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(PART 2) How To Make a ADVANCED FNAF Game on Scratch

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Today, I will be showing you how you can make your very own ADVANCED FNAF Game on Scratch. Just follow ALL the steps in this video and your game will look amazing in no time.


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  1. Everytime I try to click new game on mine it qualifies as touching the static and it just cant start
    Edit: I just had to delete the static

  2. I add little movement to news papper and warning text 🙂

  3. Bro, when he made the newspaper really big, my scratch wouldn't let me [put it that big

  4. am i the only one who doesnt hear him at the part when he codes the nights?

  5. i subscribe to your vids (thank you for helping me making this game)

  6. If you work 24 hours straight and make 50 dollars and u work for 1 week straight u can make 201600 dollars in a week A WEEK IN 3 MONTH’S YOUR A MILLIONAIRE

  7. bruh when i click new game or continue nothing happens plus the screen to starts to news paper

  8. Currently following this, and my game is coming out good!

  9. How’d you do the doors part I’m so confused rn it’s not working for me

  10. How do you get the office to show it’s not working for me

  11. i added a easter egg where if you click the flag 1 out of 1000000000 times, you will see a text that says "ITS ME"

  12. when i press "new game" it isnt working. did i do something wrong?

  13. The new game button is kinda broken for me PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIX IT PLEASE

    EDIT: nvm-

  14. I no make a any bunny robot you want ok is that a yes or no

  15. Make flumpty Bumpty the egg

  16. This is got to be the best tutorial on making an easy but effective Fnaf game.

    I have been making my animatronic (its based on the mediocre melodies, Mr Hippo)

    I dunno if your gonna see this buts that's ok

    but could you make him? and maybe the crew if you have nothing better in life lol

  17. Thanks for tutorials you are making, It's will help me in the future!

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