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OVERNIGHT 2 : Free Roam Fnaf 2 3D Night 1&2

Christian Blandford
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Overnight 2 reboot, My free roam fnaf game :p


  1. Me: staying in the office
    Animatronics: decide to go into the office
    Me: N I G E R U N D A Y O O O O S M O K Y ! ! !

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  3. เเเเเ

  4. I'm installing it now at my phone aka this device I'm using rigth now

  5. whys nots ins mobiles ;;;;——;;;;

    edit: woah dude your 13 and you made this? man dis looks gud, also I got my own cringey sentence :))))) im 10 👁️👄👁️

    another edit: woah channels like fuzion gamer and IULIMIXT or idk how to spell his name play your game :)))))

  6. See animatronics in spawn area for see hes get up

  7. Play it 1.5 speed it's so jumpy if you do it

  8. wow super cool like si quieres que juege otravez este juego

  9. The phone guy sounds like pink sheep from exploding tnt

  10. this guy have a balls to play this game
    When i played this game i just quickly turn off my Computer

  11. Did u see bonnie he moves faster then sonic

  12. My heart was pounding that 2nd time bonnie chased him

  13. When bonnie almost got him from the vent I said oMg

  14. its so scary dude! ı think ur scared

  15. Wait is this free on pc? And if so how do you download?

  16. To the develeper i playe the two games but the problem is it always lag and can you fix the bugs hope you can read this cause i cannot enjoy the game…

  17. Wow I thought that was the best graphics ever- now they look cheesy

  18. I dare you to watch this at night with full screen

  19. You can't just hide under and table and stay there you have to rewind the puppet and he always know where your hiding

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