Past Afton’s react to Game Theory | The Secret Afton | FNAF | -

Past Afton’s react to Game Theory | The Secret Afton | FNAF |

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Um yeah I finished this finally after a few weeks so yay me- my hands really hurt now

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  1. Soooooo….. More theory reaction when?

  2. L.O.L L.O.L L.O.L Anyone understand??????? Lol😉😉😉😉😉😉

  3. I see alot of videos that there is 4 siblings but terrence afton is michael afton so its three

  4. The MISSING is foxy bonnie golden freddy

  5. Vennsa is a robot with Elizabeths soul in it.

  6. No no no no no elizabeth has orange hair not BLOND hair

  7. The puppet's eyes aren't red too, does this mean the glamlie theory stands a small chance?

  8. william after all of those things happen: "IM STUPID AND HE WAS RIGHT!"

  9. William still in the t pose from last vid

  10. i would like to see the aftons reacting to the songs

  11. you need to floss Gregory. You will get gunned down Gregory.

  12. Also god, Elizabeth emotes William to the T. Like Father like Daughter.

  13. Awesome. Finished it. Now, I know it takes time. I hope you will do the 3rd and the 4th videos. Good luck.

  14. Jellybean its not a mistake its a MASTERPIECE says:

    Wait scoping ice cream and the scoper and elizabeth death

  15. Me: sees thumbnail
    Also me: Oh no… It's spreading

    Btw amazing video 😌💜

  16. Do other one please 🫡please

  17. If y'all curious on what William said in the end, he said:

    "BrAiN dAmAgE" 👁️👄👁️

  18. William is still t-posing in the beginning

  19. slow the video to x0.25 if you want to see what peepaw said.

  20. Not the thumbnail having derp William, lmao.

  21. What happened to William’s Face in the end?

  22. Also Gregory could just be some kid that cc possesed

  23. Jelly_Nightmare aka Creative Nightmare Creativity says:

    Love your designs and in general everything about your aftons

  24. I still find it funny he mentions the importance to key details and then turns to Liz being blond when she is clearly a redhead

  25. T⃗H⃗U⃗M⃗D⃗N⃗A⃗I⃗L⃗ 10/10

  26. Past afton's react game theory: fnaf, is golden Freddy really in security breach (security breach)? 😉

  27. Oh no afton got the tpose dumb virus afton spread the virus too elizabeth

  28. No when baby is In ctroll her eyes turn blue 💙 also love you

  29. “ – Scrapt Baby looks like Chucky.. – “

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