3 ( I’m kidding for people who don’t take jokes)

  12. Bro petition to make it multplayer🤨?like that would be heat like outsmarting ut friends as guard bruh

  13. Ya'll talking about the elevator music but can we talk about how cool the 'playing as Springtrap' level was :000

  14. why is it so laggy for me i spent liek an hour setting it up but its so laggy:(

  15. 13:47 Yea I Know What Happening
    *Ahem* So henry became a pyromaniac then burn down the entire building ;-;

  16. Me playing this on a low end pc: this is fine
    The PC: *death*

  17. "Yeah we are playing fnaf simulator i know ive done this befo-"
    reads desc…

    "FNAF 6"

  18. Its been 11 months

    Do more of fnaf simulator pls

  19. I have a animatronic which was so damaged I can not even tell what it was. It was like only the skin was torn off. The machinery is in perfect condition, strangely. When I go in the basement it occasionally turns on the basement and sings a creepy song. The song has no real lyrics just random nothingness. The reason it turns on is due to the fact it is motion activated. The structure of it is a thin body with massive wires that somehow grow. It looks a lot like night marionette. It has become so big it the basement. When it turns on, it just waves the wires around at high speeds. Somehow it occasionally directs all cords to you and holds on for about 10 seconds. I just do not know how I don’t get electrocuted by it. It’s so strange that I think it may be haunted and I am not generally superstitious about these things. I hope one of you actually believes my story because it is 100% real

  20. Guys how do you fix a 'failed to open descriptor file' error? I can't use any admin things as my account is a local account. It would be great if you could help me.

  21. I love this simulation of play as animatronics 💓


  23. I’m a transformers fan, so this would be interesting
    Five Nights at the Nemesis
    The “animatronics” aka Decepticons
    Megatron: the most dangerous of them, basically Freddy
    Starscream: don’t let him get to far, if he gets that far, you’re dead
    Soundwave: will deploy either Ravage or Lazerbeak to hunt you down, if either find you Soundwave will come after you
    Shockwave: mostly passive but is kind of annoying, because he can disable cameras for a short time
    Barricade: (I ran out of ideas for G1) doesn’t stay in one place, goes to random places but gets ever closer
    Galvatron: just Golden Freddy buy shows up only on the fifth night

    The main gimmick to fend off the decepticons is to hide under the desk however certain ones can tear the desk off and kill you, after the fifth night the Autobots break into the Nemesis and save you
    Night six is just Galvatron, and he is, dangerous
    Custom night will have some secrets
    1983: the Decepticons change to their 2007 movie versions
    1984: Megatron becomes Galvatron but it’s just a reskin, Starscream becomes cyclonus but also a reskin, Soundwave becomes Soundwave and there’s a chance for Ratbat to replace Lazerbeak, Shockwave becomes Shakwave, the same thing, and Barricade becomes Runamuck, Galvatron stays the same
    1986: Secret seventh character Nemesis Prime is unlocked

    The map is basically the FNAF 2 map but more transformers looking

  24. I think the red thing is the the night guard watching you

  25. The backstory for the pretend thing on ennard is that ennard goes inside the animatronic and uses their suit to use their abilitys

  26. the pizzeria being lit on fire ryan: Oh this sucks 😀

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