Playing A FNAF Fan Game I Made In 5th Grade... -

Playing A FNAF Fan Game I Made In 5th Grade…

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Today, we will be playing one of my old and canceled FNAF Fan Games that I made when I was in 5th grade, and oh boy is it atrocious, along with some details of how the game came about and how me and my friends found it! I hope you enjoy this video!

➤ The Game –

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My own personal discord! Join to talk to the members of the server, have fun, and be able to talk to me! As well as taking part in our occasional game nights, where the server gathers together to play some games!

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Although I am going to quit game development, here’s my gamejolt page in case you’re curious.

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In case you want to play sometime!

➤ About Me
I am a 13 year old boy who loves computers, editing videos, and obviously playing Rainbow Six Siege! I hope that my videos can bring some happiness to people during their days where they may be happy or sad. I hope you enjoy my content and you should head over to my discord if you want to talk sometime, I’m basically always active!

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  1. What software did you use to make it anyway?? XD

  2. So your 16 or 18 at the time of the video…

  3. 4:00
    Yo we ain't got no goldfish crackers left and Darwin acting up where r they

  4. Nice video keep up the good work and just subbed

  5. I'm actually planning a better version of this, called "Dark Times at Gumball's"!

  6. I thought you were in like college, until I read the all about me.

  7. The thing is that I’m in year 2 and I wanna make a game….. also what software did you use to make this on

  8. Disney's Fnaf: Five Night at Treasure Island
    Nick's Fnaf: Five Night's at Chum Bucket
    CN's Fnaf:

  9. Is Richard sopost to be golden freddy

  10. You: makes a fnaf game as a 5th grade student
    Me: can't even script the game

  11. i made a game in unity Call Collecting Stuff its about collecting games and other stuff its a 10 month project and i dont release cuz it got almost corrupted and i cant release it almost made 1000 bucks

  12. It's funny how at the end the music just started to play over him talking lol

  13. Hello? It’s me Louie I just like to give you a heads up on your first night let me tell you on what is going on
    Random people have been going missing in the town recently and the Waterson‘s was the first they were last seen in the house just watching the TV the kids were upstairs just watching videos and then the incident happened they were found in the secret basement some days later and we still didn’t know who done it I’ve been here before you so I just like to give you some guidance Nicole and Richard seem to be the 1st to be awake and I think they should come out the little hole in the bedroom and I think Richard comes out the door don’t blame me if it doesn’t happen I was the first so they might do different things now The kids should be in the kitchen so watch out for them they might come around and every moment that’s all I have to say so make sure nothing goes wrong

  14. Instead of it being 5 nights it’s 1 night beacuse it was canceled

  15. i am in 5th grade and my art is fan fricking tastic

  16. Trust me I can’t make anything better then that

  17. Wow this is good for a 5th grader. You were a genius or something like that

  18. First game i made was in unity and i published it to gamejolt and its called “Tech Racing” it has a crappy art banner and my user is FazbearBoi or my user on yt idk

  19. Hey nice games mine were
    On scratch but I have moved on to unity and pocket code for my mobile games

  20. Very good I’m trying to make my own fnaf as well

  21. Is no one gonna talk about OBBY FOR SUCC

  22. Thare is a fnaf fan game in working on called five nights at spikey Otis characters are hammy the hamster spikey Otis the cat lizzy the lizard and millo a dog and last golden spikey Otis not guaranteed to be added

  23. Five nights at trigger warning

  24. In 5th grade I didn’t know anything about code and I still dont

  25. you should keep going one your old games =)

  26. What did you make game on and if it’s good I want to try to make my own game but actually good lol

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